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  1. Chadruharazzeb

    HBO's Westworld. Yee-Haww Co/w,bo.Y@@@ [FATAL ERROR]

    Sorry guys, that bored the arse off me for the most part.
  2. I was going to wait until this run had finished so I could binge it but the other night I made the "mistake" of watching S3E1. Gosh it was good. Now I need to try to pace it sufficiently so I don't catch up and have to watch it on a weekly basis. I just love the pace of the show, it's just moving forwards all the time and there's absolutely no fat or filler getting in the way of things. Which is a bit of a shame, really
  3. Chadruharazzeb

    HBO's Westworld. Yee-Haww Co/w,bo.Y@@@ [FATAL ERROR]

    Was it ever explained why those feral dudes in the first season who wore fur and horse skulls, and apparently worked for Wyatt, were immune to gunfire? At the time I thought they were guests who'd gone nuts. I also assume that, at some point, they're going to give us some back story to Ford. We've seen McPoyle and Delos Snr in a proto-Westworld thing but it always seemed like the whole thing was Ford's baby and yet he hasn't been mentioned yet, in the past scenes at least.
  4. Chadruharazzeb

    HBO's Westworld. Yee-Haww Co/w,bo.Y@@@ [FATAL ERROR]

    Yeah, Ed Harris owns it now.
  5. Chadruharazzeb

    Xbox One X

    Cheers, guys!
  6. Chadruharazzeb

    Xbox One X

    Right, I've got a week off for my birthday next week and need a game. Which one shall I choose? Decide for me!: The Witcher 3: Never played any of the others but hear it's brilliant. Rise of the Tomb Raider: Really enjoyed the TR reboot. Far Cry 5: Liked all the previous FC games, even the insane first one but I hear this has some major annoyances and an ending which makes it a waste of time. All seem to have decent X enhancements and HDR modes, am I right?
  7. Chadruharazzeb

    Portal 2

    I had exactly the same thought. It's such a brilliantly designed, impeccably polished and well written game. Made me lament the useless shitmunchers that Valve sadly became.
  8. Chadruharazzeb

    Arrested Development Topic In Cold Brown Taste!

    Come on! Seriously: why?
  9. Chadruharazzeb

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    You seem to have posted a picture of Louis Walsh by mistake.
  10. Chadruharazzeb

    Arrested Development Topic In Cold Brown Taste!

    That superimposed Henry Winkler in the first episode was just bizarre. Was it there in the non-remix version?
  11. Chadruharazzeb

    Black Panther - Chadwick Boseman - Feb 2018

    Re Wakanda - I can see why having vibranium can be of benefit to them. What I can't see is how simply having a strong metal creates the most incredible technological, scientific, engineering and architectural geniuses the world has never seen, centuries ago. I did find the film suffered from over-hype, it lacked a particularly interesting central character (thought he was boring in Civil War, too, to be honest) and Black Panther reminded me of a fully upgraded Crackdown agent. His sister blatantly just being Q was a bit lame. It did at least have a climax that Glad I saw it before IW though as it looks like Wakanda features heavily in it.
  12. Chadruharazzeb

    Gilliam to make Don Quixote (Now Actually Made!)

    I dunno, Gilliam hasn't made a decent film since Fear & Loating. If he can reproduce any of the brilliance that was there in Brazil and Time Bandits it'll be great.

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