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  1. Strong insight weak obvious imagery. Casual is just a moniker you could say you have mainstream and substream and hyperstream games. Mainstream = Casual Games (Healthy Popular Gamess) Substream = Void Games (Unhealthy Games) Hyperstream = Mega Games (AAA 5* 10/10 A+) Do not think of Platform think of Ecology as well where will the game be placed rather than positioned The Transition is already underway Hardcore is a definition fosterd by the industry for obvious reasons to fuel your addiction do not be naive in thinking otherwise. I'll be taking a Lotus for a test drive very soon. Guess what colour?
  2. You catch on very fast Resistance I'll consider adding you to the team.
  3. I have just finished playing through the entire game I am not saying how I obatined it however I will say that having not downloaded any preview copy to devalue the ride and having studied the original Deus Ex games and System Shock over the Summer. This is possibly the most enjoyable experience in a game I have has since Ocarina of Time. As I am quite judgemental about certain games these days as well this is high praise. I have enjoyed the tapestry of this game very much. Now I have the graphic novels to read as a sweetner...and the bonus material. Rating A+ 5G's 10/10 97% The best game I have played in over a decade. Deus Ex IV - Virtual Rezolution 2014 Quarter IV
  4. This game is very very good. It smells like an Introversion one speaking of which what the hell is happening with them lately? Total Radio Silence.
  5. So leaked code genius strategic move to foster interest and wet appetites or not?
  6. This is the only game I care about this year. Little let down by the TV Spot after the amazing hype created previously by all the other stuff. A little too short and sweet plus no grandiose music plus why are they advertising My World Also certain narrative strands are eerily prescient of certain disturbances that have happened in the UK recently
  7. This season has been very good so far.
  8. Just up some interesting stuff as usual. http://iwataasks.nintendo.com/interviews/#/3ds/starfox/0/0
  9. Thought the animation was really well done and Mumra looked ace. Will watch again to see Mumra.
  10. Broken Arrow is amazing I echo much love for this film plus the soundtrack is even better.
  11. Tell me about the UN Squadron guide please somebody? Is it extensive?
  12. I have given up on it. Even the joy of watching Sloane skimp about in sexy dresses has evaporated.
  13. Do you think or believe that Games have reached a point where they can be considered to have surpassed all other mediums, art forms and variations of entertainment whether it be literature, photography, film , cinematography, design, science and technology or beyond to fuse all of these elements together to go beyond what was once considered or accepted as the pinnacle of creative pursuits. http://www.youtube.com/DeusExOfficial#p/a/u/2/hoRwOux7Ofw For example this trailer for Human Revolution surpasses anything I have seen in terms of presentation since The Inception sneak reveal and also extends beyond it with the new release of the Purity First Campaign http://www.youtube.com/DeusExOfficial#p/a/u/0/akaos1U8Rto Games utilise and exploit all forms of mass communication marketing technology ideas creativity and beyond to always be one step ahead of any other area. Why do you feel that is? Is the future of Games something beyond the bite sized virtual addiction of social games or are these just a phase, will anything disintgerate the power of these networks are they another platform in themselves to run complimentary and not antaganistically to other more established areas of the industry like AAA Development and has the era of the Smartphone accelerated so fast that the majority of the games industry are still playing catch up? If Corporations have more power than the Governments these days like Appple, Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, Google, Oracle and beyond where does that leave us? With the recent hacker scandal and all that it pertains are "Anonymous" some kind of elaborate new age Games Comapany racking up Points with each new systemised attack and coordinated self publicity. Where should we "Expect Us" next? So in essence what is the state of Games now and what lies in the next decade not only for Gaming but Technology as a whole?
  14. America 2049 Facebook powered ARG Game with a Twist plus Alias Veterans! What do people think of these types of Games?
  15. Yes yet another Resident Evil alas there was no thread for this one... Things to Know Could these games be a metaphor for something more than less obvious?
  16. I thought Simon Pegg was TV's biggest mistake?
  17. Valiant


    Got tickets for Saturday as well! Looks at draw to make sure the Swedish Lady is still in. I think she went out second round! Watching Federer now. This will be over fairly soon.
  18. Valiant


    Worth watching Today at Wimbledon for?
  19. If Capcom released a full Alpha version of this game would you want?
  20. Valiant

    Put Here

    8 Bit Invader Video Game Projection on Building
  21. Valiant


    Mathilde Johansson is Swedish I should have known with that surname. Totally fancy her. Roger is up I might watch this while doing other stuff on iPlayer. So if he wins this year he will equal Pete Sampras. Can he win two more to beat him though? I can see Roger playing as long as Agassi into his thirties so why not?
  22. Valiant


    Excellent a Blonde. She is my new favourite and better get to week two.
  23. Valiant


    I watched Today at Wimbledon last night. There is nobody worth watching in the Female Draw now that Elena has retired.
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