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  1. Cool, I'm not that good either. I'll add you then we can have a session when we are both online.
  2. Does anyone else have Double Dragon on Live? I've had it more or less since it came out and never once found anyone online for a two-player game (the main reason I bought it).
  3. There's loads more of these somewhere. I remember reading a massive archive of them years ago in the internet olden days. Can't remember where though, and possibly not there any more I guess. I'll have a look ...
  4. A Powerbook 165c. I didn't really know what it was any further than that it was obviously an Apple laptop, and pretty old, and in amazing condition. It was stacked up with a pile of junk on a stall which also had a pile of broken, very old shotguns (not looking at all like the ones in Lock Stock), old army hats, and mainly very old and rusty looking military stuff. They guy wanted 20 Euros but as I didn't have any idea what it was I said no and went to walk off, and he grabbed me and basically forced me to give him 5 euros for it. It has no battery or power cable but I'm going to take it to a mate who's got loads of macs/powerbooks going back years so should be able to sort it out. Finding out that it worked would basically just be a massive bonus though. It weighs half a ton and the face of the customs guy alone when he asked me if there was a computer in my bag and told me to whip it out was worth 5 euros. Anyone have any idea what its worth? (pic isn't mine but its the exact same model).
  5. Started watching this right through from the start, to try and spot bits I've missed out and things I haven't thought about for a while. I'm finding a surprising amount of it, I thought that seeing as I've been keeping up to date with podcasts, and Lostpedia/ The Fuselage, pretty much right since the show started, Id be pretty much on top of it. But there's loads of things I'm spotting.... Danielle talking about "The Others" being carriers, Locke with mad black possessed eyes , in Claire's dreams while she is pregnant (which are very prophetic in other ways).
  6. new Zombies map came out yesterday apparently, anyone got it yet? I'll be downloading soon, looking forward to a bit more zombie wasting action. Whose still playing?
  7. Tried this using files from UG a while back, it didn't seem to work very well for me, most games didn't load, but others reported more success. I'd be interested in hearing if anyone here gets it working.
  8. See that sounds like a complicated way. Isn't there a program you can just use to record the screen output on an emulator, and a voiceover track?
  9. Really liking it so far. Will probably take me a while to finish though, as I'm finding the missions bloody addictive stuff.
  10. I played as many versions of TNZS as I could find a while ago, to compare them, and found the Amiga port the most impressive. Whats an easy way to make a gameplay video with commentary, like Lorfarius did above?
  11. Am I right in thinking you still can't actually do this, if you have a newer model PSP? That seemed to be the case when I got mine, a couple of months back.
  12. I got a Speccy +2A from Cash Convertors about this time last year, along with amazing condition boxed copies of several games including Sabre Wulf, Manic Miner (a really early and fairly rare version), Dandy, Renegade, Daley Thompson's Decathlon, thats all I can remember right now but there was about 10 or so games. It cost £10 - I offered them £5 for just the games as I didn't really want a +2A (even though its in lovely condition), and they said no - they had to sell the machine for £10 and the games were effectively worthless to them. I've only loaded about two games on it though. I find emulation far more convenient whenever I want to play a Speccy game, even if it is less authentic. I did get good use out of an old Amstrad CPC464+ (i think that was what it was called - had a cartridge port) I picked up at a carboot sale a couple of years ago, though ... probably because I never had one back in the day so it was all new. And it had a dedicated monitor which made the games look fab.
  13. Just picked this up the other day in Cash Convertors for £8 on a whim, haven't loaded it up yet, but am more keen to do so now I've read the praise for it in here. Thanks.
  14. Or the omnibus edition if you can still get it, probably cheaper, although you need mutant strength to lift the damned thing.
  15. Why can't they do an Earth War storyline? That should have been the third or fourth film.. aliens colonising earth and then either a resistance fighting them off, or the end of humanity. That seemed the obvious way to take the story to me, right from when I saw Aliens for the first time.
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