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  1. Ah thanks for clearing that up. I knew he was pimping his new film Red 11 but they actually made it sounds that a follow up to Alita would also be released. Explains why i couldn't find anything else about Alita 2..
  2. Dug out my HeroQuest and surprisingly most of it is still there. I am missing a few items (maybe some doors, the fireplace cardboard) and all the cards except for one treasure card. Did anyone have the expansions? I have... HeroQuest "Kellar's Keep" HeroQuest "Return of the Witch Lord" What extras come with those? Was it extra figures and doors? I have these fold-able doors but i don't seem to have enough bases. Going to continue having a look at what i am missing later but wonder if there is a place to buy cheap replaceable? Ebay? Several of the figures have broken swords or whatever (which im sure can be fixed with a bit of glue) although im pretty sure some of the broken bits are missing. edit: Okay after a bit of investigating, the return of the witch lord pack did come with figures. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Games-Workshop-Heroquest-Expansion-Return-of-The-Witch-Lord-Unpainted/153629062924?hash=item23c501770c:g:0mIAAOSwXF5dbmIG
  3. Popped home for lunch and spent an hour putting together my HeroQuest (once i had found it!). Must have got it in 1990, surprisingly i have most of the bits. *wonders if there is a heroquest thread*
  4. I'm not reading too much into this, despite the headline confirming a sequel will be made. However, apparently the "follow up" (presumably , sequel) is going to the streaming service "tubi" Yeah, i've never heard of it either. I can't see a streaming service financing a movie which is likely to need a budget of 100+ million to make, but we shall see. https://www.cinemablend.com/news/2489183/surprise-robert-rodriguezs-alita-battle-angel-follow-up-is-heading-to-streaming
  5. Triforce Heroes is 7.99 as well
  6. So it's safe to update beat sabre? I've been leaving it on a old version so that I can use customs..
  7. Casting from the quest seems very hit and miss. I bought a chromecast and the image is horrible, especially in a game like Pistol Whip.
  8. Resident Evil. Actually, i thought they were turning it into a TV show?
  9. Not bad, definitely feel the burn. But compared to the following... I've had a few bags of these in the past. I don't know why i bought more than one bag because they will blow your head off. I think i had some milk and ice cream on standby (and used!)
  10. ah man, was under the impression it was out after the reveal or something =/
  11. Hmmm a bit dissapointing really? There have been some obscure characters in this fighters pack. I liked Joker, i barely touched the rest. Is the character out to download now?
  12. Reviews are looking good! Might go see it saturday.
  13. Mr X was great but he couldn't access all areas which, at least in playthrough B he didn't seem to cause me much grief even if he seems more agressive. I'd expect Nemesis to show up multiple times through the game like the original and maybe stick around longer each time.
  14. Yeah, i mean i definatly try and shoot on the beat but when it starts getting frantic that goes out the window. Some of the modifiers are pretty fun. Dead aim like you say , is really tricky. Dual pistols as well is fun, but i'll stick with one for the moment =)
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