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  1. Finished of Metroid Mike 64's world tonight. Pretty decent overall! Some real nice level design especially later on in the game as well - was quite impressed with the last world ghost house.
  2. Very strange - Nintendo released Star Fox 2 for Switch online today. I've had it on my Switch since the last update i did a couple weeks ago though.
  3. Look forward to this but i do kinda agree with a few of the folks here, I found both movies kinda grating after a couple of watches. I like Ryan Renolds, but i find it hard to rewatch most of his movies because they pretty much are the same character and I get bored of the constant wise cracks. Getting Jackman back is a smart idea.
  4. Yeah I'm enjoying the super mario bros 5 super world. I've completed the first five worlds. Mostly enjoyable and a little on the easy side but I had a soft lock on one of the levels (an early airship level) and a world 5 level required me to sacrifice mario to continue. The world 5 ghost House boss just wasn't fun. I do think from world 4 it relies too much on gimmicks which goes against " this is what nintendo would have created". I'm hopeful it goes back to traditional style for the remainder of the world's though.
  5. I don't think a single Switch game even has a manual right?
  6. This actually looks a lot better than it did in the direct. I started playing on game pass but it could be a nice one for the switch - is it getting a physical?
  7. Chiming it with another fave - Bubble & Squeak. This was more of a puzzle platformer - you played as Bubble but could command Squeak (some kinda alien thing) to do certain things and he had a bit of AI of his own to solve puzzles. I enjoyed it so much i actually finished it - tons of charm. I believe there was a megadrive port at some port.
  8. If i remember correctly though, Mortal Kombat was 4 discs - and you had to change discs between each fight, Fine if you had an external drive or HDD though. Also, didn't you have to press space or something like that to change between upper/lower kicks etc? I can't imagine how it played with one/two buttons pads. I remember playing it quite a bit though.
  9. I just wish they changed things up a little. Some seperate game modes or something. So many perks seem pointless these days since they have been supersuceeded by better ones.
  10. Yeah I'm not actually sure what this means? I was maybe expecting more for this new "exciting" feature.
  11. It just feels they can't be bothered for gaming. They seem more interested in this metaverse thing and the corporate side of the quest. Since re4 I rarely use mine for gaming much. PS vr isn't great like you say but the games seem way better and I expect the new psvr will receive far better games than the quest will.
  12. It seems to follow the Nintendo tradition - a relatively care free experience till you beat the game first time and then the post game content is where the real challenge comes in. It's a shame it doesn't have some kinda of online multiplayer like 3d world has though.
  13. I would love one but honestly my 3080 runs everything i throw at it and even then I am probably not even pushing it. I might give in further down the line but i'll probaby wait till the 5000 series now.
  14. Any news on when the new TV series starts?
  15. Finished it earlier. What a great season - i was starting to think they were running out of steam a little but no, they are still on top form. Next season is the last right?
  16. Ah. I haven't actually watched it, was just going by what I heard! That's good then, i keep meaning to give it a watch at some point.
  17. Yeah I am dreading Melissa McCarthy to be honest. However I am finding some of these remakes better quality the others. Stuff like Pinnachio, Lady and the tramp etc definitely seem to have lower budgets and straight to disney+ where the rest (well all from Disneys renaissance peroid) at least have higher budgets amd are generally better quality movies. Not saying better quality makes a better movie but it helps.
  18. I'm really not sure how i think of this remake but i'll watch it anyway.
  19. "Apparently" it's an early morning Direct so probably be sometime tomorrow afternoon. Kinda wish it would be on after 5pm though.
  20. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this was pretty bad. Watched it with friends last night and was called out when I thought it just seemed like some kind of parody or bad cartoon! Didn't really think much of the story and it just felt like the entire movie didn't take itself serious at all. I'm not saying it was terrible as it was entertaining at times but i kinda lost interest halfway in. I didn't really get on with ragnorok either to be fair.
  21. I'll give this a watch but i'm not expecting much. The only live action remakes i liked was Aladdin and B&TB because at least they added some bits to the story.
  22. Hmmm maybe don't use as much water. I have had these several times, i just find them a bit too hot and no real flavour to them. I prefer the spicey shin cups personally.
  23. That's cool - was streaming it with some friends and someone pointed out how 90s it sounded and in my head i was sure i had seen the username somewhere before
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