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  1. Virtua Tennis’ VMU display wasn’t useless! It was a great way to take the piss by beating your mate by only using the VMU (preferably plugged into the light gun) while they were using the telly. I think Virtua Tennis 2 took it to another level by having a rotating wireframe representation, but I could be wrong.
  2. My sort of game - played through it last weekend. My main issues with it were the outside bits and some stuff towards the end where I went a bit off-piste and had to crank the gamma up to max to find my way back. Aside from those it was pretty well-paced and the atmosphere more than carries the whole experience. Good stuff.
  3. But the blades were on TV plenty last year without them. Think the club were claiming them to be required for VAR. I guess it’s all related to broadcast quality, regardless.
  4. They were there last season. Bloody terrible, aren’t they? Something that doesn’t seem to have been mentioned around VAR is the additional stadium lighting needed. The new lights they’ve put in at Bramall Lane are constantly in view and insanely bright. Looked the same deal at Molineux last night. Feels like they aren’t really considering the people who actually go to the games.
  5. I’ve decided to hang up my boots. App deleted! Will probably return in a couple of years.
  6. Gold 2 player picks were dreadful. There’s not really anything I want to do with my team, anyway. Maybe this is the end.
  7. New SBC set has some pretty harsh requirements for chemistry. A lot of players are about to get expensive. They keep doing these rare electrum players packs - has anyone ever got anything decent from them? Pretty sure I’ve always had fuck all.
  8. Can’t go wrong with him - good pull. TOTW SBC’s are back, but no minimum rating this time.
  9. Yikes. Pogba needs an 85, 3 x 86, 87, 88 and 89. What a grind.
  10. Whole bunch of non-quitting tosspots on the single match objective this week
  11. Meh, more than I wanted to spend, but finished Eusebio. Team now looks like this:
  12. It’s the lower rated ones for the 83-86 squads that will have risen most.
  13. Christ - over 400k on the price of the Eusebio SBC since the TOTW SBC expired!
  14. They need to change the icon SBC’s to be TOTW or TOTS. That’d sort it.
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