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  1. Didn't their first PS2 racer Rumble Racing run at 60fps? It looked crap though, not as nice as Vanishing Point. One thing Vanishing Point got right visually was that 'blue skies' arcade look.
  2. trickytree

    FIFA 11

    I'd call that good play, just not very sporting
  3. trickytree

    FIFA 11

    Hmm... can I have your copy please? That's nothing like what I get, the CPU is an idiot.
  4. Frank Sinclair was Leicester's top scorer one season. In own goals. As always, funnier in a foreign language: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ce9C-QyafpE At 1:46, Walker is clearly telling Fowler that the dozy bint does this kind of thing ALL THE TIME.
  5. Yes, while GENS was apparently great back in the day Fusion has overtook it now. A bit like ZSNES being everyone's choice of old, but now SNES9X and bsnes are quite a lot better (particularly for sound accuracy).
  6. trickytree

    FIFA 11

    I've solved the boring AI matches in career mode... ...by playing the PC version, which is really just FIFA 10 with new squads. Not ideal, but the AI plays a much more open game and importantly, I'm enjoying playing it. Just a shame it's the old BAP Seasons mode with no cups, but as the cups are fudged in the console version anyway it's no great loss.
  7. I know, I know... I always thought Konami's beat-em-ups were crap (apart from Crime Fighters/Vendetta).
  8. Most overrated beat-em-up ever! (along with Simpsons & Turtles)
  9. The developers of this, Clockwork Games, worked from my home town Nottingham. There's an interesting fact only to myself. They also did 3D Lemmings on PS1/Saturn. I remember the first thing to do on Vanishing Point was change the handling sensitivity - the default was slippy-slidey but changing it improved things.
  10. I've not tried GENS, how is it better than Fusion? (which I can't find fault with)
  11. It does sound like the tunnel stages from Stardust, as shown in the video above. Not sure about the third one, didn't think the enemies had health bars in Moonstone plus it wasn't cartoon-style.
  12. trickytree

    FIFA 11

    I've been playing 10 minutes per half in career mode for about 10 games now and while there's a few more goals the matches just drag on even more, so many times both teams completely cancel each other out. I bumped it up to Legendary which does make players a bit sharper and more direct, but unfortunately also bumps the keepers up to superhuman. The biggest problem is that matches are just plain BORING
  13. Fusion's great - it emulates the SG-1000, Master System, Game Gear, Mega Drive, Mega CD, 32X and err.. Sega Pico.
  14. trickytree

    FIFA 11

    I've had to push career mode games up to 10 mins per half just so games don't finish 0-0 or 1-0 constantly. Championship teams and below are so poor generally it's difficult to create much without some random mistake, deflection or rebound. Which is fairly realistic having watched lots of lower league football, but not much fun. I think the realism is a notch too far this year.
  15. trickytree

    PC Gamer

    I stopped subscribing when they couldn't grasp that PC control schemes had moved on, and that some games HAD to be played on a controller - for example they marked Devil May Cry 4 down because it didn't play well on KEYBOARD!
  16. Gaia Seed's quite a nice shooter, although it plays more like it should be on the Mega CD than PS1. Another one that's very rare and expensive out in the wild too. I don't need to say anything about Cho-Aniki
  17. That's a good point, shadows have preference over framerate and resolution these days - the 'blob' sprite shadow isn't acceptable any more, even though shadows have a massive impact on performance. First thing I do on any PC game is turn the shadows off, you don't notice them being gone really. In fact, some games look better due to not being so damn dark.
  18. Try the emulator Yabause, it runs Radiant Silvergun really well in high res 3d, and a lot faster than MAME. Also, graphics cards have had HDMI ports for years!
  19. Fair enough, you're both stuck in 1999 and loving it
  20. trickytree

    FIFA 11

    I know, but it's still nonsense. Why not leave it down to the player's composure, which will be decreased in important games anyway? Disciple's right, a penalty is just a free shot at goal. So why not just make it one, without all the silly control systems?
  21. trickytree

    FIFA 11

    Pussy It's all too mini-game for me, Wario should be in goal.
  22. *puts hand up* This and Terminal Velocity had me over at my Dad's place regularly. His Pentium 100 was a beast! (at the time)
  23. Nothing needs Utopia if you use bin2boot.
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