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  1. You can play PAL PS1 games on any PAL PS3. You can only play PAL PS2 games if the PS3 is one of the very earliest models released (not just any 'fat' model, it has to have the backwards compatibility built in). I'd really doubt you could play online PS2 games, but I'm not sure on that one.
  2. You use the brake in Ridge Racer? Ban request!
  3. I've been one of the more critical in this thread, but now my horrid inner graphic whore has stopped noticing imperfections, I'm seriously enjoying it. I'm actually just swapping between licence tests and special events, and it's very satisfying. For anyone about to bin/sell this, at least try what really converted me - the AMG Challenge in the special events. Nurburgring + fast car = (the sense of speed and sheer bloody terror is amazing!)
  4. He'll be a very decent replacement for Dex, who unfortunately fizzled out months ago. I'm happy that we've got him.
  5. The thought of a Ridge Racer not being on a Playstation gives me one of whatever you said too, they're cosy bedchums. Hope Namco have made up with Sony after their brief flings.
  6. Of course you can fault it - the menus are a complete pain in the arse, and it took nearly six years to slightly update GT4. It's good if you can overlook these things and enjoy it, but a lot of us are understandably quite underwhelmed.
  7. It can, but I prefer 1080p without AA to 720p with AA. Particularly for an arcade-like game like this, where a few sharp edges emphasise the arcadicity.
  8. Cascade was awesome, in the early 90s they must have had 30+ different machines ranging from mid 80s onwards, Ghosts n Goblins & R-Type right up to the latest fighters and racers. The Namco arcade in the square was awesome too, full size Daytona and Ridge Racer cabs and the first time I saw Virtua Fighter. In Nottingham we didn't actually need to go to the seaside for arcades, we had it all on our front doorstep. Now all I can find is a multi-game cabinet in the all-night pub next to Langtry's (forget the name), and even that's just a MAME cab.
  9. So is there no chance we can keep Ramsay past January? His first team place is pretty much taken by Wilshere now, isn't it?
  10. I'm not so sure, he's been great in previous seasons but the start of this one he was completely awful and let in so many soft goals. Let's hope his confidence is still shagged for Monday.
  11. I dunno, Ando will surely keep him out of the side? Two great loan signings, better than Leicester's signings of Kirkland and Bednar?
  12. Square and X - you don't need analogue for Ridge Racer
  13. Stop accelerating briefly, turn sharply then accelerate hard. Keep the accelerator down during the drift and control your steering. Another tip for RR7 is that drifting right after nitrous runs out gives you a supercharge, which if done right can fill another nitrous bar or two!
  14. I like this 'remember what arcade games were in various places in your youth' thing, it could be a topic of it's own. Here's mine anyway: Chip shop near home: Cabal, then Blood Bros! (obviously good taste by the owner) Chip shop near college: Prehistoric Isle 1930! College lounge: SF2 + followups (obviously), Lightning Fighters and WWF Wrestlefest (which was super-popular, and stayed there for years) Youth club: Legendary Wings, Gyruss Video rental shop: SF2 (they got this on release, and I swear it made more money than any VHS rentals - always hordes around the machine for months)
  15. I like the boost effect, I also like the clarity 1080p without AA gives. 1080p doesn't really need AA anyway, that's the point of AA - to make smaller resolutions seem higher.
  16. You don't need to retract your statement, it's your opinion. I reckon resolution aside (which should be an inherent advantage of a next-gen console), GT4 on PS2 matches and occasionally improves GT5's visuals. Lighting is fantastic, and framerate/vsync problems aren't there. Out of interest, here's GT4 emulated on a PC at 720p: I agree that karting is great fun to play though, some crazy drifts like a bar of soap sometimes, almost Ridge Racer-like.
  17. I'd be much happier with Tudgay than Fryatt too, he's got some proper ability whereas Fryatt is small and tends to need chances made for him (something we're not great at!). Oh, and you're wrong about Moussi! (but we should leave it there)
  18. RR7 is RR6 on steroids, were you not playing it in 1080p?
  19. Oh come on, karting is fun to play but resolution aside the graphics are quite poor. The drivers don't move!
  20. Poor Dex, hopefully he can come back from this. Being optimistic, this is an ideal opportunity to get him in the gym and build his upper body strength - he'd be a much better player if he was stronger. He has no pace and def won't after a knee reconstruction, so might as well build his strength up. You realise everything you said there about Moussi can be applied to McKenna and Cohen too? Particular the back/sidewards passing. The man's an animal (a moose to be precise) and he needs to be in the team - is it coincidence that he's played in both of our best away performances this year? (WBA & Cardiff) I have a feeling we're never going to agree on this one...
  21. I did try to warn you about that yesterday... The 'cutscene' bits are awful though, aren't they? The human models are so sub-standard, another realism-breaker (to go with the bumper car physics/AI). My biggest gripe with the menus is the effort required to find a suitable race for my currently selected car - is it so difficult to give me a list of eligible events for my garage, and then after selecting an event give me a list of the cars I own that are eligible? Instead I have to trawl through my garage, select a car, then wander around various gaudy event screens looking for something I can enter. This hasn't moved on AT ALL from the PS1.
  22. It was a Chris Huelsbeck GAME - he did code, graphics and sound. Not the best game really, but awesome soundtrack:
  23. That's right - actually I was just saying to my mate what a good game he was having when he played that pass! You do underestimate him, he's a big lad who runs all day and can surge forward with the ball, something we don't really have otherwise in midfield. Cohen's doing well in centre mid too though too. Leicester have signed Bednar to score against us on Monday, haven't they? Bastards.
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