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  1. Last Stop is decent. From a general storytelling perspective it’s fine. It feels very familiar, taking lots from similar games - essentially short walks between narrative sections and some QTE/interactive bits. There’s even an peculiar rhythm mini game thing. Towards the end it feels quite like a few games from the late 90’s/early 2000’s. It’s a bit cheap at times (wheels not rotating on moving cars, spelling and pronunciation errors), but generally plays well and looks fine. Some of the voice casting feels way off, though - it’s quite jarring hearing certain voices coming from certain character models. 5ish hours to play through. Doesn’t overstay it’s welcome. Check it out.
  2. I still don’t understand what possesses someone to carry on playing a game they hate. I fire up Bloodborne, die about 5 times on the first guy I see, then uninstall it. It’s clear it’s not for me. It was clear from the start you didn’t like it, so it feels a lot like you feed on disliking it. Really odd.
  3. Sounds like you aren't enjoying it, so why carry on? Setting the audio to French helps a bit with him whining, but everything else you have issue with is basically the core of the game.
  4. I never even saw anything before I just quit it though. It could have been a fucking jigglypuff and I wouldn’t have known. The mere threat was enough for me not to want to play it.
  5. I thought that just stopped you from being killed. Presumably the tension remains the same
  6. Wargasm came free with my Voodoo Banshee. With hindsight, I should not have trusted the guy building my PC to recommend a card. Apparently the Banshee was the future. I remember it being pretty shit. Wargasm never left much of an impression.
  7. A bit of stealthy stuff, but not a lot of combat. You’re only a kid so you’re a bit too vulnerable for hands on combat with a bunch of soldiers. There are some encounters, but you’re mainly trying to avoid being hit and using ranged attacks. I’d summarise the game as a modern narrative action adventure - linear exploration with some puzzles, stealth and action.
  8. Plague Tale is excellent. Surprisingly AAA for a non-AAA title. Play with french audio for that extra authenticity. I wouldn’t say it was a scary game, unless you have a problem with rats. Maybe a couple of minor jumpy moments I suppose, but it’s not really that sort of game.
  9. I had to look that up. I don’t understand why it doesn’t explain the options. I tried it on quality and then switched to performance, as I feared how terrible ‘maximum’ would be based on the quality mode frame rate.
  10. When I think of 90's PC games, for some reason the first thing that springs to mind is Dark Earth. I don't think it's necessarily obscure, but I don't think I ever see anyone mention it. I first had it on a dodgy CD with multiple games, and it had all the cut-scenes stripped, so you had to try to figure out what the hell was going on. Still got the (proper) CD version somewhere. At the time, it felt like a pretty engaging story. I remember you could kill certain people too soon and it would basically leave you completely stuck (like killing Ratpouch at the start of Lure of the Temptress!)
  11. Looking into it, I think there’s a chance of a ban that could impact future FIFA’s. Guess I’d better not risk it.
  12. You’ll need a player with a very high price ceiling
  13. Does anyone want my coins? Don’t mind selling my tradeables then buying whatever you can list at a ludicrous price. Not willing to put too much effort into it, mind… I guess it might be a couple of mill.
  14. In fact. I’ll not bother. Straw that broke the camel’s back. I’ll probably be back next year when it’s made available on game pass again.
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