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  1. just watched it and its Gash - much worse than Tekken Maggie Q is gash Ray Park is Gash Terry Bogard should have been a great character but it was gash and no power geyser considering its set they could have used it much better and at least had some of the characters moves thought near the start there was going to be a with vice and mature but even that wasnt there ;(
  2. i guess im like most people these days i wont pay over £30 for a game and nowadays i'm happy to wait until its sub £20 before i buy it even now games only have to be out for around a month before they hit that price, only the major franchises like Mario and call of duty seem to escape the massive depreciation
  3. Goose i hope you dont Torrent, ya movie fanatic
  4. right click save as The PSA clip, may not be safe for work because it has a sweary word in it
  5. for me my favourites are Kiki's delivery service and Castle in the sky Spirited away is pretty awesome, but not in my favourites I remember years and years ago around Christmas there was a cartoon sheduled on STV called Laputa Flying island and thats what really got me into his stuff and Anime, prior to that all there was was Manga then fast forward 10 or 15 years and it was released on DVD it was like i was 15 all over again
  6. Recently watched it and it was pretty good but its been one of Miyazaki's weaker movies
  7. teh Jpn is the same as the USA release, the Canadian's got another release that had an extra fake trailer called Hobo with a shotgun and that was a very short run in specific cinemas (competition price for the best fake trailer apparently)
  8. Nah i bought the Jpn DVD But i created an AVI for me to watch whenever, rather than lug the boxed set around B)
  9. i sold my last house with my games room intact, no way i was going to clear it didn't make a difference when we sold it
  10. i bought the system for rygar and double dragon played them both and then sold the system, shame really
  11. I guess i'm in the minority, because i love Grindhouse (full movie)
  12. i would prefer Werewolf women of the SS or Thanksgiving the latter is my favourite fake trailer NSFW http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S92pQOhZE80 Especially the last 2 or 3 seconds Personally i enjoyed Grindhouse and paid a premium to import the Japanese version
  13. an movie by The Asylum (apart from this one) just avoid fecking dreadful
  14. for the Wii: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom or Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars when its released next year for the PS3: Railfan - its awesome (bing-bong)
  15. nah totally disagree the show got better as it went along and coincidentally that's when Cook started to appear it in less Cook isn't 'very real' as you put it, i've been on this planet for 37 years and a piss head for 18 of those (thanks job) and i've never met anybody who could down 50 pints with 50 bottles of vodka chasers and just have time to fit 10 gateaux's in there for good measure and this happened often he is a fantasy character at best overall it was alright with a very slow start
  16. that i don't know its says on the box it will work with mame and the PS3
  17. DON'T LISTEN to others its the most awesomestest movie evar made
  18. they feel the same and they work on a PS3 as well, shoulder buttons feel a little light, but you dont really need them when you're playing mame been struggling to break into my top 3 scores on Rygar using the pad and it was starting to get frustrating, but it seems better now - kinda shows how i was used to using the keyboard but i can now pull off double supers on things like the Capcom vs games which i didnt have a chance to do in the past so (IMO) a worthy purchase
  19. after plowing through some of my old Jpn Alchemists
  20. tis true, going to check it out but i'm sure she was okay unless Meh unsure why you can say its shit, one of the best animes around even if it you believe it didnt do the manga justice
  21. And yeah, the bit those pics are from if i remember rightly
  22. FMA Brotherhood Ep19 was a bit special, animation was particularly lovely just a shame
  23. just got two of these saturn pads used one of them on streetfighter and its pretty decent
  24. watched it last night and was thoroughly entertained guy: i'm sorry this house is nice, but we are looking for something bigger Joben: yeah and something that doesn't smell of farts i had to rewind that because i was laughing
  25. i think we have, on my auctions i generally have postage as £0.80 plus a required fee of £0.65 for the insurance so my postal charges all in are £1.45 which gives them first class recorded
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