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  1. I'd prefer an option to get rid of 2 items...
  2. Darhkwing

    Rise of the Tomb Raider

    Uncharted is definitely more like the tomb raider of old. I love the new tomb raiders, but they definitely have become quite violent with the newer games.
  3. Darhkwing

    The Twitch/Ustream/Mixer Thread - a Streaming Pile of Bits

    isn't that stuff banned on twitch?
  4. Darhkwing

    SNES Mini

    Could always watch my tutorial. Also - IMO - No N64 mini this year. I reckon next year. Also, i honestly do think it will feature Rare games. I think the extra time will allow them to sort out the legalities etc.
  5. Darhkwing

    The Twitch/Ustream/Mixer Thread - a Streaming Pile of Bits

    Best way to look at it really. Just have fun =)
  6. Darhkwing


  7. Darhkwing


    Is it possible to record the last 30 seconds of gameplay on the PS4 version like the switch version? I see something in the share section but i can't be going into menus during a game..
  8. Darhkwing

    Sonic Mania Plus - Summer 2018

    Just seems to be the two new characters but it has a new "encore mode" Doesn't seem too bad knowing that but still...
  9. Darhkwing

    Sonic Mania Plus - Summer 2018

    3.999 isnt bad but for 2 extra characters i might pass for the time being. New levels and i would be day 1.
  10. Darhkwing

    Resident Evil 4 HD pack

    Been following the progress for a few years. Looks absolutely amazing. Unfortunately i have only just replayed it, so I shall wait till my next playthrough to test the HD textures out.
  11. Darhkwing


    I think i need to get a chest in Snobby Shores to finish my challenges off. Also I really would like some stats on this at the end of a match, just do show how much damage you did etc.
  12. Darhkwing

    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

    Finished this last night! Easily one of the best looking games I have played! Had a lot of fun playing it, had a few issues on some of the gunfights later on in the game and the "boss" took me a few turns to get right. Despite this game being more cinematic that the others (i wasn't really sure i wanted to sit through so much cut scenes) i really enjoyed the story, despite it being predictable and cliche at times. Also, the story seems to "nod" to The Goonies several times with it's story. Anyone else notice that? The end chapter was a nice inclusion, it felt a bit like To me, Naughty Dog really worked their hardest to make this the best end to the series they could - although I wouldn't be surprised to see another game further down the line - from Naughty Dog or otherwise (like what happened with Crash). Although with that ending.. Not quite sure a movie really needs to be done - if they do, maybe make a brand new story and have some parts of the games appear in it just to make the connection. I shall have to give Lost Legacy a go, but might hold of for a bit.
  13. Darhkwing


    Easiest to do this in 50 vs 50. Grab a bunch of grenades and really get in on the action, hopefully you will eventually kill 3. Talking about the updated map (at least in 50 vs 50) - dusty divot is actually a pretty good place to land now. In fact, either that or Tilted towers is a great place to land considering the circle generally lands near either. ATKs a good fun, but you have to be careful not to stay on it to long - as tempting as it may be. You can easily run into the enemy and end up getting killed. Paradise palms - nice area with some great loot. However, only once or twice has the storm actually landed in this area with me. There are some ATKs but if you dont grab one then chances are you wont make it to the next circle as the distance can be massive. This kinda ruins the new area - out of a good 30-50 games i have only dropped there about 4-5 times. Lazy Links isn't bad, quite a lot of loot in the roofs and the Viking area is a good place to drop for some good kills i find. The rifts.. i honestly haven't come across many, besides the viking one. I wouldn't say no to a slightly bigger map to make some of this stuff more central but perhaps a few more ATKs/rifts around the place.
  14. Darhkwing


    I've just been enjoying 50 vs 50 so much this weekend. Be sad to see it go - hope they keep it on. Finding solo a bit of a chore now, hoping they release blitz ltm soon.
  15. Darhkwing


    I know it's already been mentioned several times, but honestly switch to builder pro as soon as possible. It's takes a little getting used to but It really changes up the flow of the game. I've started to get really aggressive now without slowing down to do build. I can't believe I held of so long.

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