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  1. Cybernet Used to set my VHS to record as it was always on at like 3am or whatever.
  2. Been playing tonight - assuming I've moved onto the second section now I'm enjoying it but it does seem easy on normal (took me 4 hours to get to this point and I have died twice due to dumb mistakes) . But yeah look forward to getting back to it
  3. Bought a repair kit. I have fixed the left joycon so far, ill try the right at some time. It really isn't that difficult to fix, slightly fiddly but worth doing so.
  4. loved the demo. just pre ordered the pc version. Looks amazing as well. I was going to hold off a couple weeks but i can't resist
  5. Xbox One controller all the way. Works perfectly.
  6. Bought Mario party- turns out both my Joycons have failed Sr / sl buttons. Why can't this game support Pro controller
  7. Slowly watching season 2... Episode one was decent all round. The evil dead episode was a surprise. Episode 2, the first story was good but i don't really know if i enjoyed the 2nd story (the pest control guy). It was a bit weird and i didn't quite understand what was going on. Still generally better quality than season 1 one far.
  8. Finally got round to properly playing on my switch! Finished the game in 7-8 hours, however i must stress this was the bare minimum (races and bosses). Not sure if i can be arsed to complete all the other challenges. This game is tough and very challenging. Get good at the drift controls - pinstripe took ages for me to beat him, the end boss was a little dissapointing after that as i beat him after a few attempts.
  9. I thought it was pretty trash. What's with the obsession of bringing in new characters to these movies? felt like a fan movie with TV quality cgi. Watch the animated scorpions revenge , way better.
  10. 63% on rotten tomatoes isn't that bad is it ? Haven't been looking forward to a movie like this for a while. If its anywhere near as good as kong vs godzilla I'll be happy.
  11. It hasn't been announced to my knowledge. Would be cool but he isn't exactly a great fit for the game? His size for one thing and he doesn't really have anything that special would make him stand out?
  12. I kinda dislike the game when you get in the top 5 ranks. When it resets it definitely feels more fun for a while. Never managed to get above rank 4 though.. Resident Evil dlc coming soon, i am intrigued on what the killer will be! Trailer made it sound like zombies although not sure how that would work.
  13. It's the own fault. the industry is too quick to slash the sales of games, sometimes a couple of weeks after launch. This also devalues your game if you want to sell it. I think a lot of people are just happy to wait for the price drop. At least with Nintendo, you know your game retains it's value and they don't price drop anywhere near as quick. Sure it sucks if you want to buy the game cheaper but still.
  14. Latest news is seems to be something going on between MS and Nintendo. A lot of speculation that Game Pass is coming to the switch (either with the switch pro or a cloud service). There were rumours about this last E3 so it's possible it's been in the works for a while? Also sounds like Master Chief could be coming to Smash (again, rumoured)
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