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  1. For fucks sake, you go into a World Cup you should be practicing penalties every day, all of England’s have been terrible.
  2. If all else fails then we will buy him back for a fraction of the cost in a couple of years.
  3. This is the third time this season that Bottas has been given the first pit stop despite being behind because Lewis had created a gap and they were worried about the undercut. Whenever Bottas has had the lead Hamilton is all over the back of him and I think he’s lucky that the Ferraris and Red Bulls seem to be quite a step back as otherwise he would be shown up already this season and all this talk of Bottas 2.0 would be shown for the guff it is.
  4. England women are just as frustrating to watch as the men.
  5. It’s a tough one, if Lewis ends up second it would probably feel harsh on him because he was reeling Vettel in and the overtake looked inevitable until he had to avoid a crash because of a mistake made by the guy he was pushing. But it’s never good when the result is decided by the stewards and unless it’s clear that he did deliberately block him I don’t think you can start handing out penalties. It also prevented what could have been a great battle in the last few laps for the win if Hamilton had to really try to pass him.
  6. I doubt they're both real because there are too many differences with the small details (the club badge and the nike bits on the bottom). The sponsors are different sizes as well as the style of collor and sleeves being so different.
  7. He seems like the sort to replace Perez with someone slower than Lance, that will solve the problem.
  8. Hunt lost points from rule infringements, of course you have to stick to the rules so its complicated, but the common thinking that he only won it because Lauda had his crash is unfair on Hunt.
  9. We’re sponsored by McDonald’s betting again so I’ve just been and got a training top from the club shop sale that doesn’t have the god awful looking sponsor logo on it. Had to get something while we still have a half decent kit manufacturer.
  10. Bob Sacamano


    This has replaced ketchup for me.
  11. Watching through all the episodes again before I start on the new series, just got to hold the door, forgot how hard to watch that was.
  12. I was looking forward to W-Series, a series that’s easy to follow as it’s being pushed and shown on a channel that I often watch so I will know when a race is on and see the whole set up develop. Quite disappointing today. Maybe I’ve been spoilt by F1 shows because this felt so flat in comparison. There were lots of spots where it felt like there should be some sound effects and music, the commentator was terrible and seemed to feel the need to be constantly talking, she wasn’t thinking just saying the first words that seemed to find her tounge, which were often what she’d just heard Coulthard say. The cars only have a few different liveries meaning it’s too hard to tell who’s who. The racing also seemed a bit simplistic, there’s no pitting or any kind of team/strategy (at least not shown) so until some dynamic with or between the drivers develops it’s a bit shallow.
  13. I’ve seen comments in here about Burnley time wasting all year but thought people were over exaggerating, first time I’ve watched them play rather than the highlights, people weren’t exaggerating.
  14. So Hennessey has claimed he didnt know what a Nazi salute what so there was no way he was doing one in this picture.. What a knob.
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