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  1. It was nice to have F1 back but it looks like it’s going to one of those seasons where the winner is decided on Saturday between the Mercs. Hopefully some sub plots develop further down the field and make it worth watching.
  2. They should treat the practice session broadcasts as a chance to get deep into the geeky side of F1 rather than it being qualifing light, anyone watching practice on TV is all the way in and the geekier the better, so the likes of Chandhok are perfect.
  3. Watched the Netflix episode about Gasley and it is clear that he had to be taken out of that car as much for himself as the team, he was broken and something had to be done. Hopefully the 2nd place at Brazil will let him put it behind him.
  4. Shamefully I’ve only just seen My Neighbour Totoro and my word, what a thoroughly lovely film.
  5. I know we only saw a few moments from hours of fotage but the navigator looked ridiculous, he waited till they were just about to start to check if they had a signal, they he seemed to have no idea where he was going other than following the screen, him gormlessley asking the driver "did we miss a turn?" was the last straw for me, THAT'S YOUR FUCKING JOB! My guess is he just thought it was a piss easy payday with a know nothing presenter, which was a real shame for Chris Harris because he seemed so genuinely excited to do the Baja for real.
  6. Bob Sacamano

    NFL 2019!

    Wasn’t sure they were going to do it, and I think the 49rs could have won it if they stayed tight but they started to feel the win and let it open back up and KC know how to punish a team before they know what’s happening.
  7. Bob Sacamano

    NFL 2019!

    Mahomes scoring that himself feels big, he’s gonna be riding high and he’s going to be dangerous
  8. Got to agree with the young De Niro moving like an old man, very jarring and a constant reminder that I’m watching cgi trying to trick me.
  9. The fobs only work when you get close, word of the events of the episode brought someone with one. That's why he was looking for somewhere remote without a spaceport, no one will just stumble accross them.
  10. Star Wars has always been corny and cheesy, this is too high profile to get away with being too dark and mature. Really enjoying it so far and have watch through the first three episodes a coulple of times. Can't wait to watch it properly in good quality, what are the odds of a bluray realease before the UK Disney+ launch?
  11. Spurs could have become proper title condenders if Poch had been given more transfer money and control these last couple of years, its was so clear to see the potential around him, and fair enough if they dont want to become a big spending team then thats up to them, but to then hire Mourinho, it just doesnt make sense.
  12. That would still get you a penalty, Vettel didnt because he twitched then stopped and because he was a bit further back in his box when the lights went out he was still in his box and not moving when it counts. Personally I think any movement once the start sequence lights have started should result in a penalty because it must be really off putting for the other cars around them. There was even talk of Bottas' super start being down to him reacting to Vettel's twitch but I've not seen any analysis on it.
  13. I watched the Digital Foundry comparision and the Switch version looks terrible on my monitor but Im sure it will look ok in handheld mode. I do appreciate them making the frame rate solid and the detail dropping as needed, much better than playing a jerky game if you ask me. Still amazed the Switch can run it at all.
  14. It reminds me of the very first Destruction Derby on PS1, not realistic handing but alot more heavy and deliberate than a normal arcade racer.
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