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  1. Yeah i always loved RE3. I found it a bit easier/shorter than most others though so I wonder how they go about this considering at least with RE2 they had the leon/claire storys to play through.
  2. I had TONS of stuff on my rift at one point and still had loads of space with 64GB. I haven't used the quest for a while - i had a load of Beat Sabre songs. Will they still work or has that stopped? I wonder if they are even still on there. Anyway, my cable came today so hopefully going to have a go using it on my PC tomorrow
  3. I think it's supposed to help when you get a frenzy but i haven't really found it does help.
  4. 3D Land was better? No way! I found that game a little too basic (easy and short) and once you completed the game the first time i didn't feel like it had enough content to keep you interested in 100% the game. HOWEVER... the 3D worked amazing in it. 3D World kinda lacked this (was is it even called 3d world?) and sometimes it was quite easy to fall off platforms because you couldn't judge them as well as playing them in 3d. The touchscreen stuff was a bit nafff though.
  5. Nice pun. Started the new tour last night. I'm starting to have some issues with the game. Tracks - not enough new tracks are being added. It seems to be about 1-3 new tracks added each tour at most now and the rest are repeats. It's starting to get boring playing the same tracks over and over again. This tour has only ONE new track. Week 2 - After the first week, it's kinda boring. The first week is about getting all the cups done (it doesn't take that long) and the second just seems to be trying to finish the challenges and try to collect as many stars as you can for the rest of the tickets. It's a different experience to week 1. The shop - nothing really interesting ever shows up in here especially if you already have most characters. I have yet to feel the need to spend 10K on anything yet. Sitting on 20K coins at the moment and waiting for a character that actually is worth buying. The pipe - again, once you have most of the characters or parts , the chances of getting anything new is slim to none. Sure, repeats are good to level up your character but i'd prefer the tickets just do that. Again, i'd be pretty displeased if i was actually paying real money for this stuff but then again the game probably rewards players actually purchasing rubys rather than from gaining in game. Character Variations - do we REALLY need 5 different Marios, 5 different Peaches, Shy Guy recolours etc etc. It's boring. Give us new characters. Items - You would also think Xmas Mario would have say, a ice item (featured in some of the Mario games). But no, he has fire. Again. Whatever the case, i'm still playing but looking forward to multiplayer and be nice if they added some extra stuff like time trial modes to keep people interested.
  6. I want an Amiga Mini. I still have my a1200 but its a pain to set up and the image quality is trash.. Be great to have a small machine i could load up with games and use with HDMI. Be even better if you could hook it up to the net..
  7. Try re updating the app, there was an issue the other day.
  8. I think the trailer looked a bit better this time, although the scale is all over the place.
  9. Yeah I got pitsuit toad as well. Mainly a bunch of repeats, got waluigi at last and some glider. I do wonder if anyone is actually spending money on this outside of the gold pass. It seems like Nintendo are pushing you to spend at times for sure but the rubys are just not good value for money at all.
  10. Finished it yesterday, was a surprisingly long game actually. Few frustrating sections however a lot can be helped with buying a load of fairys ( sorry , bones) to bring you back to life in boss fights.
  11. To be honest I think a lot of the time it's just luck of the draw if you get a coin frenzy. Sorry if I sounded a bit of a dick posting that.
  12. I didnt have toad and managed a respectable score.
  13. Managed to get the 10 ultra mini boosts on waluigi after a couple of attempts. Seemed a bit easier since the update, maybe just me...
  14. Yeah already doing that. I don't actually like how the game forces you to drop to 50cc for some of the challenges. Seems cheap.
  15. Regained my 1st on this weeks tour. Hoping I'll stay there, i've got a 1K lead. Has anyone actually managed to do the "10 super mini drifts" challenge? It's the only thing left on my gold pass to do and well, I just am struggling. I think i managed 8 once on waluigis track but i can't get more than 6 now on that track. Koopa Beach was always a good one for drifts but thats not here this tour.
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