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  1. Loved that dungeon. Surprised I got through it so quick though , looked more complicated!
  2. Very sad. It wasn't that long ago since Ben Unwin (Jesse McGregor) died as well. Similar age too.
  3. Managed to get the first dungeon finished. Motion controls mostly okay, but those rope walking sections are a nightmare. Maybe im just not getting it. That Ghirahim boss fight was a pain as well.
  4. Watched the netflix animated show last night. I enjoyed it enough to watch all 4 episodes back to back. The animation at times is quite ropey, especially when characters are moving (especialy episode 1) . Like, it seems to go from 30fps to 100fps and it looks weird. But like i said, enjoyed it as a RE fan.
  5. Friend of mine has been reviewing this. Apparently the button controls are a little frustrating but given time you can get used to it. I'll try it - if i have to use motion controls then so be it though.
  6. ET? Why did I write that The first few levels are quite fun just a little repetitive. I got to one section where i just couldn't get through, because my health was too low and you kind of had to brute force through enemies. The story is the best part of the game though for sure.
  7. Tried to get into ET last halloween. It hasn't held up very well
  8. Yeah. I own them on 3DS but the 4k textures look so good.
  9. Same , waiting for the 4k texture pack to be finished before playing it. Played ocarina of time last year in 4k too, loved it! Was the first time I properly played it since 98/99. Re4 , I've been playing at least once a year around Xmas for past 5 years.
  10. If that's the case then I doubt i'll be upgrading any time soon. Wasted potential.
  11. Pretty sure the hardware is better, just need some more info on that.
  12. Another World and whilst i have yet to play it, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. All the usuals been mentioned already really.
  13. To be fair this is probably the only golf game i have spent a while playing so i have nothing really to compare it with (last golf game was leaderboard golf on the amiga really). I'm enjoying it, seems a bit bare bones. Gonna try some multiplayer with friends though, see how it holds up.
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