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  1. Worked fine for me. Just installed the app with side quest, fired it up, transferred the files then fired it up again and it was fine.
  2. In general, I think it takes time. Staying hydrated might help, and some people suggest using a fan can help. Play some gentle stuff to get you into it. Most important thing is to stop as soon as you start feeling ill.
  3. I was joking really. I think there’s one or two things in there I’ll happily try. I’m assuming Pathologic is a horror thing I’ll probably want to stay well clear of!
  4. Cracking effort from Humble to make even £4.44 seem poor value this month!
  5. Ended up nearly £500 up this year, despite buying 2 gaming PC's, a Quest, a Quest 2 and a Series X. Had a steady trickle of sales through the year to help me out. Thanks to the Quest 2 purchase, I hadn't raised the funds to cover the Series X, so flogged it straight away. Didn't realise quite how much effort it would be to get another! Expecting £250 to come out of my total as I need to refund a refund on the Quest 2 thanks to the great Oculus debacle of 2020.
  6. Nerve (2016) There’s nothing new here - young people seeking affirmation and popularity through social media, exploring boundaries of acceptability and anonymity, the dangers of the volume of personal data freely available online, etc. However, I found it entirely watchable, with some fairly nice shots at times, and a reasonable soundtrack. Enjoyable nonsense - ‘Movies with limited time on Prime’ delivers again, I reckon. 3/5
  7. I thought gravity was decent enough when I watched it in the cinema, but it’s not something I’ve been drawn back to. I’m usually a sucker for sci-fi, but I struggled to find anything redeeming about the midnight sky. Some of the writing seemed pretty poor, exacerbated by fairly terrible acting at times by the fringe characters. The plot felt fairly empty and trudged along at a snails pace towards an unsatisfying conclusion. Even if it was a lot leaner (and there are many opportunities to make it so) I still don’t think it would be a very engaging film.
  8. I would say Virtua Tennis 3. I was sorta forum champ at that at one point. Not sure I will have retained my skills though! Edit - Perhaps not if @Dark Soldier was my opponent!
  9. Seconded. The third is pretty decent, too, though. Think I gave up on the first.
  10. Well, I'm back in the land of the Quest. My account has been resurrected by Oculus, and apparently it won't be banned again due to the serial number of the headset. Took them about 4 weeks to get to that point, during which I sold it, so I'm out of pocket for 2 lots of postage as I had to refund the buyer in case their account was also banned for the same reason. Thoroughly stressful, but at least I can now return to the joy of Spin and Go wins in Poker Stars!
  11. I thought you needed ultimate for any of it
  12. Yeah, they said the 15th
  13. Cool, I missed that on epic last year. It is indeed supposed to be better than the first game.
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