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  1. Ha, we are staying in my camper in P2 which is right next to the Irish bar. I expect we'll end up there or somewhere nearby. It's only £20 for our stay so beggars can't be choosers I guess
  2. This missed all of the beats that makes Creepshow great unfortunately. The comic book aesthetic has been ignored along with all of the goofiness that’d keep you watching what are for the most part fairly formulaic horror tales. If the first ep is anything to go by this is a missed opportunity for the Creepshow licence. Just another run of the mill horror anthology show pretty much. Where’s my cake Bedelia? You bitch! I’ll keep watching in hope.
  3. Heading to Essen for the first time this year. Looking for things to do in the evenings.. Does anyone know if there are bars nearby that are popular?
  4. We did. The hotel selection is awful so we had a chiller & took beer down from the room in a back pack. I’ve been going for the past three years and never seen anyone challenged for drinking their own.
  5. Heads up.. Just noticed that the Hilton have pretty much halved prices for next year’s expo weekend. Just snagged a room for three Fri & Sat for £160 a night with free booze in the exec room. Happy with that for the convenience alone.
  6. Bit harsh. Have you found it cheaper elsewhere?
  7. I think both of those are the reason we are seeing this price. I suspect AW are trying to raise some quick capital.
  8. Played Die Tavernen im Tiefen Thal last night and really enjoyed it. It’s a fairly light dice drafting & deck building euro themed around running your own tavern. Each turn you are buying new patrons, beer suppliers, staff, extra tables or upgrading your tavern. Players then perform the dice draft placing the dice they pick on the areas of their player board they wish to use. Activating an area gives you either money or beer to spend on patrons/upgrades etc There's little player interaction aside from the ability to hate draft during the dice phase. That said, I enjoyed watching as the respective taverns filled with patrons from the player decks. A really solid game here by Wolfgang Warsch. I should add, I don’t speak German. It’s completely language independent aside from the rulebook which is available in English on the publishers website.
  9. For those of you who still have funds available following Expo, Lords of Hellas is available for £35 here.. https://www.firestormcards.co.uk/ARLOH001 7 copies left.. Get in before someone posts it on bgg.
  10. Took a chance as it has been on the weekend following the May Bank Holiday for the last four years. Next year will be the first where we haven’t stayed at the Hilton. £350 a night is way too much for the standard of accommodation provided imo. Ibis styles for us. Anyone stayed there? Hoping it’s not too grim.
  11. Christ, my feet and throat. Three days of hell, too busy, too hot, spent too much, ate & drank too much, didn’t demo enough and couldn’t spend nearly enough time with mates as the weekend went way too quickly. Just booked rooms for next year.
  12. At the time I was watching the pet guys part of the story I was wishing it to end as it seemed superfluous but on reflection I’m glad it’s there. The ‘bio robot’ roof clearing was the episodes best moment. The cold efficiency that greeted the men when they returned from the their 90 seconds was a gut punch. These heroes who may well have given their life for the state we’re giving nothing more than a ‘your job is done’ before we see there’s another crew waiting. The detachment shown by the officers to the men they were sacrificing a perfect contrast to the young soldier unable to kill puppies.
  13. must admit I hadn’t watched that. Bought it off the strength of the demo by that young lad from Airecon.
  14. With the risk of sounding like a complete div. Why is the game called Forks?
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