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  1. Skeeez

    Vinyl lovers

    its on a floor standing cabinet at the moment.
  2. Skeeez

    Vinyl lovers

    I’m not sure my wife would appreciate a paving slab in the house. Could be worth a shot though.
  3. Skeeez

    Vinyl lovers

    I need to take some advice from you guys.. I have 7 and 13 year old sons who seem to stomp around my house like elephants + wooden flooring. The seven year old has a lot of energy and runs pretty much wherever he goes. If I’m listening to music I’ll often get skips. Are there any good DIY methods or cheap(ish) products to isolate the turntable from floor vibrations you recommend?
  4. It’s shonky and completely over acted but pound for pound one of the best ghost stories out there imo. Pulp horror at its best. I adore The Fog.
  5. @Opinionated Ham ScarecrowI watched it last night. Not a horror/comedy really imo. But then I don’t know what I would call it tbf. A nightmare to market I imagine as genre wise, it’s all over the shop. I kind of enjoyed it none the less. I found it really stuck around with me after it was over which I wasn’t expecting at all. The last twenty minutes are especially bleak/beautiful depending on your take. A marmite film for sure.. I can see it being very different things to different people probably. Particularly if you are a parent or carer to a young family.
  6. Skeeez

    Squid Game

    Thanks for those recommends, I've only seen a couple of them. I would add 'I saw the Devil' to that list. I re-watched it recently and it was far more impactful than I recall from my first watch many years ago. Cracking little film.
  7. The break in filming might serve to better illustrate Paul's time with the Fremen. I.e. he doesn't just show up as a skinny kid and end up boss-daddy-sand over the course of a fortnight.
  8. I’ve watched this and I still don’t have a clue who the main character was. I gave a shit more about the couple that lived in the Myer’s house than anyone else and they were barely in it. An absolute mess of a film.
  9. 10. Is Jaws isn’t it? That’s an overheating engine making rattling sounds not a kandarian demon!
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