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  1. That would still get you a penalty, Vettel didnt because he twitched then stopped and because he was a bit further back in his box when the lights went out he was still in his box and not moving when it counts. Personally I think any movement once the start sequence lights have started should result in a penalty because it must be really off putting for the other cars around them. There was even talk of Bottas' super start being down to him reacting to Vettel's twitch but I've not seen any analysis on it.
  2. I watched the Digital Foundry comparision and the Switch version looks terrible on my monitor but Im sure it will look ok in handheld mode. I do appreciate them making the frame rate solid and the detail dropping as needed, much better than playing a jerky game if you ask me. Still amazed the Switch can run it at all.
  3. It reminds me of the very first Destruction Derby on PS1, not realistic handing but alot more heavy and deliberate than a normal arcade racer.
  4. I’d given up hope of this ever coming out on consoles after years of jealously watching pc updates. So was pleasantly surprised to see this for PS4 on the shelf in my game store. Played all night but have to stop and go to bed so I can get up for work In the morning. Bugbear have made another classic and it’s just as good as I was hoping it would be.
  5. They had no choice but to bring Vettel in first, and I doubt they thought he would actually come out in front of Leclerc as he had a quick stop and very quick outlap but still only just came out ahead.
  6. Spa and Monza were slated as Ferrari’s races to lose because they played to the strength of their car yet Mercedes (well one of them) pushed them for the win and split them, so they hadn’t really improved from where they were. This weekend was unexpected but they had a Merc mixing it up with them and splitting them in quali, and then being bad with tactics so if they had race pace it couldn’t be shown. 3 wins in row is great and I’m happy that Ferrari are getting some results because I like Binotto and he seems to be doing good things with the team, but I think it’s a bit crazy to look at the last few races and talk about Ferrari 1-2s like they’re about to be come the norm. What has become clear from the last few races is that Bottas should not be in that car, Ferrari and Red Bull are a serious threat for next year and Merc can’t afford to be dropping points, screw Lewis’s comfort and get someone better in that car or they’ll regret it.
  7. Abroad with no proper internet made it impossible.
  8. I haven’t been able to see any of the race yet so am basing a lot on comments I’ve read, but it seems like this could be a decisive turning point because you have a driver in Leclerc who is making a very conscious decision to drive dirty. He lost ‘his’ win in Austria because he was playing by what he thought were the rules so now he is driving differently from his natural style and winning, he’s not going to stop doing it unless made to.
  9. That would make for a pleasent working environment at Haas, "Kevin can you pass the..." "Suck My Balls".
  10. Bob Sacamano

    NFL 2019!

    Speaking of shows theres a new season of All or Nothing on Amazon Prime, this year it's the Carolina Panthers. The series felt very lightweight compared to previous ones, but it did change my mind on Cam Newton, he seems like a good guy.
  11. I only saw the C4 highlights but it seemed like Mercedes were doing alot of dummy pitstops, was this part of a plan to stop Redbull being able to mimic Lewis with Max and stay ahead on track? Because if so that's pretty impresive from the strategy team but also likeley to bring dummy pit moves under scrutiny. Also Gasly and Bottas have to go. Redbull look like they will be serious contenders for the title next year and Max needs back up, gets Albon or Kvyat in the car now so they're properly ready to go come the start of the season. As for Bottas he's not doing too badly with the car when its the quickest, he'll bring it home on the podium and is doing enough for them to retain the constructors but when Ferrari and Redbull are in the mix and he has to get punchy he looks out of his depth and they have two young drivers that will be wasted if they're not put in the car.
  12. That was an eventful race! Bottas threw away his last chance to stay in the challenge for the title, Hulkenburg threw away his chance at a podium, and Kvyat saved his chance of getting back in the Redbull that Gasly must surely be kicked out of any day now, he’s been overshadowed somewhat by Albon but a podium is hard to ignore. The penalty for Hamilton seemed very harsh but it was his error that put him there and considering he was the reason the rule was brought in it must have been a tough call. Stroll was lucky to be anywhere even near the front, the team threw on slicks as a desperate last throw of the dice with nothing to lose and it fell in to their lap, he didn’t pass anyone or show any kind of defence to stamp a performance onto the result. How we all laughed when Bernie suggested sprinklers.
  13. For fucks sake, you go into a World Cup you should be practicing penalties every day, all of England’s have been terrible.
  14. If all else fails then we will buy him back for a fraction of the cost in a couple of years.
  15. This is the third time this season that Bottas has been given the first pit stop despite being behind because Lewis had created a gap and they were worried about the undercut. Whenever Bottas has had the lead Hamilton is all over the back of him and I think he’s lucky that the Ferraris and Red Bulls seem to be quite a step back as otherwise he would be shown up already this season and all this talk of Bottas 2.0 would be shown for the guff it is.
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