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  1. EU PS3 users - the free Doors DLC is finally now up, but the RB2 export pack still isn't there. For launch day fuckups this is right up there with the best.
  2. Sheff Utd have got Andy Reid on loan for a month - wonder if he's fit? Will stand out a mile in the Championship if he is.
  3. Good point. This must be like FIFA's Be A Pro rating system, where doing 5-yard sidewards/backwards passes all game gets you a better rating than if you take some risks and try to score/create. Hence Cohen being there and Gunter not.
  4. GOW are great games, but you might get bored if you play all 3 in succession. I'd say play GOW 3 first, then perhaps go back to the collection if you enjoyed it. Devil May Cry 4's the 3rd best DMC game! That's not saying much though, there's better games to play.
  5. I never understand the thought process that the latest, newest game has to be great, and that people will put up with it even though they secretly know it's quite average, and that there's lots better past examples of the genre that they could revisit instead. Latest example: NFS Hot Pursuit - the demo's really disappointing. Criterion have done so much better in the past, why not go back to Burnout Revenge or even NFS Most Wanted?
  6. Lewis only 12th? A free-kick scored from outer space should be worth at least 1000 points. Sort it out, Actim! Interesting to see Wes Morgan making the top 100, when he's been quite shaky this season.
  7. Oh it will, once the mental factor is turned up a couple of notches...
  8. I think that 'only GT offers' comment is a dig at Forza and other current racers, rather than any racing game ever.
  9. I'll answer my own question here - the export page doesn't work properly in IE, Google Chrome was fine with it. There's an additional problem though in that both the RB2 export file and free Doors DLC isn't up on the PS3 EU store yet! The RB2 export was only 95p, which doesn't seem right either! (Not that I've got anything for my money yet).
  10. Three thickie questions: 1. On PS3, how do I export my RB2 songs for use in RB3? I've heard two options - first is in RB3 go to the music store and choose 'Redeem Code', then enter the code from the RB2 manual, all this does though is download the 20 bonus tracks which came with RB2. Second is to go to http://www.rockband.com/ps3-export, and enter the RB2 manual code there to get another code/token. Problem here is that the webpage doesn't work properly, clicking 'Get token' gives an 'error on page'. Is it perhaps because I'm a day before 'proper' release? (Shopto sent it today (Thursday)). 2. Can I hide songs that I don't like? I know songs can be rated now, but the track list sorted by rating is only sorted secondly by track name, whereas I want it to be sorted on rating and artist name. There's a lot of pap over the various RB discs that I'd rather not even see again. 3. I know that the 'Party Shuffle' mode favours higher-rated songs, but does that apply to random setlists on the career road challenges, or will I still end up with feckin' Blink 182 all the time?
  11. He already looks about 56 there - is that early 80s? Turns out he's only 46 - did he spend 30 years in the womb?
  12. Probably Under Defeat: But maybe Zero Gunner 2: Both are great games.
  13. You mean like that rewind feature in Forza 3?
  14. Finidi George! I'd forgotten he went to Ipswich. Our midfield is a real problem - too much reliance on McKenna whose legs have gone, Cohen and Anderson being largely anonymous and Raddy being a bit out of sorts too. Cohen has to be dropped soon - he's been useless all season.
  15. I'll go option B, with Tyson playing. You're right, sounds shocking! I'll still go for a draw, when was the last time (if ever) we were afraid of having Ipswich down here?
  16. What? Sometimes I reckon you're a sheep fan in disguise, you're so pessimistic! Unbeaten in 25 home games, remember? It'll be a draw.
  17. Unlike Millwall, whose fans are cherished the world over. What you've said is ridiculous really - Palace are ten times the club Millwall are in terms of both tradition and recent history. One good result over them doesn't mean you can come out with tosh like that.
  18. I love that video - how long did it take you to realise to punch through the blocks?
  19. I never gave it any attention back at release, but I played it for a little while on the PSP the other day and without knowing the game's origins immediately thought 'Switchblade 2!' It's certainly difficult. What platforms was it on? I played the Mega Drive version, I know there's a Mega CD version too.
  20. Might be safer to upgrade to 5.00 M33 first. That's how I've always moved across from M33 to GEN CFW.
  21. Oof, it's been years since I last played it. I seem to remember not dying very much at all, while it's a weird game it's not too difficult - the difficulty is more in working out what the hell you're supposed to do next. It's not really worth buying, unless it's for pocket money.
  22. I've got L.O.L., it's one of those games where you're constantly scratching your head and miming 'WTF?' at the TV. It's an interesting idea with some nice touches, all very organic but not that much of a 'game' really.
  23. Wow, accuracy and likeness wasn't really a priority, was it? Steve Stone looks more like Adrian Chiles, and Scot Gemmill definitely has a Cruella de Vil thing going on.
  24. And a proper ski slope for a nose. I had one of those Corinthian figures, the Peter Beardsley one. Didn't actually need super deforming.
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