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  1. Not gonna get a chance to play till tomorrow i expect but i am massively looking forward to rainbow road DS and maple treeway!
  2. Rewatched the movie monday night to prepare. Hope the series is good!
  3. Can you turn of the graphic effects? Friend was playing it and said there were no options to do this. Which is weird since the (twitter) post further up claims its possible.
  4. I remember watching Twin Peaks, especially the first episode which sticks in my mind. The Returm is weird as heck. It's also very very slow for a large portion of the season. I guess i enjoyed most of the weirdness? But i'm not sure i would "return" to it myself in the future.
  5. They already said no game news. So nope.
  6. Very sad news. Hope she pulls through. https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/neighbours-actress-kate-keltie-diagnosed-28599846
  7. I'm actually quite looking forward to this despite thinking the original was a bit medicre, especially for a james cameron movie. I have heard the storyline isn't that far distanced from the original movie? I really hope it offers something new besides avatar under water. Still, i don't really know anyone that is bothered to watch it. There doesn't seem to be much hype for it, compared to something like force awakens or even the first avatar.
  8. Finished tonight. My predictions where correct but I still very much enjoyed it. Hoping a 2nd season is announced soon. Also Jenna Ortega very much stood out in Scream 5 as the best actress/actor in it. Her sister ( the lead) was terrible imo - surprised she is back for Scream 6 but at least Jenna is back in it.
  9. Have seen six episode so far. It's generally very good - even if at times it doesn't quite feel "Addams Family" and more just a supernatural show with the Addams family tacked on. I definitely got a lot of Sabrina vibes mixed with Harry Potter. Ignoring that, all the actors/actresses are doing a great job. I think i've worked out a few things, so maybe a little predictable but i still have two episodes left so could be wrong. Great to see Christina Ricki in this, kind of odd that she wasn't in it from the get go though after reading Thora Birch had that role. They must have completly refilmed her part as she doesn't appear at all. Will try and get the final two episodes down over the next few days.
  10. Picked up Virtual Racing and Doom on the eshop. Never really got into Virtual Racing before but it's pretty good! Will defo try and get 1st on the other two tracks. Played some doom as well, did a few levels. Never did play it properly before so maybe one day.. Deciding whether to pick up the other doom games as well, might just wait and see if they are on xmas sales.
  11. Tried playing 2/3 player mario party online. Terrible experience. Expect a lot of people are gonna be dissapointed when goldeneye shows up especially trying to play online.
  12. I was pretty shocked to find out Natalie Imbruglia's song was a cover. I still prefer it to the original though.
  13. Yeah from what i read, it was a 2 year deal. I was kind of hoping it would be more of a 2 episode a week thing, i probably could have got back into it if it was the case. Daily episodes probably would be a bit much though.
  14. A lot of episodes are on YouTube . I ended up watching a bunch after the final - some quality memories. Being on amazon prime might give it a bit more credit as well especially if the budget is increased.
  15. Yeah i just came here to post.. Bizarre - i am surprised amazon didn't already pick it up earlier on. Nice i guess? Kinda cheapens that final episode though. Infact i wonder if they aleady knew Amazon might pick it up - would explain the characters staying on the street. Not sure if Kylie would have returned knowing that it potentially could be saved though.
  16. Yeah i guess so, but kids don't really watch TV. If they can do something along those lines then fair enough.
  17. Got my mate to gameshare it with me on steam. Had a quick go - seems okay so far. Will have to give it a better go over the weekend.
  18. Think it's a mistake going for a younger audience personally. The younger audience won't have much interest in a 90s show. Should be targetting the original audience IMO
  19. Watched Zootoopia + tonight. The whole lot is 40 minutes top - loved the godfather episode, the musical one wasn't bad either. As a whole it was alright but kinda wish they just spent the time working on a new movie.
  20. The only way i knew about Weird Al was from a friend many years ago who loved his music. I was never a massive fan - i found it a little cringe to be honest, but i have to admit some of the songs where catchy. I watched the movie saturday and generally thought it was mostly good. It starts of very well, but at one point in the movie it just got a little bit too silly for me and i kinda lost interest somewhat. The whole movie is a parody in itself - certain bits might be true but most of it is highly exagerated. Daniel Radcliffe did a great job though. It's worth a watch just don't take it too seriously.
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