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  1. Finished the fourth dungeon , done a few side quests too and got a decent amount of heart pieces. Franerate honestly hasn't been an issue after first few times its happened. It's a shame there isnt some AA in this though, edges could be nicer. The game is great fun. It's amazing how much better it plays with designated buttons. I'm actualky using the shield where as I never really bothered with it in the original game since it was too much hassle to swap out. The extra warps are nice , although probably could have been better placed. I kinda wish there were a few more things new to this , but I also kinda hoping they release a new adventure in this style.
  2. To be honest, im not quite sure the special edition is worth it for the artbook and steel case. The book is nice, but not £30 nice.
  3. I wouldn't mind getting one as long as it can be hacked. I've been playing Megadrive stuff of the SNES Classic which works great except the save states can be hit and miss. However, it would be nice to just keep my snes classic for snes and megadrive for megadrive stuff.
  4. Kotaku says the dungeon maker aspect is pretty weak, like as basic at it can get. Still, i hear to 100% the game you get heart pieces and seashells from playing that mode. I'm still hoping there is some other easter eggs/extra bits added but i'm not getting my hopes up. I really do think the fact you don't need to keep changing your weapons is going to knock a huge chunk of playtime down but that was always a frustrating part of the game so i'm not too fussed.
  5. I've been playing lots of SMK lately on the SNES Online. No one has beat me yet (in GP) whilst I used Koopa. Toad is the backup for when someone chooses Koopa They just have so much better handing. Now DK or Bowser are much better for time trial if you can get used to them.
  6. Bit annoyed , I ordered my copy from shopto literally minutes since it went up and it's still in processing. Money seems to have been taken from account. Edit : people that have had theirs shipped , was it standard or special edition ?
  7. Yeah just saw the rumor too. However, i only replayed it earlier this year so i'm in no rush to play it anytime soon (it still looks great on the pc).
  8. same, but i'm pretty sure thats what happened with another order of mine so hoping it gets shipped still today.
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