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  1. Yeah out of all the mainline RE games RE4 is the most suited with its gameplay for VR ( well especially as the shooting worked so well in the wii version )
  2. They will be announcing a new game too although sounds like it could be a multiplayer game. Wonder if they show of the RE4 remake ( although I hear it might just be RE4 but in VR?) .
  3. Loving this! I've mainly been playing multiplayer, surprised i beat some many higher ranks, my win/lose ration is incredibly good which i thought was a bit odd. I wish the music changed up a little during multiplayer like the campaign does though.
  4. Thats great news. Love me some Peggle - I hadn't played it since the first on the 360, well until a few weeks back when my house mate download Peggle 2 on his Ps4. Still enjoyable, would like to play that through.
  5. True, noticed it earlier actually. That's cool, ill have to check it out =) Also, it's a right pain i cant easily use my ps5 pad with xbox games app Also: Why isn't Peggle 1 and 2 on this.
  6. Signed up for the 3 months for £3, mainly as it has Tetris Effect. Nice bunch of games on it (pc) although nothing immediately stands out - pretty neat that The Medium will be day one on the 28th though.
  7. Honestly I think this show needed the entire series put on at the same time. Most my friends who watched it say they cant be bothered with the other episodes. I'm kinda thinking the same , but I'll keep watching as the episodes arnt particular long. It's just a shame if its building into something bigger because honestly those first two episodes seemed cringe and not funny at all even if it's been self aware.
  8. I've been wanting to stream some vr games, but without being able to read chat i haven't bothered. There is an app that allows you to overlay your chat on the game but its not ideal for everyone. Would everyone hear the text to speech chat? Its an idea at least..
  9. Yeah snaking was an issue, thankfully out of the 10s/100s of hours i played i didn't bump into snakers that often. I used to play with a friend and we always had a good time playing it. Also, so many of the tracks are some of the best of the series IMO.
  10. Whilst MK7 added the ability to race under water (and maybe fly i cant remember) it was more of a gimmick than anything as the levels with those sections where small and far between. The game didn't have bikes either, which i pretty much use exclusively in MK Wii and 8. I just didn't gel to it, just seemed bland. In all honestly, it's still a decent game but probably my least played MK out of all of them.
  11. Mario Kart DS > Mario Kart 8 > Mario Kart 8 DX > Mario Kart SNES > Mario Kart Wii > Mario Kart Advance > Mario Kart 64 > Mario Kart DD > Mario Kart 7 I think that's how I'd rate them for myself. DS had so much to do with the mission mode too and had some great tracks and multiplayer. It still plays well despite being pretty ugly nowadays.
  12. Been playing through a link to the past. Its been years, i think i might have played some of the GBA version when it was out. Still a fun game, a little frustrating at times (just small things) but going for 100%/ Hoping i'll get it finished later!
  13. I tried to watch this again before xmas. I couldn't even make it past the first 20 minutes. I remember enjoying it the first time but I just couldn't get into it.
  14. Darhkwing


    You guys ever watch Summoningsalt on youtube? Great channel.
  15. I might pick up rodland - was only recently i played some of the arcade version on mame. Loved the game on the Amiga though, completed it several times. I got the bomberman game and double switch earlier of the eshop. I think double switch was more for curiosity sake - never got the game on the Mega CD, and from a brief play earlier i doubt i'll play it much. Bomberman seems pretty average, wish they stuck with the view of the original games (infact the snes games look better imo). Online retains the overhead view but still doesn't look as nice.
  16. You probably figuired this out, but just play it as VLC in the background. Tons i'm guessing! I'm making 100-200 a month from streaming/yt at the moment. It's nice to pay for new games etc but it would be nice if it was more of course
  17. i...dont...need more controllers. But that does look nice!
  18. I got bored on the weekend and installed TR Anniversary. Was actually having a lot of fun with it, i might try and do a proper playthrough at some point. I'm not sure i could play the original version anymore.
  19. And.. done. Got through all of S3 yesterday evening. I'm gutted i've watched them all, it's been a great ride - look forward to S4. S1 was my favorite by a long mile, but i did enjoy the other 2 seasons even if it did feel like i was watching Power rangers at times I've never actually watched all three Karate Kid Movies ( i remember watching the first movie maybe when i was a kid) so i might watch those sometime soon to fill in any gaps.
  20. I remember when i got my first pc in '97 i was playing "retro" snes games But i class retro as 2 generations behind now. So it's slowly coming round that XBOX 360, PS3 and Wii are retro. I mean they came out 15 years ago. The games might not look as retro as 16/8bit but truth be told to a lot of people those systems are now retro.
  21. Just started watching this today and nearly at the end of season one. Way better than I was expecting it to be.
  22. I'd love a save replay feature , the switches 30 second isn't good enough for recording whole level runs. Also, because it's creates levels on the fly, you perhaps won't play the same levels as everyone else which kinda is a shame to compare skills or whatever!
  23. I've played it on the Switch for a couple hours. I think it's a decent game - i just kinda wish it wasn't an auto scroller. Even the early levels are pretty difficult - but very creative too, especially the boss fights.
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