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  1. I'm more worried about why your son is up at 11:23pm playing video games.
  2. No, I agree about the pictorial aspect - the flick through aspect is great. Therefore you don't need a 2-page list, eh?
  3. I like the N64 article, but you have to admit it's a bit flabby/page-wasting. Lots of pictures is great, but 2 pages at the start for a massive picture of a stock N64 and a bit of text, a whole page for the fairly meh Majora's Mask SE and then 2 pages that are just a list of every N64 game ranked by rarity (this should probably be on the website, linked to in the mag) really is pushing it. Almost as bad as that collector's guide you used to waste a load of pages on. The rest of the mag is as always excellent, you can never have too many Jeff Minter interviews.
  4. Well unless I've just missed the huge alien superstructure slap bang in the middle of Nottingham for the 35 years I've lived here, I'm going to go and say that they did no research bar pick places on a map and say that'll do. Does York ingame look much like York? Could you find your old house?
  5. I must say I can't really remember too much, having not played it since release (early 2000), but I do remember those races. Think I just gave up on them to be honest. The camera dipping was a big problem on the bosses, it was there to keep 60fps but it really upped the difficulty quite unfairly. Should have been 30fps with a better view really. Think I might revisit this sometime soon, good thread.
  6. I have the PC version! And it's mostly fucking awful! Let's see: 1. Barebones packaging, no manual. Hmm... 2. Sega must be using up some old DVD-Rs from the back of their warehouse, as my disc can't be read in either of the 2 DVD drives I have. So I have to download the cracked version. 3. There's no auto-start for the DVD, I have to browse the contents and start the installer manually. 4. Resolution for all games maxes out at 720p, what a pile of shit. 5. While browsing the installed files to fix the above, I see that shader files for 360 and PS3 are included. Okay... 5. Sonic Adventure DX (hang on, that wasn't even a Dreamcast game!) is somehow worse than the PC version released years and years ago. It's a port of the XBLA/PS3 version, 4:3 with borders but SEGA have been kind enough to remove the 60fps and just give us 30fps, with cutscenes and menus running at around 15fps (I'm not joking!). It also looks far worse than the XBLA/PS3 versions, for no particular reason. I can't explain enough how awful this version is. 6. Crazy Taxi is also the XBLA/PSN version, with the bland music and no licensing. At least this runs at 60fps, but it's not a patch on the original. 7. Didn't try Bass Fishing obviously. No rod = no fun. 8. Space Channel 5 Part 2 is actually a very decent port - 16:9 mode and English/Japanese voice selection. So overall it's worth the £13 I paid for a PC version of Space Channel 5 Part 2 alone. It's quite embarrassing how poor SA/CT are compared to the originals emulated. I imagine the 360 version is a bit slicker, no idea why there's no PS3 version.
  7. Well said. Particularly sad when you consider Activision's origins, a group of coders getting away from the evil corporation (Atari) so that developers had better recognition. They are pretty much the exact opposite now. I'd forgive them though if they bought back those sew-on badges.
  8. The bosses were difficult, as much down to control and camera issues also unfortunately. The 3D boss battles must have been added after the Saturn code was ported, as if to justify being on a proper 3D console or something. They're just not that well balanced or polished compared to the rest of the game. No-one else has played this then? Shame if so, it's a lovely little game.
  9. Thought so, was just checking. So what resolution does this run at? Is it really dynamic 1080p as with Wipeout HD, or is it more 1280x1080 as with GT5? One good thing about 3d games is that devs have to optimise the hell out of the renderer to get decent performance in 3d, which means the 2d mode runs smoother and in higher than usual resolutions. Super Stardust HD went from 1280x1080 to full 1920x1080 for instance. Also, where's that demo? Can't wait for this one.
  10. I was right then about the Saturn thing! The game has that 32-bit 2D RPG feel, like Alundra and Albert Oddysey. I did play this through back when it was released, it's quite a 'charming' game really which kept me going. I might dig it out again soon.
