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  1. WTF is with the maps in these games, anyway (I'm talking ME1 & 2 here)? The first game's map is so utterly laughable and primitive, and despite its simplicity is still a git to navigate... and ME2 doesn't bother with a map at all most of the time (why??) and when there is one it's ridiculously overly detailed. I can't remember what the map is like in ME3, probably some 3D holographic projection that closes after nine seconds and has to recharge for five minutes.
  2. I fear he might not be around long, usually when a TV show gives this much prominence to a character in a short space of time they're about to leave, one way or another.
  3. I tend to default to Garrus and Mordin all the time at the moment. As an aside though, and totally tempting fate, this is probably the first game I've played on ps5 that hasn't crashed. Weird.
  4. I'm a little way into ME2 and I've noticed how shite the human squadmates are*. Ashley, Kaiden, Jacob, Miranda, Zaeed.. all boring AF, whereas the aliens are brilliant. * Kasumi is pretty cool I guess.
  5. Bash your arse! Nomad is brilliant.
  6. Careful now, you'll have Broker and ZOK popping in to call you a moron.
  7. They didn't, though, did they? People just assumed, as it turns out entirely correctly, that it was.
  8. And what's with the Office 97 text over the opening credits?
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