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  1. Well, it's always tricky coming up for an explanation for a name picked solely because it sounds "cool". Cable, anyone? I prefer the comic book version but it's still reaching... Good job they didn't pass the time playing Hungry Hungry Hippos.
  2. You know those inane "who would win in a fight" arguments comic book fans have? The print version of Wizard runs two pages devoted to those every month. Also numerous articles about how Wolverine is, like, totally badass. Stupidity is pretty much a given with them.
  3. Can someone ask Grant how much time is left please? I think I can get the crystal but I don't want to be locked in.
  4. Fourth season's apparently fallen foul of ITV money troubles, despite being in pre-production.
  5. "One million landmines. And my hovercrafts float right over them." Gah. Gaaah. Don't blatantly aggravate my brain, Bond-film. That is not your job. I still have no idea whether it's plausible.
  6. Not to mention Surely that's cheating...
  7. I knew things were bad but... really? NASCAR?
  8. It sounds interesting but how close is it in feel/scripting/acting to Heroes? Because I can't stand Heroes.
  9. I think Lampkin'll be too busy being Sterling the evil insurance fraud investigator in Leverage. At least I hope that's the case. He's pretty good in that role. The lack of an Oirish accent helps immensely.
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