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  1. Love the type-in listing. Including issue 1 is great too, never read any of the original RG. Congratulations!
  2. You're right - it wasn't a good challenge, it was a fucking tremendous challenge. If anything it's a foul by the Leeds player who goes in just as strongly but doesn't get the ball. But as hulk says, the ref and linesman were spineless cowards who don't understand the game and shouldn't be in charge of games at this level. It doesn't matter if it looked bad from the dugout, the linesman who is only a few yards from play should see it's a clean challenge and let play go on. Also the ref didn't call the foul, but then took his linesman's opinion. Let's remember that linesmen are linesmen because they're too shit to be refs! When stupid shit like this completely changes a game (and let's face it, only Forest were going to win before the red card) then officials can just fuck right off, and FIFA can just fuck right off too for refusing technology in the game. A replay would have took 10 seconds and not ruined the game. So much for relaxing and enjoying the rest of the season... EDIT: Oof, a neg for this post. A flash of red with no justification - is that you, Mr Halsey? EDIT: More negs without bothering to discuss. Is this still a forum?
  3. Massive smile of thanks, or massive smile of 'WTF, why is this middle-aged bloke pointing at me and grinning like a loon?' I'm not getting this Street Pass thing
  4. Well we're at least staying up this season, Sheff Utd can't catch us now. Is our new training complex a deathtrap?
  5. An analogue stick is not better than a d-pad for digital movement. Obviously.
  6. Looks great, I had so much fun with NSS3, err.. didn't actually realise you made NSS4, and am now hugely looking forward to NSS5 Demo soon?
  7. Yes please, a Sega Ages re-release with Space Harrier, Out Run and After Burner would be amazing in 3d. If they feel like getting carried away then Galaxy Force II, Enduro Racer, Super Hang On etc. would all be welcome. What's Sumo Digital up to on 3DS?
  8. It's really not very Strider-like though, apart from hanging off ledges. It plays more like an arena fighter than a side-scrolling action game. Run Saber and Cannon Dancer/Osman are still the best Strider-a-likes.
  9. The NTSC version runs ok though, doesn't it? Did last time I tried.
  10. I thought I was a bit of both, until I got stuck deep into a C64 emulator and realised the games I played as a kid had so much more appeal, even if they're relatively a bit rubbish.
  11. Agree with that, except Palace will keep Sheff Utd at bay.
  12. True, it's because most people are used to looking at everything on a 2d screen at once, whereas in 3d (as in real life) you can't focus on everything, you need to pick one thing and then shift focus between objects. Once that clicks, the 3d all falls into place. People who recommend reducing the 3d slider perhaps aren't doing this, and therefore aren't getting the full effect.
  13. The 3DS is the very first console I've bought on launchday, I've always had more patience in the past! I got an import N64 as soon as they sorted out the RGB mod, but that wasn't quite at launch. I bought a US Dreamcast maybe a month after release, but that's it really.
  14. Quite the opposite with me, I've got so many retro games to keep me occupied I very rarely touch any new stuff. Only the 3DS has interrupted that recently. Name any 8-bit or 16-bit shmup and I probably still play it
  15. He has to be better than most of our current strikers, no? I think I'm better than most of our current strikers.
  16. Same here, hopefully he's not too injury-prone and we get to see the best of him. Is he due back before the end of the league season?
  17. trickytree

    Rayman 3D

    Rayman 2's just as charming, particularly the Dreamcast version.
  18. It's a bit silly that this is being marked down in reviews becauses it reuses a location from a game ON A DIFFERENT FORMAT. This is ripe for some DLC, the N64 locations would be perfect.
  19. Nah, it was definitely 60fps. Compare it to either PSP Burnout, which ran at 30fps.
  20. Nah, both PSP games were 60fps. DS Ridge was 30fps. That's good to hear, so is the 30fps not so noticeable in SSF4 either? Racers and fighters are two games I usually prefer to be 60fps, but maybe in 3d that's not so important.
  21. So this is 30fps, is that noticeable compared to say the PSP Ridges? Is the 3d effect decent compensation? Odd how 60fps isn't available in 2d mode, as in SSF4.
  22. trickytree

    Rayman 3D

    Same here, it's certainly an underrated game and the DC version is the best. Really? The first game's nice but nothing special, unlike the sequel.
  23. It's bound to be fixed in a firmware update.
  24. No, I just checked it out on YouTube. Does look hard to control, but the fact it exists means a Wave Race 3DS is more likely than I thought, which has me foaming at the mouth slightly. As long as it has traditional analogue controls of course.
  25. If it means we get Wave Race 3DS in some form, then I'm happy. Even if it's 'Wave Race Resort'.
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