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  1. Yeah i keep checking ebay, i've seen the tablet go for £130 on it's on sometimes. I probably will do this at some point.
  2. Darhkwing

    Detective Pikachu - demo available!

    The movie looks pretty good. Pikachu does sound a bit too much deadpool to me, but that's just ryan reynolds. I think danny devito would have done well with this but well, i guess he isn't very relevant anymore.
  3. I ran an emulator or two when it was originally hacked but i'm kinda worried about doing anything else in case it gets a ban. I'd love to run some mods for super mario odyssey, which apparently is fine to do without a ban but still.. i'd be gutted if my account/switch got banned with everything i have purchased on the system.
  4. I watched it last night. I thought it was a pretty good movie, bit grimm at times! The final showdown seemed a bit off to me but i was pleasantly surprised with how decent it was.
  5. Darhkwing

    What do you emulate and what do you do it with?

    At the minute Snes Classic + OTG USB. SNES, Megadrive, Gameboy and PS1. I wonder if it runs Amiga. I have the Pi2 but it's a bit slow with stuff and i dont like using xbox pads with it.
  6. Darhkwing

    Nintendo Switch

    I haven't bought a Switch game since Odyssey, well.. i might have bought Super Meat Boy since then but i can't remember. I still play MK8 DX every couple of weeks but that's about it. I'll get Smash but i really hope it has a decent single player (and decent online for that matter). edit: thats not to say there hasnt been games ive been interested in, it's just that pc/other consoles have got them first .
  7. Darhkwing

    Team Sonic Racing

    It looks ... pretty generic. I spent a couple hours with the first game a few weeks back (Sonic & Sega Team Racing) and whilst i had a lot of fun with it, it really doesn't match up to the quality of Mario Kart (or specifically the wii version as that was around the same time). The track designs are decent, i love being able to race through different sega games but just sonic tracks? hmm not sure.
  8. Darhkwing

    Which console should be released as a 'mini' next?

    It's down to Microsoft , not rare. There have been rumors that MS were in talks with Nintendo to allow certain IP to the system. There is easily enough stuff to still release a N64 mini without the rare games, but it would certainly help having Banjo Kazooie, perfect dark and diddy kong racing on the system. I doubt goldeneye will be on it in either case. Still, if it's anything like the previous classics then you will be able to mod it with your own games anyway.
  9. Darhkwing

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Ah so this is why Sony revealed only 5 games when they did.
  10. I've watched the first 4. I'm enjoying it , but it seems to be lacking something. Season 1 was pretty great and more focused on Trevor Belmont. So far he hasn't been in it too much though. I'll get round to the second half at some point.
  11. Yeah I played through it earlier this year. Just felt very by the numbers and confusing at times ( yes , I had to use a walkthrough several times ).
  12. Darhkwing

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    Yeah, that was my initial plan - to get the Ps4 version. I ended up getting the PC version a little bit cheaper though. Ah well, it's been played by my brother and friend too due to steam family sharing so i'm kinda hoping one of them might pay for the season pass if they are at all interested.
  13. Darhkwing

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    Well i am pretty gutted they reduced it so quick. This just teaches me never to buy a game full price and wait a few weeks for the price cut. Only my self to blame.
  14. I really want to play this but I think I might just wait till all the episodes are out. Having to wait between episodes really breaks the momentum for me.

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