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  1. Van Dijk and Bernardo Silva. Shame I can’t really figure a way to get VVD in the team.
  2. 87 is not cheap. Bet I get a dupe keeper. Edit - Alisson
  3. Out all day tomorrow, so I either do em today or I don’t do em at all
  4. 15 consecutive losses and counting
  5. Not sure what’s going on at the moment. Got to silver 1 with only a couple of defeats, but now I haven’t had a win in at least 12. Opponents seem to be benefiting from incredible luck, and my team are like a bunch of slugs. Never been on a run like it before. Baffling.
  6. 18 packs and nary an 85+ in sight. I definitely spent all my pack luck on Neymar...
  7. Good opportunity to shift my CSL bronzes for the marquee matchups this week. Can’t bring myself to sell Wang Shouting, though.
  8. So is it the ultimate TOTS thing tomorrow, or have we got some sort of ‘rest of world’ thing? No major leagues left, are there?
  9. Meh, I’m already mostly there. He’ll probably only go in my second team anyway.
  10. Going to do Vieira and Eusebio I think, then just clear everything out. I reckon it’s worth picking up the Latam TOTS players now while they’re readily available and cheap.
  11. Verratti and Thiago Silva. Uninspiring. (Gold 2)
  12. I can get the assists no problem, I just can’t bloody win! Think I need to get relegated.
  13. I got Verratti. Also just opened 7 x 81+ packs (acquired at great expense). All I got was Benitez. Guess my pack luck has been spent on Neymar.
  14. It’s expensive to do the Ligue 1, but I guess there aren’t that many gold rates. There aren’t many 81+, either, so the odds for TOTS must be decent. Nothing good from my first 2, though.
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