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  1. I'm not doing that goddamn mouse puzzle 20, fucking idiots. Why entering my password isn't good enough I can't imagine.
  2. I'm struggling to enjoy this. Although I like the setting and the atmosphere I'm really not a fan of the awful bullet-sponge monsters, the non-existent cover mechanics (seriously, how do you make a FPS game these days where you don't peek out of cover when you aim?), the terrible map, enemy projectiles that can hit you through buildings, a main character who even I can run further than and who also gets completely fooked if he falls more than three feet, the dialogues which just go on and on, terrible sound mix which has lines of conversation layered over one another, invisible walls, lack of clear objectives... Plus they still haven't bothered fixing the brightness on the PS5.
  3. This is great fun, something to watch on Fridays now The Expanse has finished. Can't get that damn song out of my head - "Throw your dog the invisible bone" indeed.
  4. Yeah, superhero team-ups will never be popular.
  5. So many armchair psychologists in this thread it's hilarious. Which is more than you can say of most scenes in After Life.
  6. Friday. It's always Friday.
  7. The Gamecube controller looks like it was designed by Homer.
  8. It would be nice if Sony considered PS5 owners would like more than just a frame rate unlock
  9. The main character even has the same name, for crying out loud!
  10. Well this season started out pretty craply but the last few episodes were very entertaining. The last episode though just seemed to be Still, a much better ending than last time, but that's not much of a victory.
  11. It's terrible. I would recommend reading the thread here but it seems to have vanished.
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