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  1. I've never played the game but this is a brilliant watch (give it a chance).
  2. Yeah but he's a privileged white male so his opinion is invalid.
  3. Eh, there's a lot of shite in there but also some relatively alright stuff. Just don't be expecting anything anywhere near as good as series 1-5.
  4. Dennis looks like he's dyeing his hair, unless I'm imagining it.
  5. Don't suppose this is on NowTV, is it?
  6. The Cypress Hill soundtrack is literally the only thing I can remember about this game.
  7. I didn't know it was out. Then again, Pilkington is known for hating doing the promotional stuff.
  8. I'm guessing most of the experience that cast has is in advertising supermarkets.
  9. Wow, cheers for that! Got a lot more to say about the game but I'm old and it's bed time.
  10. And finished. Loved it. One question for now, which I haven't seen raised anywhere else, somehow
  11. Probably because phones tend to do more than consoles.
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