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  1. He would have been ahead if he came in the lap after Max. Max had a 4.2 stop.
  2. You can show me all the data in the world and I would still think that’s stupid by Mercedes.
  3. He shouldn’t really have been able to pit straight after Max, it’s only because Lewis was so far down the road already that Bottas got to go before him. He made Lewis do an extra lap on old tyres then still let Max sail past him straight away, he’s not even a decent wingman anymore.
  4. The problem is that you can’t have cars all running together on track but on different laps because of the blue flag system. If a car is a lap down they would be blue flagged and it would be impossible for them to un-lap themselves until the field had spread out and there and a few seconds between each car which might not happen.
  5. Finished it, done all yellow and blue missions except the rides, and this has easily been one of the best of the generation (PS4/XBOne) for me. I got used to the visuals being low res quite quickly and it’s wasn’t until the credits, where I assume the visuals are videos, that I realised how nice it could look, which has me looking forward to playing a PS5 version in a couple of years. Definitely a game that deserves to remembered for more than having to be re-funded for bugs.
  6. I’m not sure if you’re joking and it’s just sailing way over my head but he was going faster than Lewis and didn’t seem to impede him.
  7. You can debate consistency in policing limits and the advantages gained but actually passing off track is known to be a hard no, in fact I don’t remember hearing Max complain about his move being deemed illegal, just that he thought it would have been better to have stay ahead and build up a gap bigger than the penalty (which I’m not sure he could have done)
  8. Starting to take a real disliking to Bottas, he’s moaning that the team gave Lewis the preferred strategy. Lewis was the lead Merc , of course he gets the stop first. He always has a go that it’s someone else’s fault these days, and even when he did win last he rolled out his ‘to my critics f you’ line despite being gifted the win.
  9. It really does feel like the first step towards US style sports coverage which is unbearable with all the sponsors constantly shoved down your throat.
  10. There’s probably still doubts among the team boses about Gasly even though he was brilliant at times last year, I think some people have forgotten just how bad he was in the Red Bull. Albon was nowhere near as bad and he lost his place in the sport.
  11. Watching the new cut makes you realise just how much they fucked with the colour tones in the original.
  12. That Ferrari livery looks like they went out to soon after applying the dark red coat and it all ran to the back.
  13. Is Jenson driving for Merc this year then? I wonder how much drivers are paying for their initials/race number logos, almost every driver seems to have one nowadays.
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