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  1. That’s some achievement by Japan to get out of that group, even more so as winners.
  2. Not quite sure why the commentator is talking about Argentina like they’re out the woods, they still can’t lose to Poland.
  3. Messi playing the long game of being so useless for an hour that they stopped bothering to mark him.
  4. Tripped himself up there. Mexico don’t look like they’re ever going to score a goal no matter how long they’re on the pitch.
  5. I think its a good idea to start looking into mudguards, as silly as they sound for an F1 car. Wet races used to be the best ones but with the ammount of spray that goes up from the modern cards they cant really send them out until it stops raining and the tracks almost ready for inters.
  6. I hope he does get at least a reserve seat and finds his way back on the grid, he seems like a good guy. The drivers dont seem to get much, if any, development time once they reach F1 these days, you either show superstar potential straight away or you're done once someone else is available.
  7. It's given the players a chance to actually send a message, no one would have paid any attention to the arm band, especially the new one where they've hidden the raindow as much as possible, the commentators in any country that dont like the message would have just not mentioned it. By making it a bookable offence it might have actually get some attention and show people that their view is unpopular enough for someone to take actually punishment for protesting it. It's a shame it looks like no one is going to have the nerve to wear one.
  8. It wouldn’t be so bad it it wasn’t for his insistence every time that he’s driving perfectly but isn’t left space.
  9. I don’t think the George and the Mercs stand much of a chance in the race, it’s a draggy shitbox on the straights still so even if he gets to the first corner in the lead, he won’t stay there. Lewis showed last year that top speed pays out at this track when he popped a new engine in and won from (sort of) the back.
  10. I can’t remember this track ever delivering a half decent race, the crowd must be the only reason it doesn’t get slated by the F1 community.
  11. He’s basically said calling Redbull cheats is irresponsible because it might cause a kid to commit suicide, he’s a piece of shit.
  12. Corrupt is propbably too strong a word as it implies explicitly paid for favours etc but it wasnt imcompetence at the end of last year, calling them that is letting them off lightly, they knew the rules, they knew what should have happened but did whatever they had to to deliver a last lap of 'racing'.
  13. Proper Elden Ring vibes from king Paddy this episode.
  14. Disgusting (but all too predicable) that the FIA are trying to push the blame towards Gasly driving too fast and creating the danger with the crane. Their job when it comes to safety is to save these guys from themselves, they’ve never really properly policed speeding under yellow and red flags so drivers will push their luck, Jule’s crash was at this same circuit and he was going too fast too, was nothing learnt?
  15. Not really understanding why they changed the actors of the queen and princess when the replacements don’t seem much older.
  16. You guys are a little bit victims of your own success, you reached the final stages of most competitions so are playing a huge amount of games but also with the way you keep chasing down City it means that every game is like a cup final so what would be an adequate squad normally, isnt.
  17. You lost, shut up you arrogant twat.
  18. Joshua waited far too long to go for broke and had nothing left when he needed it. How on earth that’s a split decision I don’t know.
  19. They’re doing him no favours lying to him about winning rounds, he needs to go and try to knock him out. it’s the same as last time Joshua to tentative and is going to get picked apart eventually.
  20. I was staggered at how generic and unambitious this was, it's very small in scale, it all takes place on one planet, the main villain is just, well if you've seen it you know, and the most insight we get to this whole galaxy and civilisation is that sandwiches put bread in the middle. I also think they should have done an intro with Andy going into the cinema or something, felt a bit weak to just put up a couple of lines of text considering how odd the character in a film based on a character in a film thing is.
  21. I always assumed you were getting the proper version with these tops, they cost enough for fucks sack.
  22. It had its moments and is worth a watch but fell short of Do America for me. I was relieved when it went to 2D after the 3D title intro, which looked a bit like a PS3 era game.
  23. Going to see The Care Bears Movie, stuffed toy in tow.
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