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  1. I've got no idea who they are either.
  2. The episode where they literally discuss blackface. Brilliant.
  3. Man, this show sure loves it's shots of people getting out of bed. There's a recap before the first episode starts, although it's not exactly in-depth.
  4. If this is all in relation to that vague tweet you posted he'll be fine.
  5. Ah. Imdb only had four episodes for season 2, they must have updated it.
  6. Let's have more than two action episodes next time, ithankyou.
  7. I don't understand. The new "season" - it's four episodes long and three of them are on tomorrow?
  8. The Lost Boys, Falling Down, Tigerland, Phone Booth were all properly decent films. He seemed like a nice guy, too. But my god, those batman films
  9. I don't think any of us knew that.
  10. Loved his comedic turn as the bumbling monk in The Fifth Element.
  11. Seems like a fairly mundane scenario for Dark.
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