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  1. Yeah, they un-banned my account after 3 days and lots of media attention but didn't apologise or explain how/why it was banned in the first place.
  2. Finally got a reply from Oculus/Facebook Support
  3. Previously had a CV1 but not used it for a couple of years so was interested in the Quest2 to see what progress has been made in VR. Quality of the screen is much better but I'm glad I bought the replacement strap as the one it comes with is garbage. Had to migrate my Oculus account with all my previous purchases to a Facebook one just to use the damn thing so I setup a new account using my real name (I've never had a Facebook account previously) and went through and changed all my privacy settings to 'Only Me', because why the fuck not. My new Facebook account got banned within 1
  4. Is there any difference in use between this one and the official cable apart from the extra length of the official one (and the fact the official one is optical)? Is this one fast enough for the Quest 2 for all use purposes?
  5. No need to mess, this thing checks for you and puts one in a basket ready for checkout https://github.com/ianmarmour/nvidia-clerk
  6. Actually, the correct url is https://api-prod.nvidia.com/direct-sales-shop/DR/products/en_gb/GBP/5438792800 note the SKU is different per country.
  7. I think people were a lot more prepared today as well compared to last week at 5:30am. You are fighting against a lot more people at this time of the day and I imagine a lot more people have distil.io setup now. I also recall having some issues with the checkout process, really didn't like my postcode much, think I had to include a space or it didn't accept it.
  8. In brighter news I just met @Mike S's to hand him his FE. We had to abandon any attempts at courier delivery due to threats made to his postman/delivery driver by certain individuals on this thread. You've got a chance to intercept him on the train home though so not all is not lost yet. Happy hunting!
  9. No paid for both as two separate orders that went through no questions asked by NVIDIA. Selling the second on to Mike S for cost.
  10. So funny story... That second one I had in my basket... Do you want my spare one for RRP + whatever it costs to send it via courier? PM me if you do...
  11. Oooo... just got an email from Nvidia that my 3080 FE shipped, checked the tracking number and its already out for delivery today
  12. The only time they restocked so far was about 5:30am. Just setup a Distill.io chrome extension alarm though, manually checking is madness. My 3080 FE I bought last Thursday still has not shipped yet though, think its coming from Germany too so its a few days away still even when it does ship.
  13. Seems like ASUS was originally going to use the cheaper solution but found issues in testing and swapped out for all MLCC's at the last minute as their promotional shots for the TUF line show they were using 6 SP-Caps to begin with. EVGA meanwhile delayed their launch to change from all SP-Caps to 4 SP-Caps and 2 banks of MLCC's. Seeing how ASUS had TUF boards available day 1 I imagine they were one of the first to detect the issue and we able to react in time and quickly change to the other configuration. You have to wonder how much NVIDIA knew once this issue was starting to be detected and
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