  11. Tudgay and McGugan would be my front two while Earnie's out, Tudgay just gets in there on heading ability. Lewis has the ability to pick up Tudgay's flicks and either waltz into the box or score from range. I still don't see how Eddie scored 16 goals for a relegated Saints side, as you say he plays more like a midfielder (Batty's a bit harsh though!). Rodney did freshen up the attack, he was unlucky with his header. Our marking from the crosses for their two goals was shocking, Chambers had a particularly bad game (although he's been mostly excellent all season). Look at their second goal - Gunter just stands and watches (I think he's terrible in the air generally though - opponents regularly target him with long balls). On the positive, Cohen's been excellent in centre mid, far better than when he's out wide. Raddy's back next game too after his dumbass tackle, so let's go continental and bring back the diamond! ----McKenna---- Raddy-----Cohen ----McGugan---- Think that'll bring the best out of our players, the fullbacks can provide width and the back three midfielders tuck in when we don't have the ball.
  12. The trailer suggests a bit more effort has been made with SA/CT than the XBLA/PSN ports, let's hope so. SC5pt2 is an interesting one, as the other three have PC versions making for easier ports but this was DC/PS2 only.
  13. There's joypad converters to use other console controllers, haven't tried them though: http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-14-71-h5-49-en.html
  14. A HD English version of Space Channel 5 Pt2 is well worth £20. I'll definitely play some HD Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi too, but Bass Fishing is a bizarre choice, and yes this should have been at least 10 games. For £12.85 (PC version) I'm happy, especially as two of these games don't work properly on nullDC.
  15. Nah, £20-23ish on 360 from most online shops. PC version is £13.
  16. Not great, was it? I couldn't believe how little pace McGoldrick and Tudgay have, they seem to be running in treacle. At least 'Eddie' did a few decent flicks here and there, Tudgay was well below par for the third or so game in a row. McKenna should be fined for that miss in the first half, he had time to take a couple of touches but the nose bleed must have put him off. Almost pleased in a way to see our overly-defensive tactics fail us, going all-out defence at home to the bottom club is just dire. Stupidly though we pack the box so much that we don't bother to cut out crosses, so one decent one as last night undoes us. I also don't understand why our top scorer is stuck out wide where he can't get many shots in, Lewis needs to be playing off the striker(s) as he did earlier in the season when he was smacking them in for fun. We badly need to score more goals, we should be putting 3 or 4 past teams like Preston.
  17. 1024x576 eh? What res is the game running at again?
  18. LOL, true. Not sure why they've changed the red/orange NTSC Dreamcast logo to curry-shit brown. It looks like all of these games have been given proper widescreen modes. Which is nice. Sonic Adventure and SC5pt2 at 60fps would be even nicer.
  19. Didn't see this topic originally. EGG's a very nice game. Seems a tiny bit out of place on the Dreamcast - maybe it was a Saturn game held back? Lovely animated intro. Also no, it didn't get a PAL release.
  20. It will be a pain in the bum as the latest MAME romset won't be fully compatible. You'll have to go searching in dark corners of the internet to find the correct romset, the emulator notes should tell you which one.
  21. This was always going to be bobbins due to licenses and laziness, you all know that really. Just get a HTPC and the nulldc emulator, it plays almost all of the games you've mentioned near flawlessly at 1080p. Wireless 360 controller support too.
  22. It's got no chance of running at a decent speed though - the PC version needs a 4Ghz modern CPU.
  23. And mine too now, thanks. I'm a bit late here but couldn't type due to overwhelming smugness. We really did batter those sheepshaggers, didn't we? Could easily have been 8. Majewski & Tudgay were immense. If we win our two games in hand (Barnsley at home first should be 3 points) then we're one point off second, along with about half of the division. Second place is anyone's this year.
  24. Nah, the PS3 can do vsync just fine - you must just have an unfortunate selection of games which do tear Stuff like Uncharted 2 and God Of War 3 look great and don't tear ever.
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