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  1. Sounds interesting but my god, what a terrible title. Is this in UHD?
  2. Most people really like her for whatever reason but I've always found her performances to be a bit variable.
  3. The quality of the programme isn't much better.
  4. The tv series was great but only covered the first two books. The film doesn't exist.
  5. I kept thinking "this is so Hitchhikers". Someone really needs to do a full and proper adaptation of that.
  6. That's a pity because it's this gen it's being released on.
  7. I thought the android boyfriend one was boring AF. And the best one is clearly White Christmas.
  8. The pig fucking thing was one of the worst. He should do an episode about the long-term effects of being a twat on the internet, with a 40 year old Nathan Barley being a social pariah and legions of Pingu-buddies annihilating his life.
  9. Just had a double bill of episodes 6 & 7. Oh my Christ! I thought ep 6 was hilarious but the next one slaughtered me.
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