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  1. It really shouldn't matter at all, but them removing the magnetic attachment of the battery cover on the controllers has bummed me out. I'm going to miss that particular fiddle! Just played a bit of Pokerstars (I still haven't bought anything!) and the increase in resolution definitely makes a difference. I think there's just generally better performance, too. It feels a bit like the sweet spot is smaller than the Quest - I get a lot of what I presume are 'god rays' regardless of where I position the headset. Still no issues with the standard strap.
  2. Just spent enough on the main unit as it is! That’s come out of the Series X fund, too. I’ll not be buying any accessories for quite a while. Even Anker have hiked up the price of their USB C cable to an all time high to try to fleece us!
  3. Just taken delivery of a Quest 2, despite only having the Quest for a few weeks. While you're getting a more capable unit overall, it does feel like a bit of a step back in a couple of ways. Not having the OLED makes a difference to the blacks, of course, but generally it's worth the trade-off for the higher res. The original Quest controllers feel better to me, the new ones being bulkier, heavier and generally feeling a little lower quality. The decision to produce it all in 90's PC tower beige is a bit of an odd one! Looking forward to giving it a more thorough look later, though. Don'
  4. klargon

    Split Second

    Picked this up for PC at the weekend after seeing it had an unofficial 60fps patch fairly recently. I owned it near release, and tried to play it when it was included with Games with Gold, but didn't get on with it either time. I find racing games pretty much universally unplayable at 30fps. 60fps is a really significant step, and I'm having much more fun with it as a result. I haven't noticed any adverse gameplay impacts from running it at 60fps yet. You can pick up a Steam key for about £1. You need to replace the main .exe with a NOCD version in order to apply the 60fps patch, but it'
  5. Blades are in real trouble this season. Our inability to finish chances is killing us. It's a shame - McBurnie was decent today aside from his finishing, but that's ultimately what we pay him for. In the end we were lucky to come away with a point. The game should have been dead before half time. It's a strange situation. I hope nobody would ever ask for Wilder's job. He still makes the right decisions as far as I'm concerned. We definitely struggled to compete in the window, despite still spending a reasonable amount. Going to be a tough season to turn around.
  6. I'm up for some Poker. I always lose, though. Feels like a really friendly atmosphere in the game. Although, like all games that aren't for real money, it gets a bit silly - all-in's all round all the time!
  7. I'm not having much luck setting up the Quest I just bought. Had to sign in with Facebook, but Facebook wouldn't send me an auth code by either email or SMS, so I had to create a new account. Now I want to set up a developer account so I can access SideQuest, but Oculus asks for a password. As far as I'm aware, I don't have an Oculus password, and it doesn't accept my Facebook password. Any idea what I'm supposed to do? EDIT: I used reset password, even though I never set an Oculus password previously. They really need to think about their user journeys now they force SSO, yet
  8. I don’t even know what that means. I didn’t do the modding.
  9. Having just fired it up, I think I have bigger problems than just the video signal! Random freezes on boot up and I can’t actually get a game to fully load. Maybe it’s done for. Would be a shame, as it’s chipped and has both region and 60hz switches.
  10. "pay only a month" reads poorly to me - it seems there's supposed to be a figure in there, like "pay only £8.99 a month" or something.
  11. Cheers for the offer, but I wanted to test out something that was regarded as superior quality, just without spending the £30 to find out it's actually the Saturn!
  12. That was my experience too. Long shot, but I don’t suppose anyone could possibly lend me one of those retrogamingcables RGB scart leads? Trying to figure out if the noise on my Saturn signal is down to the cable or something else.
  13. I detect a slight bias here
  14. Difficult to know if it’s accurate, but I’m sure there was talk of around £10m when we were first interested. I guess other clubs get involved and it all gets a bit silly. £10m would have been a reasonable gamble. £23.5m feels risky.
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