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  1. Whomps Fortress got a remake in Galaxy 2 so that's two they could use as a base then..
  2. The mini games were the best part of Mario 64 DS IMO!
  3. I think it's really only Mario 64 and Sunshine that need this treatment. The Galaxy games still looks great now. The video posted above is mostly how I'd want a remake, but done with the Oddysey engine as Marios handling is perfect in them. Mario 64 really is a small game, so I don't see why they couldn't do this. The levels are not exactly massively detailed as it is. The DS version had some good ideas but i'd prefer that to be used as some form of second quest if they were thinking about porting that version. Also, Mario 64 really hasn't help up that well imo.. the controls are what kills it for me nowadays.
  4. Sunshine was...weird. The whole Isle Defino was so different to any other Mario game and not all of it really worked, but i applaud Nintendo at trying something different. When i got the game i ended up playing it for like 7 hours straight. The void levels were some of the best bits (not enough of them). However, the game had so many bugs and camera problems (and some of those coin challenges were awful filler) that it's the only 3d mario game i have yet to complete. Hopefully that changes with this remaster...
  5. Yeah they were barely anything besides different characters picking you up in the helicopter at the end of the game.. it was a funny thing for the devs to say.
  6. Yeah a 6 hour good game is fine to me. If anything, this encourages multiple playthroughs (i love replaying through with upgraded weapons etc - so much fun!). Nemesis does sound a bit under used though.
  7. Darhkwing

    Split Second

    I have so many good memories with this game, pass the pad with friends etc. I play the PC version every so often, it's still a fun game although goes down hill a bit after the first set off levels. Pure was another good one too. Be great if they came to switch but that's not going to happen.
  8. I always thought there would be some issues with this remake after the second game got it's remake. It's incredibly short (the ps1 version only took about 5 hours to get through) and i recall beating that in a weekend compared to RE2 which tooks weeks. It was also much more action focused, which funnily enough is why i enjoyed the original so much. However, i was really hoping they would pad the remake out more. From what I recall, the devs said they would be expanding the game to make up for the loss of multiple endings - quite clearly that doesn't appear to be the case. This is sounding more like it could have been DLC for RE2 - the only game doesn't really bother me and i whilst i really want to play this game, 40 quid for a 6 hour or so game is putting me off for the moment.
  9. Mario 64 should get a full upgrade really. I mean it's a pretty basic looking game with rather small areas so a full remake isnt totally out of order. If mario controls like he does in odyssey well that would be great.
  10. I recently purchased galaxy for a play through ( cant believe its 13 years since I played it ) but I might wait now for an improved switch version. It would be perfect if it was a galaxy 1 and 2 pack..
  11. Apparently "confirmed" - galaxy is getting a remaster along with 3d world with extra levels. I'm intrigued how the older 2d games would get remasters , considering you can already play on switch.
  12. Yeah bit underwhelming. Practically already knew all that stuff but considering it was a "mini" i will let them off. The next direct needs to be something amazing. Whether that's around "e3" time or sooner, because the rest of the year is looking very sparse.
  13. Thankfully i didn't watch the trailer but yeah it would have spoilered way to much. Anyway the movie, i found some enjoyment in it but it wasn't anything special. I don't really think much of any of Vin's own movies really.
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