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  1. Every PS3 game has tearing because the PS3 can't do vsync? Ermm.. no.
  2. Same here. Then of course we should get a Jak and Daxter collection. Surprised it hasn't already been announced.
  3. You can't get PC RE4 to run at 60fps, it's capped at 30. Unless you have some magic pixie dust that I'm unaware of.
  4. Yep, Breaker Pro works great on a PS1 but is buggy on PS2. If you decide to go down the PS1 only route then this is the softmod product to use.
  5. You mean nullDC? Not much use to non-hacked PS3s, and doubtful it'll be full speed either.
  6. You're right, the only way I won the VW Top Gear race was by memorising which cars went wide at which corners so I could bang into their sides to throw me around corners. A real shame.
  7. That early stealth level in Uncharted 2 is shoehorned in and is bloody awful, but there's loads of subtle opportunities for stealth throughout the game which aren't forced. More of those and I'm happy.
  8. True. So did the RC game Re-volt on PS1 use this control method? Bit of a missed opportunity if it didn't!
  9. I like Xtreme Sports (horrible US title), it has some control issues but it's interesting, varied and has quite a nice graphics engine (super long draw distance). Here's a vid:
  10. I thought right stick accel/brake was just a gimmick in GT1 to make more use of the (at the time new) Dual Shock - people are still using it???
  11. 'Golden age'? Back then every other game was extreme sports, and there were loads of turds - remember BMX XXX? I don't mind racing games with trick elements such as SSX or (as mentioned) Downhill Domination, but games where you're just doing tricks, some more tricks and then hey some tricks seem a bit pointless.
  12. What's the 'X' version? Can't find anything about that. 3.6 is a bit out of date, I'm fairly sure the latest version has the joypad define option. Link here.
  13. A digital connection would be nice, but I bet they haven't gone to that bother. Wonder how the picture looks scaled up to the display res.
  14. Well hopefully that changes over the next few games with Ramsey in the side, he's obviously quality and should create chances. Maybe when he's gone Billy will realise that's what we're missing and Raddy might get a few more games. I reckon Raddy can play now out on the left anyway instead of Anderson - lots of his best work last season was turning up on the left linking up with Cohen. If only we had a CM like myself in FIFA 11, both a goal scorer and creator extraordinaire. And yes, I am getting pessimistic - every pathetic away performance makes me more so!
  15. at people trying to convince themselves a 50hz game in 2010 is perfectly okay. This is a really disappointing way to 'celebrate' 25 years of Mario.
  16. He picks an attacking team in a defensive formation, makes no sense. McGugan rarely got near the goal, Anderson plays like a 2nd full back, Adebola had no support - it was so poorly implemented that it was bizarre. Worst thing about it is we started the season playing 4-4-2 away and having a go, now Billy's gone back to his cowardly ways. Any chance we can get Chris Hughton? Not sure Billy can take us any further now. I can't understand Raddy not playing, but Anderson playing every week either.
  17. Nah, I agree - Moussi was rubbish along with most of the side. Billy gets most of the criticism though for picking such a negative formation - we will never ever get a result playing 4-5-1 with Earnshaw up front, that's just guaranteeing the opposition 60%+ possession.
  18. When talking about PC Halo CE, are we talking Combat Evolved or Custom Edition? I never tried the latter, wasn't it just a polished multiplayer-only version or could you play single player?
  19. Hark at Mystic Meg. Leicester played decent tonight and 1-0 flattered us, Forest were just gash. Billy's as much to blame for only playing one up front again away, and again for thinking Earnie on his own up front can do anything. Then there's keeping Raddy on the bench when Anderson gives nothing going forward. I don't get it, and Billy certainly doesn't get it.
  20. You can't compare 1280x720@30fps to 1280x1080@60fps. I agree the environment details aren't good in GT5, I'd rather all the human models were gone really, from the fuzzy sprite crowds to the zombie characters in cutscenes.
  21. Does that make Barca vs Real the Less Important East Midlands Derby? I don't think Ramsey will be able to play more than the last 20 minutes, so just the four goals from him.
  22. The shadows look fine generally except for standing start races where the camera pans around the car, there's a really bad sawtooth effect on the car shadows. I hate that bit anyway, I want to see my rev counter during the countdown, not feel sick from being spun around my car like that.
  23. With the VWs you need to be super aggressive, slipstreaming the arse off the other vans and bashing their sides during turns so you don't need to slow down. Just remember you can't whack the back of them at speed, and also don't panic when you get out in first and realise you've no idea how the track goes because you were just following everyone else!
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