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  1. Good lawd, Ben Yedder is a sea of 99’s! That France Cup is going to be absolutely horrible.
  2. At this point, the icons are generally worse than the special cards. I’ve got Ronaldo as a loan, and he’s nothing special compared to someone like Marcelo. Useful for linking, but otherwise a waste of time I reckon. I voted Theo for the 99. No chance.
  3. I should have enough tokens for him tonight. I'm not sure what else there is worth doing in there. I've got well over 100 90+ rated players in the club, so the fodder packs just don't appeal. At least Ben Yedder gets you a unique card.
  4. This is hardly some sort of insider tip, but you should do Griezmann. Played 5 qualifiers tonight and he scored in all of them. Never had a striker make that sort of immediate impact. He hits these shitty balloon shots that just go in anyway.
  5. I've also got the second week stuff now. Haven't tried it yet. Enjoyed Casual Birder, although there are 3 more birds to get, and I'm not sure I can be bothered with the trial and error to get them. Gave Whitewater Wipeout one try and decided it's not for me. If they can deliver one game I like each week, I'm more than happy.
  6. klargon


    Got an invitation to apply for the playtesting. I'm not going to, though. They ask quite a lot for very little in return, and as the game's free to play at launch anyway, it feels even lower value getting to play it earlier. It's something like 20 minutes minimum commitment to playing per day, every day for a couple of weeks, and then a fair few surveys. In return, you get 3 keys for EA games that are already in the EA Play vault.
  7. Haha. I know. It wasn't the cost that was the problem, it was the absolute grind of making 17 squads. It didn't really seem to make that much of a dent on the coins.
  8. It’ll be for the purposes of testing, won’t it? Used to have to use button combinations to enable debugging back when I was testing. Usually involved pad 2. I suppose the presentation is a bit nicer than you’d expect though
  9. Feels like there’s very little to gain from the 85+ x10 now. Aside from 98 Ben Yedder, I don’t think there’s really anyone else I want in the team. I guess the end of the game is nigh.
  10. Who knows. 2023 is all they’ll commit to. History suggests even that could be optimistic, given they haven’t really been meeting their shipping estimates.
  11. Holy shit that Mendy SBC. Is that supposed to be a joke or something? 17 squads!!!
  12. Anyone picked up a screen protector for theirs? Thinking it might be a good investment
  13. I can recommend shapeshifters Kante if you want to spend some coins. Not exactly original, but he covers more ground than any other player in my experience.
  14. Going to need to magic 600k from somewhere, but that looks good cheers
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