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  1. Put a second team together for champs last weekend, and actually managed to hit Rank 4 for the first time. Not sure about Ben Yedder or Leao really. I tended to replace Ben Yedder with Vlahovic at half time, who I really like. I’m going to replace Pele with TOTS Benz now I can afford him. Definitely starting to feel like the game is done now, but at least it’s nice to try the top tier players.
  2. Exactly the same. The review scores feel like they came from people who were playing their first horizon game
  3. I’d recommend checking out the Guerrilla Collective stream. It makes all these look top notch. That was like a preview of filler games for Prime Gaming over the next year
  4. I have no idea why I’m still playing this. Abuse seems to be at a season high at moment. I assume most players are kids, but why are they such cunts? Played a champs game that was 3-3. Went to pens and the opponent missed at 7-7 and disconnected. Told me I didn’t deserve to win because I was playing ‘drop back’. I don’t even know what that is - all my tactics are default. Another kid called me a’ sweaty rat’ for intentionally losing games in order to play them. Why would I do that? People build up these narratives in their heads. I’m not sure why they don’t just put the pad down and get outside.
  5. Life is Strange True Colors (XSX) This really felt like a return to form for the series. While I didn’t dislike the second game, it wasn’t great either. I recently bounced off Tell Me Why, so wondered if I was just getting tired of the formula. In True Colors, the amount of interactivity and freedom feels well judged. The writing and acting are both very good. While the narrative is fairly predictable, it doesn’t lessen the overall experience. I’m not sure why, but knowing what other people chose to do feels like an important element to my enjoyment. I also really like the historic communications adding some context. You can tell a great game by the slight sense of loss that comes after completion.
  6. And now everyone can see it:
  7. Just went through qualifying with the new team. I’d love to say it was a breeze, but it was still fairly hard going. Militao is the fastest CB I’ve used. Fabinho is the real deal, but struggles with stamina. Pele is what you’d hope for given his price. Alisson is the worst keeper I’ve ever used. In the 4 games he lasted, he failed to save a single shot and scored 2 own goals. For the time being I’ve gone Varane and Lloris, probably changing to Van der Sar and Dias when I get the icon swaps necessary. Isco wasn’t working out in the position I was playing him, so I shifted out van Dijk (200k up in a day!) and managed to get Modric in for a more balanced box to box player.
  8. I've already bought everyone - it's just the SBC's left. I can't get on with Neymar at all. It's probably because I don't use skills, but I always found his 93 useless. I already have Dias TOTY and Varane. Thought I'd give Van Dijk a go, just for a change of scenery more than anything. Looks like I'll be ok to scrape the SBC's. I'll be opening the 85+x20 at 6, and I think I've scraped together almost enough coin to cover topping up the rest.
  9. I've decided to spend all my coins, and have been assembling the following. The problem I've got is that I'm out of coins and don't yet have Rodrygo or Fabinho. I've got some fodder, but nowhere near enough, and only a day left. I'll figure it out somehow, even if I have to temporarily sell someone at a loss!
  10. £190 with the case. Looking through the history of this thread, you could indeed order 2. Sort of wish I had!
  11. I thought they let you do 2. Could be wrong though.
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/294999313235?hash=item44af544b53:g:aHcAAOSwsbdii-Rl £314 seems a bit cheap, you mean! I'll be keeping an eye on this. While I'd really like to give the Playdate a go, if it's worth more than double the amount I paid, it's pretty difficult to justify keeping it. I wonder if they really mean unit number rather than order number. I presume some people ordered more than one under the same order number
  13. For what it’s worth, I just got an email to confirm my shipping address. I’m in batch 2, somewhere around the 15,000 mark. Sounds like they might start shipping the batch around the 8th.
  14. Wasn’t Akinfenwa added at 6? I’m wondering how it was possible for me to play a game in rivals against someone with him when I started the game at 5:50
  15. I always thank people who give me freebies, not that it happens often. I’ve had Alisson x2 (both untradeable), Silva, Rice, Rodri from packs. Cancelo and TAA reds. I need to be more willing to discard so I can get through some more packs
  16. 10 million. Who wants to touch me?
  17. Same here, and I don't use twitter. Doesn't feel like there's been much communication, given the length of the preorder. It's fairly annoying that my order number is only high due to the issues they had in checkout when they launched the preorders. It's not like I need it now or anything, it's just a long time for them to have my money and me to have nothing.
  18. I never list at the cheapest price. Patience can be key, particularly with the more pricey players
  19. I started off with bronze pack method, then just moved onto selling the stuff I packed. I never use a tradable contract or chem style. Only investments were the promo players who were close to discard. No volume buying or selling. I’ve got over 3000 in my club now. Packs come from objectives, marquee matchups and weekend league really. It’s just the volume over time that ends up accumulating
  20. Just £40 for the game and then graft. Terrible pack luck in general, so I’ve not had any easy income from that. Just the one account too. First time I’ve ever done a full season, but I’ll be glad when it’s over. It genuinely consumes my life!
  21. Most of the team is gone. I’ve got 9m in the bank now! I can still put together an entirely reasonable team for all the major (and some of the minor) leagues if I want to. I’ll get my 99 Mbappe in a few weeks!
  22. I’ve had my fill. I’ll sell up and possibly return when everyone has a silly TOTS squad.
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