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  1. Ah yes... hmm I must have somehow got another ntsc copy somehoe then.
  2. One is NTSC and one is PAL. 75% of my collection is NTSC - back in the days when buying games from the US was cheaper and you got the games upto 6 months early.
  3. Annoyingly prime 2 is no where to be seen. Wonder what happened to it.
  4. Yeah i read through that a while back. And just did again as I forgot most of it
  5. I didn't know this - or at least I had forgotten about it. If I recall there was a megadrive version being developed too ( of Mr nutz) but I believe it got cancelled. I loved the adventure aspect to it and that eery music that plays in the overworld map. Explains a lot ...
  6. No , if you had done some research it's a completely different game to the other versions.
  7. Mr Nutz ('hoppin mad)was also an amiga only game - I had a ton of fun playing through that game. It literally was a sonic clone with some pretty nifty "3d" levels. Marvin's marvellous adventure was pretty fun too but overall a bit of a shallow experience. Both games have some catchy music.
  8. Was also going to mention Plok. As great as Plok is, i probably enjoyed Robocod more (at the time anyway - i think Plok is better now)
  9. Yes, i thought it was a pretty decent first episode too. Seemed quality.
  10. Yeah I believe I've already got Tiny toons but I love the game enough already to have 2 copies now
  11. im planning to watch it later but apparently issues with sound? Have you watched it?
  12. A friend bought his dads megadrive collection up to sell on ebay. The temptation was too strong. I got the lot for £200. All boxes and Instructions (although i think one might be missing instructions) . A few NTSC games but they work region free. Ghouls and Ghosts PAL Cue Ball PAL James Pond 2: Robocod Classics PAL Rock and Roll Racing PAL Sonic 2 PAL Sonic PAL Krustys Super Fun House NTSC Worms PAL Sonic NTSC Super Thunder Blade PAL Mega Swiv PAL Stargate PAL Kid Chameleon NTSC Quackshot PAL Mega Bomberman PAL Psycho Pinball PAL Super Hang On Tiny Toon Busters Hidden Treasure PAL Wonderboy in Monster Land PAL Castle of Illusion PAL Aladdin PAL Fatal Fury NTSC + A few Fifa games that I don't care about.
  13. I've gone back to it several times over the years (in fact a few weeks ago as well) mainly the 16 bit versions and it's awful. I played it to death on the Amiga - but going back to it now, it's got horrible level design, bland enemy's and just really reminds me of why i preferred platform games on the consoles rather than the Amiga. Which is ironic since robocod was on the consoles.
  14. No but I expect its exactly the same as the other bazillion releases of it on other systems.
  15. I think it's kinda fun but Fall Guys offers so much more, especially being F2P. Kirby needs new levels added very frequently really, i just hope they don't stop if sales are a bit lackluster.
  16. Was just about to post this myseld. Very sad news, i thought he was great on the original Pop Stars and he did some some decent songs. Seemed like a decent guy.
  17. I thhought it was a decent movie, it wasn't earth shattering or anything. To me it was just a remake of the original movie, in a different setting with different chatacters. Nice bit of gore and the CGI was mostly okay. Also a very good doggo. Only concern is it will get a sequel that pretty much rehashes the same plotline like some of the other predator movies did and failed.
  18. Pretty happy with wave 2. Decent variety of tracks and it's nice that they "fixed" the mall level too. Some of the tracks seem to have parts of the remix tracks from tour as well which at least makes some of the tracks more interesting. I hear that the rubber banding has been changed for the GP though? A lot more difficult apparently.
  19. Will defo be playing this tonight - looks like a decent bunch of tracks. Apparently that's it for N64 tracks though - there was some data mining done and Kalamari Desert seems to be the last N64 track on the list.
  20. My reccomendation? Don't use the cable. I would say use virtual desktop (its about £15 but works fantastic) or at a push use airlink for free. If they are concerned about the battery running out (it should last a couple hours still) then use a external battery.
  21. Age of calamity is great - I'm sure he will love it after beating BOTW. Massive game too.
  22. That was a really nice send off. Had tears in my eyes! Neighbours was a big part of my life for 20 years or so for me. I think i started watching it back in 1989 and only stopped in 2012, gave up Home & Away at the same time really. However, with Neighbours it was always on round my mums when I would pop round to see her so I'd usually keep upto date by seeing a couple episodes a week. Since she passed a few years back I kinda was out of the loop and haven't seen an episode till tonight. It was lovely seeing some old faces. Well, it was sad seeing them at the same time as they seemed to have ages so much since i last watched. Susan though! She honestly looked the same since the last time i watched it. Shame there wasn't a few other cameos showing up, it would have been great to see Lou. Shame Steph and Libby couldn't have been properly in the episode but at least they were in the VT. My mum really wanted to go to Australia and visit the neighbours set in the early 2000s and offered to pay - i don't know why we never did go - would have been some good memories.
  23. I've had this thought before. But the dungeoneer isn't supposed to see anything so seems a bit pointless. Had some good fun on VRchat playing a diner game. Work with friends to make burgers, pizza etc. Gets pretty chaotic but I expect if we had at least one more person concentrating on cleaning the dishes we would have done better. I guess it's a bit like VR overcooked.
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