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  1. Any tips for dragon god? I keep putting it off as I've heard it's some trial and error bullshit of a farce of a level. In other news I have levelled up myself and my weapons further still and have destroyed Executioner Miralda and stolen her shit.
  2. In regards to items, what's the difference between drop and discard?
  3. Hah! I'm avoiding 2-3 as I hear the dragon god "fight" is a miserable shitload of fuck.
  4. This. I started off playing it like it was fucking Devil May Cry or something, being all aggressive and trying to look cool. It did not work out well. I learned that you have to be patient and even slightly cowardly at time. I must point out that on my session last night I really didn't particularly enjoy 2-2 or 5-1, they were horrible levels where I could barely see anything with lots of narrow corridors which made combat difficult, and both levels were full of aggravating drops of ledges. To hell with those levels (although I do need to revisit 2-2 after falling past most of it).
  5. I thrashed that chump first try by slathering my character in anti-fire buffs (purple flame shield, fire resist ring, water veil spell) and whooped his hot ass with soul ray. Turns out I missed most of 2-2 as I fell most of the way through the level and ended up right at the boss. Noice.
  6. How are you supposed to give the flamelurker soul to Blacksmith Ed, then? He keeps going on about it but even though I've got it he doesn't take it.
  7. I was going to nip it in the bud for now until the full PS5 version is out, but I've got it pre-ordered with SimplyGames and there doesn't seem to be any way of cancelling it. Well played, do not think I'll be using them again!
  8. Quiet, you. My uncle works for Nintendo and he knows where you live.
  9. I've got an OG fatty ps3, too! It's still working perfectly after 13 years and it is genuinely silent. Noice.
  10. That's what I keep thinking, he's got to stop responding to these assholes.
  11. Do you mean crescent falcion? If so how the fck did you find the material to do the upgrade? I've found precisely zero of what I need (moonstoneshade shard crumbdust vapour or something)
  12. Well I've had DS crash on me twice, seems to have been OK since the patches. I full power off overnight and use rest mode during the day. Not used external storage. It is quiet - not especially loud, certainly not silent but it's very quiet. IT..... is horizon.
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