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  1. Haha, that's a good point. I forgot about that. I'll get on it.
  2. I have three Gamepass subs in at home, one for me and one each for my sons. Cheapest way I have found is as follows.. Buy 14 day pass off ebay £1.50 ish Once your current pass has expired, activate the 14 day pass and take a gratis month for agreeing to auto renew. Cancel sub during free month. Rinse & repeat.
  3. yeah, I’ve got one as well. With another to follow I’m sure.
  4. Nice, I now have a Klarna direct debit but no order at Smyths.
  5. Dude, how the hell have you amassed that much in rewards? I’ve got about a fivers worth
  6. Yeah, I have an Amazon order but would rather have All Access. I have C4C running in my browser on the Smyths All Access page waiting for them to add stock.
  7. They have one set of keys for the internet and Daryl left them in the pocket of his jacket at home. He's on his way on the bus with them now.
  8. I don't think Smyths have sold one pre order yet. What a fuck up.
  9. Best mate died of cancer this year so I went for Marie Curie
  10. Grabbed one through the Amazon Smile like. Thanks to whoever first suggested that Did anyone have luck getting an All Access from anywhere? Smyths?
  11. My lad and I play this and write the ammount we leave the dungeon with on the inside of the lid. A high score table if you like. As of 15+ plays, there is a single entry on the high score table. Game is absolute nails.
  12. I'm currently playing once or twice a week on TTS. STEAM name is 'mattymoomoo' Steam friend code is 27998014 Euro's would be my preference. Not interested in tabletop miniature wargames or RPGs particularly.
  13. Gone with the Pope 4/5 A group of recently released cons travel by boat from LA to Italy to kidnap the Pope with the aim of ransoming a dollar from every catholic on the planet. I can't even..
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