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  1. Defenders of the Looniverse? Yeah seen that - interesting looking game. I think really only Konami did that franchise any justice, anything after 16bit where poor TT games.
  2. Maybe its a sequel to the classic treasure game busters bad dream ? its an odd one for sure. It's not even that good but I'm glad I picked it up as its one of the more rare GBA games.
  3. They actually did it! Can't believe it's 30 years since the original. Nice to see the witches back.
  4. Surprised you guys are pretty meh about the Black Phone. I've only heard good things. Think i'm gonna wait till it hits digital though. If you have seen both, did you enjoy Sinister or Black Phone more?
  5. Morrisons you say? I'll keep an eye out when I next go. I see you can get them on Amazon but they seem to be 12 packs - i'd rather give one a test first!
  6. I've had these on repeat several times this week
  7. IGN gave it a 8/10. Look forward to giving it a watch.
  8. Well, no wonder I never found them that sounds pretty damn specific. Also, i did play the Amiga version so I'm not even sure if those were included? I remember after weeks of trying, me and some friends used a trainer to get through the game (infinite lifes) but we could never beat the game as we could never get past a boss (vampire if i recall). If only it had infinite health instead.
  9. Yeah it's up on the Japanese eshop but I appear to have gotten rid of my Japanese account. Definitely some classic platforming.
  10. Where did you get these? I like the normal Shin Cups Spicey a lot - but *Super Spicey* !?! I gotta try these.
  11. Slightly off topic, but didn't rainbow islands have hidden areas? I could never find them - i still think it was some kind of urban legend.
  12. There are some games I have played that ask a bunch of random questions about my gaming abilitys and then set the difficulty to something i haven't a clue of. I've never really liked that but i guess at least they are trying. I also dislike easy modes in games. I think Uncharted 4 did it right by calling it cinematic mode or something. Gamers get a lot of hate for choosing easy but honestly if you have more fun playing it on that mode then do it.
  13. Yeah I can't be bothered with any of that. Sure, i have the consoles but it's just easier to use emulators on the PC or something like the SNES classic. The ability of save states is a massive bonus too. Handhelds though, i'm more than happy to use due to them just working.
  14. Well this was a dumpster fire last night. Streamed it but only managed to get a handful of games in - turning off crossplay did help but not great when this game is specifically advertising crossplay capability. I thought with Epic being behind it that we wouldn't have the same issues that plagued it's launch back in 2020. Anyway, after mastering the OG levels I feel completly out of my depth on this update. So many new levels - better get practicing again.
  15. I have a feeling they are quietly building up to something big. The world building in the original movie was amazing - far too impressive to throw it all away. And 1B+ puts this surely into definite sequel.
  16. That's exactly it. Having that many players on screen at once is a massive strain on the CPU. Draw distance being another.
  17. The worst for me was COD Modern Warfare 2019. I think my PS4 ended up being on for several hours to download the updates and then it turned out that was just for warzone or something? And then it had to download the actual game and i honestly think it took 12+hours in total before I could even play it. I was only borrowing the game for the weekend so had to cram finishing the game in pretty quick. Luckily it only took 5 hours
  18. And this is where I think the Switch is starting to struggle. It's all fair and good for Nintendo's own content, but stuff like this, fortnite, dbd and rocket league really are showing the weaknesses of the Switch
  19. Sounds it - but make sure you link the accounts properly.
  20. Yes! I totally agree. I really hate when people say why do you play those old games. No massively long cut scenes (appreciate a good story but not great when you don't have a great attention span), you don't need to worry about dlc and the games are usually a manageable lengh. I think to me, the lengh of the games encourage multiple playthroughs (if you are someone that enjoys that).
  21. Yeah, i think i'll just play it on the PC but it's nice to have the ability to play on the Switch when i want though with the cross progression. I haven't played it for ages, hoping they added a few different final rounds now.
  22. Considering it's one of a very few movies to cross $1 Billion that doesn't have a sequel I am surprised nothing has officially been announced yet either.
  23. I picked the original up on the switch a while back, still need to give it a proper go - always end up getting lost on the first level! I'm hopeful the sequel is decent, i think that remake left a bad taste in my mouth though for the francise.
  24. I know we had a few fans here of the movie. This should be great, although i really hope the movie sequel gets announced soon too.
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