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  1. I know we had a few fans here of the movie. This should be great, although i really hope the movie sequel gets announced soon too.
  2. Yeah that's correct, Joe Hill. I think IGN reviewed it back in October and gave it something like 9/10 before all the delays.
  3. Really looking forward to the Black Phone - out this week. Was supposed to come out ages ago but seemed to keep getting delayed. Stars Ethan Hawke and I believe it's directed by the same guy who did Sinister which i thought was absolutely brilliant. From what I have heard, this is another great movie too.
  4. Interceptor (Netflix 2022) Reminded me of old school 80/90s movie such as Under Siege - it however does feel very cheap and at times ridiculous. Not necessary a bad thing - the action is relatively good, quite a bit of violence and doesn't really outstay it's welcome. It's got Chris Hemsworth wife in it as the main character trying to stop the terrorists from getting hold of nukes. The bad guy is from Home & Away and even Chris Hemsworth shows up in a completely random series of cameos. 2.5/5
  5. Yeah I get that. To be honest I think i agree - they should do a big mixed direct and then these bigger directs for individual games after.
  6. Not a bad thing surely? I'd rather they did a seperate direct then stick it in the main direct which is totally coming soon. Although i do wonder if Nintendo will be having multiple directs like this over the coming week or so. They could easily dedicate 20 minutes to Splatoon 3 or BOTW2 for example.
  7. Just beat this with a couple friends online - originally 5 of us but kept getting disconnects I do think some of the level design could have been changed up a bit but overall they did a great job. The animation is top notch and there are several great tracks in there too.
  8. Nice - i think i've only watched Hercules once (most of my run in with it have been through Kingdom Hearts). I thought Aladdin was pretty good, so happy Guy Richie is directing.
  9. Ah! Yes i was confused by the yt video because i was sure you could fit it all on one screen. That explains it then
  10. Was hooked on the Bubble Bobble old and new for ages. Not the new bit but the old. Looking back, like most GBA ports of old games the gameplay window scrolled but i didn't have an issue with it. Still a great portable version despite not playing it for a while.
  11. This is a bit good isn't it ! These games are made for replayability - SOR4 was the same. So much love put into these games.
  12. Apparently ugly sonic was only added in relatively last minute - it was jar jar binks originally !
  13. Way too many space games for my liking. I wasn't really expecting much from this show but it wasn't terrible. is that true £79 for TLOU remake? Yeah i think i'll pass. Waiting for Capcom and Nintendo personally. MS might have some decent reveals though.
  14. its on gamepass? Ill probably get it on the switch. Looks amazing, i totally knew Casey Jones was coming though. 6 Player mode looks crazy
  15. Yeah that's good milage! I just wish they tried something different like events with a different objective or perhaps a mode where 8 of you goes up against 2 killers etc. You can keep throwing new killers and survivors in, but it gets to the point the perks it gives makes old ones obsolete and a lot of the killers don't really have anything that makes them unique from other killers. The original DBD characters (billy, trapper, wraith) I still like going up against though as they seem to have the uniqueness to them even if they are not the most powerful.
  16. Had a go the other day - the dredge does feel a little OP in my opinion and I have to say whilst it does feel scary, the fact a lot of the time you can'tsee anything is a massive pain the ass. Also, the new level seems difficult to navigate but i did only play it a handful of times so far. Slowed down playing it anyway, i was pretty hooked on the game (pun intended). I just feel like the game has gotten a little bit stale but then again i have put 1500 hours into it.
  17. I remember as a kid my friends used to say they couldn't play dnd because it was a "evil cult" thing. Funnily enough no one batted an eye lid when we played Hero Quest though.
  18. The characters are looking so old compared to what they should be though! Not an issue but it did take a bit of adjusting. I miss Billy as well, he was a good character but he did have a good conclusion. Max is pretty good as well, definitely one of the better chatacters this season. Eddie is great, hope he sticks around for S5. Also all of the DnD stuff with it being the devils work, goes to show how ignorant people were when it was something they didn't understand.
  19. Finally finished Part 1. Really enjoyed this series but i'm not sure i liked it as much as S2/S3. Maybe those long episode runtimes didn't help and the fact all the characters are seperated for most the season. Some really nice 80s references, especially the horror elements! 3 weeks till part 2 though edit: How can I forgot - an Amiga 1000 showed up in one of those episodes. I saw the mouse and was like... is that an Amiga?! Then i saw WB1.3 which confirmed it. Odd seeing it with a monochrome screen though.
  20. Yeah maybe i jumped the gun a bit. I'll continue watching anyway. Yeah, but i actually don't enjoy Star Trek at all, well besides a movie or two. I just can't get into the TV shows at all but weirdly I enjoyed this , probably because of Seth McFarlanes input though which made it feel a little different.
  21. Not sure a origin story is going to be that great - but the trailer just makes me think it wants to be game of thrones or something, especially with that name.
  22. I thought that was a pretty heavy episode. It kinda felt like the show had lost it's identity, i mean the tone of the overal show since season 1 has been all over the place and i do miss the light hearted moments. Season 3 just seems like it wants to actually be a star trek show.
  23. Previously... 8/3 - Bayonetta 2 I really loved this game - everthing was so much more refined over the original game (and no stupid QTE). I do feel the original game was very good though still, Bayonetta 2 has some great sequences but maybe isn't as crazy as the first and it's WAY shorter. That's not a bad thing though since it encourages multiple playthroughs (and i did play through 3rd climax with the Starfox costume which was fun too). Roll on Bayo 3! 5/4 - Kirby and the Forgotten Land Honestly, a big surprise. Only Kirby i completed was the original GB one that kinda turned me off the franchise for being short and easy. Forgotten Land though had some nice level design and some of the best bosses in any Nintendo game IMO. Still a bit easy for the most part but not every game has to be dark souls. 14/4 - Sonic CD Restored A fantastic version of Sonic CD with the original music/animated sections. Honestly, this is probably going to be better than the sonic origin version. 26/4 Prince of Persia Sands of Time Played through this at the original launch and replaying it was still good, in 2022. Some of the combat is terrible but overall i had a lot of fun with it. Some new puzzles but i'm all for the platforming sections. Well worth replaying if you have given up waiting for the remake. 22/4 Prince of Persia the Warrior Within Played this originally back when it was released but never finished it. I 100%'d this game which is quite usual for me lately and it was decent. However, some of the platforming and the fake mature tone was a little bit of a turn off for me. The repeated cheesy sound samples are really grating too, but i still would reccomend playing through it. 24/4 Starfox Assault Can't believe I never finished this on the gamecube. The story is really good and it was great to visit areas from Starfox Adventures. The controls take a while to get used to - wasn't a massive fan of the onfoot controls but 80% of the game takes place on the ground so you better get used to them. This game is TOUGH i struggled on easy and i had to use save states at a few points.
  24. I'm 50/50 on Mario football. It looks fun and i'm always on the look out for multiplayer games BUT the past few sports games I bought i've barely touched (Switch Sports, Mario Golf) so i may just hold out for a while longer. Has anyone played Spirit of the North on the Switch? Is it worth a playthrough? I see it's only 8 quid on the eshop. Although i'd probably end up going for the PC version.
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