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  1. Ooh, doesn't that usually mean it'll be on in the UK sooner?
  2. Chadruharazzeb

    Angry Video Game Nerd

    Such a half-hearted effort from The Nerd. I mean given how utterly appalling that game looks he should have had more to say than that. No details about who made it or why it was so shit. He barely even mentioned much about the CDTV such as what the differences were with the CD32 and why it coexisted. To be fair to The Nerd, he has been going through a surprisingly prolific and fecund period of late and after decent episodes like Tomb Raider and RE: Survivor he's allowed a stinker.
  3. Chadruharazzeb

    Aquaman - 14th Dec

    Crikey, a contemporary pop track which is [someone] feat. [someone else]. There's a rarity. And yes, it's bloody awful.
  4. Can't say I'm disappointed with this news. I always use the X-ray scene selection feature to skip the tent parts anyway.
  5. Chadruharazzeb

    A movie watchers blog

    I find it oddly amusing that @Goose has just managed to track it down and it simultaneously appears on Netflix.
  6. Chadruharazzeb

    Patriot (S2 9th November) Amazon Prime

    How can you recommend a show with Kurtwood Smith in it without mentioning that Kurtwood Smith is in it?
  7. Chadruharazzeb

    Counterpart (TV Show)

    Cool, nice one.
  8. Chadruharazzeb

    Counterpart (TV Show)

    Season 2 starts tomorrow. No idea where to get it legitimately in the UK yet.
  9. Chadruharazzeb

    Spider-Man: Far from Home (Homecoming sequel)

    Oh god, not Ninja Spiderman now?
  10. Chadruharazzeb

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

    "Did you fuck my mom, Santa?"
  11. Chadruharazzeb

    Fortitude – New Sky Atlantic show

    All four episodes are up on NowTV!
  12. Chadruharazzeb

    Fortitude – New Sky Atlantic show

    Nothing is ever going to make sense in this. It's brilliant.
  13. Chadruharazzeb

    Fortitude – New Sky Atlantic show

    Final "season" starts tonight, 9pm Sky Atlantic. All hail Dan Andersson's beard!

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