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  1. Longshot, but if anyone has an Xbox beta early access code available. It would be much much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Just finished watching this. FUCKING HELL. Thanks for the heads up. Probably the best I've seen this year too.
  3. Hellraiser at it's best is about hedonistic desire, greed, addiction and excess and where it leads. The more it becomes about the Cenobites the less I'm interested in it.
  4. Skeeez

    The Boxing Thread

    Had to switch off such was the cringe one AJ started acting up then making a speech.
  5. Thanks. I have tried that site. It’s not there unfortunately.
  6. I bought this The Black Hole story book on vinyl from a second hand record store last week and immediately recognised a sample used on a tack or mixtape somewhere? I cant quite place it and it's been frustrating me for days now. Anyone know a track or mix that used this? 'Strap yourselves in, we'll be feeling the gravitational force, right, now..' I'm pretty sure there was a echo loop on the 'right now' though I can't be sure. Thanks. 3:42 on this video.
  7. Don't worry. One of the best things about the Legacy aspect of S1 is the balancing. If you suck, it's adds things to help you. If you are walking it, it takes them away. The most important thing is that you have fun though. If you are struggling you could perhaps start with an extra card or remove an epidemic card from the deck. You'll get better them more you play.
  8. Season one is great. Having played S1 and S2 at various player counts, the sweet spot is three we found. That said, you can easily introduce and or take out a character to suit yourselves.
  9. That turntable look's glorious! Bravo.
  10. I had a great weekend in the end. We'll definitely be back next year. Iv'e got COVID now though and it sucks.
  11. @revlobCheers. I heard they were making some changes this year.. cautious as I don’t want to spend a huge chunk of tomorrow morning standing in line at the B&B for the sake of £60 odd quid.
  12. Arriving tomorrow morning. Is the bring and buy a pain this year? I might just leave what I have behind if I have to wait an hour to put it in
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