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  1. Ocon stayed on the same set of inters all the way through and he was losing 4 seconds a lap towards the end compared to those chasing him, theres no way Lewis would have finished on the podium if he stayed out. His best chance was pit with everyone else but they were desperate for free air to take advantage of their speed advantage as it seems like this years Merc really doesnt like following another car. Redbull always seem to do well with their stratergy in uncertain changing conditions, they make much more quick decisive decisions than Mercedes.
  2. Has anyone ever tried that £10 chicken kiev that M&S do? Its just one single kiev that you still have to cook yourself, I just cant see how it can be £10.
  3. Got some of these because of your comment, another vote for best biscuits ever.
  4. As well as all the moral issues with Qatar, it looks like another bore fest as most of the new tracks are. Especially annoying as these last couple of improvised calendars have shown how great some of the older tracks they didn’t go to anymore are.
  5. Brundle tends to contribute to the general commentry alot more than the other support commentators who need prompting before they chime in, which seems to stop the main guy trying to fill every moment with words so I would be sorry to see him go.
  6. Yeah Mick's interview in the doc where talks about him in the past tense basically confirmed what one everyone suspected, he's brain dead or similar.
  7. Norris was leading, if he pitted for inters earlier then he probably would have stayed ahead, or am I misunderstanding what you mean?
  8. Such a shame for Norris, think the team should have taken more responsibility and overrule him if they had the same info as everyone else, young guy looking at his first win was always going to be too reluctant to pit.
  9. Not sure what the plan was for AJ, he didn’t really take it to Usyk or keep him away, foolish to try and match his skill and speed.
  10. Wet qualifying is normally Stroll’s strong suit, got knows it’s not his race pace.
  11. Ok thanks for clarifying, must be confusing it with Perez because it doesn’t feel that long ago in my head.
  12. Yeah the guys that guys that went early and got a few laps in on them were the ones that improved on their inter times and we’re rewarded for the gamble unlike the others that finished their second inter run.
  13. Yeah this is the kind of mixed up front of the grid I though the sprint races would provide until I found out they weren’t reverse grid. What are the rules on repairs before the race? Hamilton spanked his rear wing quite hard. Must be allowed to fix it though if Max was able to fix after his warm up lap earlier this year?
  14. Bottas is already openly talking about being out of the championship and having to support Lewis this year so I cant see him needed top brass on the radio ordering the swap if its needed. It will be a real shame if he does have to give up a win though, he might not get another chance.
  15. The last past of his interview is a bit odd for someone that doesnt care about tennis “Not many things can make me super happy,” Tomic added. “If I ever get the chance to win a grand slam, I think only then will I feel the feeling of being really, really happy.”
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