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  1. Agree on that too, MSR was horrible - low tech (the car models are awful), rubbish physics and the most annoying soundtrack in history - PGR was 10 times better. But that's just a bad example of a DC racing game - F355, Le Mans 24, TXR2 and Daytona are much better, and the DC does have a wider selection of (traditional) driving games than say, the Cube. Overall I think the DC had a really nice variety of quality games across genres, so much so that I just didn't feel the need to bother with this gen much (bar the really big games).
  2. Fair enough, whereas I come from the opposite end - I bought all those games on/around launch and so see no need to buy 'remade' versions of them on other machines. It's all relative, s'pose. Not sure there's any point speculating on your second point, as there's no way Sega wouldn't have released the DC - their pride was too hurt after the Saturn failing in the West, and at that time it wasn't about money.
  3. Agreed. The original point made in this topic was a bit daft, to say the least. It's a great machine for its time, but no more. Why do people only come in two varieties? Those who love the DC, and those who hate it??? I've never known anything like it, except (maybe) the Saturn.
  4. Me too! They were bundled together on the Sat/PS1... in 1996! Money-grabbing gits! ..and yes, that screenshot of BB looks awful! Why do they have to change things? Why???
  5. K and cubeadvance have so much hatred for the little white box - I'm shocked! Yes, but the Xbox came out years later! Grr! Unless of course you wanted to play the game when it was first released - rather than wait years for a port! Also name me a DC port that's improved on another platform and I'll name you two that are better in their original form. Without the DC the more original games wouldn't have existed at all on other platforms, Sega would have stuck to money-makers as they do now. No Rez, no Jet Set Radio, no Shenmue. The DC was/still is a great machine - if taken in the proper context. Expecting it to compete with the last-gen stuff from current machines is stupid, much like this thread really!
  6. Retro Core can also be downloaded from here: http://www.archive.org/search.php?query=retro%20core Much quicker from there. I enjoy them, they've helped me pick up a few Saturn gems I would otherwise not have known about.
  7. You forgot Superman 3!! How could you?!?
  8. I remember seeing one of these running UN Squadron in a long-gone import shop back in the day, spookily that was in Nottingham too...
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