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  1. It had been £7 on the playstation store for as long as I can remember. I'd have bought it ages ago if I'd known about the cross-save thing. Please let me know how that works. Still, victory for physical media as an option, got the GotY off amazon for £12.
  2. In a move that will surprise absolutely nobody, Sony have removed the 80% off GotY edition and replaced it with a £25 base game with the expansion packs as separate purchases.
  3. Woah woah woah, there's cross save on this? So I can transfer my ancient XB1X saves to PS5? Ermagurd how? How, god damn it?
  4. I'm slowly catching up with this now and watched episode 5 last night. Not sure if the main scene of the episode was a wild fever dream or what but it didn't make any sense. Did I miss something? * I had hoped the Alt Shift X vid might explain this but he didn't even mention it.
  5. OK, not entirely bad news then. I shall avoid having to resort to watching Let's Plays.
  6. Is this only out on PC and Switch, then? I'm sure I saw a Playstation trailer for it a while back.
  7. The last half hour was terrible Top Gear shite. I don't know why they keep reverting to this crap when they've shown it's much better when they don't (eg the Mongolia special).
  8. I wish they'd ditch that embarrassing costume, the "Devil of Hell's Kitchen" outfit is miles better with the cloth over his eyes etc.
  9. He used to do Westworld breakdowns but I think he gave up on them.
  10. Sorry, how are we in a thread about brilliant terrible films and people are talking about In The Mouth of Madness?
  11. Battlefield Earth Wicker Man remake Dungeons and Dragons
  12. Episode 3 done now, still liking it but come on, man, what are they doing with Constantine?
  13. You should leave clowning to all the other clowns in the clown school.
  14. As much as I love the music from the first Predator it's so similar to the score from Back To The Future as to be distracting.
  15. Watched the first two episodes tonight. Very good so far. Why are
  16. Can someone remind me exactly what it is that Saul is wanted for? Damned if I can remember.
  17. Have you only watched 12 films this year? You seem to have included Prey which you hated and gave 1/5.
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