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  1. I thhought it was a decent movie, it wasn't earth shattering or anything. To me it was just a remake of the original movie, in a different setting with different chatacters. Nice bit of gore and the CGI was mostly okay. Also a very good doggo. Only concern is it will get a sequel that pretty much rehashes the same plotline like some of the other predator movies did and failed.
  2. Pretty happy with wave 2. Decent variety of tracks and it's nice that they "fixed" the mall level too. Some of the tracks seem to have parts of the remix tracks from tour as well which at least makes some of the tracks more interesting. I hear that the rubber banding has been changed for the GP though? A lot more difficult apparently.
  3. Will defo be playing this tonight - looks like a decent bunch of tracks. Apparently that's it for N64 tracks though - there was some data mining done and Kalamari Desert seems to be the last N64 track on the list.
  4. My reccomendation? Don't use the cable. I would say use virtual desktop (its about £15 but works fantastic) or at a push use airlink for free. If they are concerned about the battery running out (it should last a couple hours still) then use a external battery.
  5. Age of calamity is great - I'm sure he will love it after beating BOTW. Massive game too.
  6. That was a really nice send off. Had tears in my eyes! Neighbours was a big part of my life for 20 years or so for me. I think i started watching it back in 1989 and only stopped in 2012, gave up Home & Away at the same time really. However, with Neighbours it was always on round my mums when I would pop round to see her so I'd usually keep upto date by seeing a couple episodes a week. Since she passed a few years back I kinda was out of the loop and haven't seen an episode till tonight. It was lovely seeing some old faces. Well, it was sad seeing them at the same time as they seemed to have ages so much since i last watched. Susan though! She honestly looked the same since the last time i watched it. Shame there wasn't a few other cameos showing up, it would have been great to see Lou. Shame Steph and Libby couldn't have been properly in the episode but at least they were in the VT. My mum really wanted to go to Australia and visit the neighbours set in the early 2000s and offered to pay - i don't know why we never did go - would have been some good memories.
  7. I've had this thought before. But the dungeoneer isn't supposed to see anything so seems a bit pointless. Had some good fun on VRchat playing a diner game. Work with friends to make burgers, pizza etc. Gets pretty chaotic but I expect if we had at least one more person concentrating on cleaning the dishes we would have done better. I guess it's a bit like VR overcooked.
  8. Taz did seem a bit OP but his tornado didn't do that much damage. If anything his other attacks seemed a bit week. Liking Bugs , currently my main but I wish some of his attacks where more powerful. I think I need to go back through the tutorials though. Its pretty addicting with the daily challenges.
  9. Will spoiler anything too major - Both Stray and Another world have a protagonist that are silent and that accidentally get trapped inside an unknown area (Alien Planet, Forgotten City) Both games have you meeting up with an ally - Alien / B12 Both feature similar puzzles in order to progress - distracting enemies/robots to get items you need etc There is one section where in Stray and the exact same thing happens in the second level of Another World Both games have you being chased by some kind of enemy. Both protagonists have ginger hair. The ending is quite similar There are definitely more things, i'll have a think.
  10. Just finished this. What a game! Loved it. Do you think Another World inspired it in ways? There were a lot of similarities.
  11. I wouldn't say so. Maybe it's just down to the fact a lot of my friends are gamers anyway and have kids that are into it too. Also, the Nintendo Switch does VR but the games that support it don't exactly make good use of it. I think maybe 3 games?
  12. Have you tried a headset recently? ie Quest 2? I honestly think the motion sickness is way better. I couldn't stand more than 15 minutes before i wanted to throw up, i can generally go for hours now with the higher refresh rates/quality of screens. I know Quest 2 has sold 14.8 million units since launch in Q4 2000. If anything, all my mates kids have Quest 2's these days or use their parents. PSVR sold 5 Million since launch but Sony must expect it to do well in the future since they are releasing PSVR2.
  13. Quest 2 is the only headset i have really yet to get proper Motion Sickness. I think the higher refresh rate helps.
  14. Game wise, i dip in and out of VR. I mainly use my Quest 2 on the PC using Virtual Desktop. However social wise, it's pretty cool. I don't use it much, but VR Chat is pretty good to just meet up with friends and go explore worlds together. I found a really cool BOTW world that was stunning. Also, just the fact you can chill in an apartment and watch movies or play pool or something is neat. Feels like 90s internet in a way. The fact it supports Full Body Tracking (i'm still waiting for SlimeVR to arrive in November) is pretty neat, and well some headsets support eye/head tracking which brings the magic even closer. Obviously it's niche, but i do think VR will do well in this social aspect, apparently even HBO are doing a documentary on it. I however would love to see more games using FBT, i think a couple of games do but since it's early tech not yet. A FBT Resident evil game would be amazing.
  15. Yeah expect a ton of mods for this - a garfield and eye patch mod is out currently.
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