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  1. I might have to get one, looks nice.
  2. Although that review is rubbish, I do kinda agree. Sonic 1 on the megadrive was overhyped. It really wasnt that much fun (I only ever seemed to enjoy Green Hill Zone). Sonic 1 on the Game Gear/Master System was 10x as fun. Only just not as pretty. Sonic 2 on the Megadrive however was pretty good. Loads of decent levels. Problem with the Sonic games is that, it was basically rush from start to finish. I really hated Nintendo and Mario at the time I got my game gear and megadrive. But i eventually got a gameboy/snes and realised the Mario games were so much better. I like how you have to explore and discover secrets.
  3. Apparently their is a brand new game in there - the adventure mode. Supposed to like a full game or something. I believe it when i see it.
  4. Man, that looks awesome. I so want to ride on that. And secondly Titanic (the film) was very good.
  5. I have a GC and PS2. On my GC i have around 25 games. On my PS2 around 10-15. I really dont find much stuff on the PS2 to be that great unfourtunatly. Most of my GC games are good, except maybe one or two. I wouldnt mind an xbox - mainly for live. But there really is not one single game that i want on it. Ive got Halo for the PC and I can buy Splinter Cell for it too - although ive played the PS2 version somewhat already.
  6. Super Frog was quite good. I got right to the end of the game, but it got way too hard. Think i gave up..
  7. cheers . I wonder if these will run okay on my arcade cab..
  8. I must admit, after being initially dissapointed, i am liking the game a lot more. It took a little while to get used to the new system (i hardly ever swapped between characters - but now i do). Also while 50cc was easy, one or two cups on 100cc took me a few attempts. I tried playing the first of 150cc and failed miserably.. 4th place on the first cup. Multiplayer is a laugh too.
  9. Again disagreements N64 Where is Diddy Kong Racing, 1080, F-Zero, Star Fox 64.. they are better than some listed there. Dreamcast While personally I would put Sonic Adventure 2 there, others maybe disagree. I certainly wouldnt have Sonic Adventure there. There are other better games too, than the ones listed. Megadrive Only about 2 of those games deserve being on that list - Sonic 2 being one of them. The rest are really not that great. Playstation A few goodies there, but some not so great titles either. Where is Resident Evil 2? Maybe Silent Hill?
  10. No offence, i have not played the game. But it doesnt look very good to me (as in the graphics). Do you really think people are gonna pay £16 for this?!? I really wouldnt worry. Its not like he is a huge company, cashing in on something that your trying to sell to.
  11. Apparently its supposed to be the best version for 1p mode. Mainly because it speeds the turns up ALOT. I have a demo, and the 5 mini games were good. 2 infact were very good.
  12. none of those look particulary great. oh well.
  13. thanks.. i had a feeling it had to be beat on 100cc to open it.
  14. quick question. I have beat the first 3 cups on 50cc. However, special cup has not opened. Also i have a different trophy for the third cup. wtf? I got 1st place/40 points. Anyone with an answer? also, how do you pull of a super start? Ive only managed it once.. cheers
  15. Whens Kareoke Revolution out? I thought it was before xmas..
  16. Yeah i post/read more here than I do about games. I blame the internet. If Im bored i usually will log on and go to some websites than play a game.. heh shame on me.
  17. Reading this gave me some hope =( I thought it would play my B&W games in colour ie 50hz games like Mario Party 4. Following these instructions it still remained in colour. Ah well ill have to wait to i can get a ntsc compatable tv.
  18. Not too sure if i agree with that comment. Those two games in particular are playable on either GBA or SNES. Obviously i would say play them on the snes, as it seems more enjoyable.. but then again SMK is only available on the SNES. Mario Kart Super Circuit (GBA) is pretty good in my books, and while it comes with the original MK tracks, they are not exactly the same. Now if we are talking about Yoshi Island - play that on the SNES. The mechanics dont really suit the GBA and the screen size hinders gameplay a bit. The only download to playing on the snes is you miss out on some bonus levels the GBA version has.
  19. I'm always surprised to some extent, because - even you absolutely hated it and thought it was a vile piece of monotonous shite - you still have to at least accept that it is a fresh idea, which would (at the very least) give it some sort of initial appeal. I mean, anyone who doesn't get even a tiny thrill from the first time they perform a slow motion backflip kick in mid-air and knock a robot ninja's head off is DEAD INSIDE!!! Dont get me wrong, i really enjoyed it until i learnt all the moves. Then it was like..very samely. Seemed kind of like a impressive technical demo. My main problems with it are : its too hard and also, once you die you have to redo the whole level again. I just cant be bothered with that. Im sure ill try it out again, but i have other games screaming at me to play them.
  20. Groove is indeed based on the shitty dance mode from the game. Its aweful. Why they choose to do this is anyones guess.
  21. Unfourtunatly im not a huge fan of this game. Id give it a 5/10 at the moment.
  22. Nothing will beat the shear brilliance of STREETS OF RAGE 2!! Turtles Arcade and Final Fight come closely behind.
  23. If you decline the training, they say they will show it to you in a battle instead. I dont find the battles too bad, infact every baddie i come across i battle him so i can level up. I am glad there are loads of save points, since i only play in short bursts. Why do my coins keep going up/down though when i save?
  24. I do agree with some of your points. I do find the controls a bit fiddly, and hitting them M/L blocks doesnt always work for me. I am enjoying it, but it just hasnt grabbed me yet. I think ive clocked just under 3 hours so far.
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