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  1. Thanks to gamepass I've started playing Prey, finally. Really good so far, like a cross between Half Life/ Portal, Dead Space, and Bioshock.
  2. The twins and Gus doing business in his restaurant also happened in the latest series of BCS. The music video?
  3. Yeah, no. The Batman and Robin rubbish was part of the good finale trilogy - when they became millionaires and literally walked off into the sunset. It was when it came back again that it was shit.
  4. Finally got round to seeing this and it didn't disappoint. There were a couple of actors who kept me thinking "is that...?" and yes! they were! Mark Dacascos whom I haven't seen in ages still has the skills, and Mad Dog from The Raid was there too (he's surprisingly tiny). I did have a slightly odd lingering feeling at the end though Maybe I'm wrong and I've missed or forgotten something, which is entirely likely, and I'm really looking forward to part 4. Are they still making The Continental spin-off series?
  5. I did watch it all again before S8, all it did was make the last season seem even worse.
  6. Indeed. There's no point in watching even good GoT any more because the last season meant that almost all of it meant absolutely nothing.
  7. 3 was my favourite, had the perfect blend of GTA crime game and utter lunacy. 2 was getting there, 4 went too far with the madness. Happy to hear about a new one, though.
  8. It's the studio wanting to make it sooner rather than later.
  9. Playing this again on Gamepass and it's testing my memory somewhat. Were the controls always this bad? Don't get me wrong, the combat is still brilliant - simple and fun yet very tactical and with some utterly badass and hilariously brutal moves - but the non-combat movement controls are sluggish AF. Really terribly slow with godawful jump precision that would embarrass Ezio. Still worth it though for the fighting and the nemesis stuff.
  10. Sorry, man. I'll grant you that episodes are better than others but i found it pretty fascinating overall.
  11. At last, a true successor to Banshee. Fist fights, gangsters and gratuitous nudity. Brilliant.
  12. So we can just make up anything we want to fill in plot holes? We should start a thread where we fix every film with the power of imagination.
  13. I thought Marvel finding Stark and Nebula randomly drifting in space was one of the most ludicrous deus ex machinas (machinae?) in the franchise.
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