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  1. Replayed DKR few months back, no issues with frame rate at all.
  2. I'm slightly concerned I've missed the gravity suit... I'm quite far into the game.
  3. Not really. If you figure out the best place to take him down it's a piece of piss.
  4. I've seen this guy before years ago doing robin impressions. I thought he did a great job here - clearly a video to get the attention of movie studios.
  5. I did think it was odd that the rest were horror / Sci fi and the last two were holiday movies. Mystery solved
  6. Strange! But yeah I think I'll watch all of these.
  7. Netflix has updated "the movies that made us" with a new season - Halloween Friday the 13th A Nightmare on Elm Street Robocop Aliens Coming to America The Nightmare Before Christmas Elf Great line up! I really enjoyed S1+2 but they seem to have done double the episodes for season 3 and these are some great movies.
  8. It's like it can't make up it's mind if it's a remake of the original or a new movie. The mum seems to have many lines exactly the same from the original movie but a lot of other stuff is very different. Gonna watch it but low expectations
  9. The best one!? The ending i'll admit that was pretty good. I found #4 and #5 just focused to hard on the 3d deaths. Neither are bad movies by any means though.
  10. Yeah Scream and Final destination are two my favorites. Final Destination did go down hill after the 3rd movie but still enjoyable. Apparently they are making a new one but it's been very quite on that front for a while.
  11. Yeah the first 2 were the best. Scream 3 was pretty terrible and felt more like an episode of Scooby Doo i though. When the killer is forgettable in these movies you know it's not very good. I'm not gonna lie, i'm not expecting much from this new Scream. Trailer looks like a lot is given away but i really hope they try something different, it might work.
  12. Season 1 + 2 was a somewhat average YA show - mixed bag on the characters but usually had a death per episode. It ended with the reveal but weirdly came back for a Halloween special where there seemed to be a new killer but was never actually revealed. The 2 seasons were watchable I thought. Season 3 was a brand new story , more of a darker drama tone. Was alright but I preferred the previous series. They both are focused generally around one area but there are quite a lot of side story's it focuses on to make up the time. If you like the scream franchise they are enjoyable but otherwise I wouldn't bother.
  13. I remember playing Double Dragon the Rosetta Stone on my A500+ with some friends. Can't remember if we ever beat it, but probably was one of the earliest sidescrolling beat em ups i played. I checked out a video on yt and probably best i don't play it now, i don't think it's held up well.
  14. I don't think any reviews have mentioned it has unlockables after finishing the game? I'm going to guess it's got either Fusion or Zero Mission as an unlockable.
  15. Super is well worth playing but Zero Mission imo was the most refined game.
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