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  1. Yeah, Thus is what I tried, but no detection of either real pads via the daemonbite box or the 8bitdo PCE pad. Just the ibuffalo. I have only spent about 30 minutes with it though, so it's probably me being a donut. Thanks for this, however I got myself a few of these last year. I'll test them out once I get the more basic stuff ironed out. Looking forward to a PSX one with a composite video input for light guns, eventually. I'll also go back and read this thread a bit, as I'm sure issues I'll face will have been addressed already.
  2. Had my first little test on the MiSTer, and plan on noting all the little bits I need to understand better, but is there a something that needs configuring for a daemonbite adaptor to be detected? I was hoping to test some SNES and NES games with authentic controllers using one, but no joy. My 8bitdo wireless usb PC Engine controller wasn't being read either. Only my old native wired USB ibuffalo SNES worked straight off, which is fine for now. Aside from that, playing Assault Suit Valken on a CRT for the first time since about 1994 was amazing. And was surprised to see the SNES core running a broken comedy hack like Super Diagonal Mario 2 without an issue. Very cool.
  3. I listened to it, it's basically George giving Kim Justice props as a higher profile creator for her Twitter statement, commenting on a few replies, asking why a couple of other bigger YouTubers are quiet and mocking their editor who's been defending them. Might as well link to it now:
  4. Yeah I think the only CD images I'll put on it are a couple of dozen Mega CD ones - and only because I'm not up for replacing the battery in my Mega CD model 1..which I really really should do because despite it working great (apart from not saving) I'm well aware that as a Model 1 unit that's never been serviced it's probably killing itself with capacitor juices as I type. All I really want from my MiSTer is: Arcade cores Famicom Super Famicom PC Engine 32X Microcomputers So 64GB would probably do me fine too. That 256GB card was assigned for use in the GameCube, for when I get around to installing picoboot. Edit - I forgot about PCE-CD. Yeah I think I'll stick with 128GB.
  5. Something I read once but had no reason to doubt. I believe the director was a programmer on the original Gradius II and had a more senior role on Xexex. Tatsuo Fujii Edit - His Konami background is explicitly mentioned here (in the Development paragraph) but I'm not sure if visiting this site without an adblocker is advised: https://ultimatepopculture.fandom.com/wiki/Einhänder
  6. Yeah it's a beauty (everything about it). I was pleased to see the x-rayed hand artwork from the JPN edition unlocked in the gallery of the US version after only a couple of plays. If I hit a brick wall I might do some reading and find out how the unlocking stuff works. I'm not going for a clear with this game. If it happens, cool. I never finished it before and I'm fine with that. The experience itself is enough.
  7. I must be the slowest laziest MiSTer setter-upper of all time. I ordered the DE10 and various related bits and pieces late October 2021, had most of it early Jan '22. Attempted and failed at basic installation around March probably because the rather oversized 256GB SD card I was using just wasn't playing nice with something (black screen upon initial reboot). Second installation a month later using a smaller SD card went fine, but the script didn't grab any arcade ROMs from archive.org and I couldn't quickly find how/where to configure the update script to check the issue, so i left it alone once more and got distracted by other stuff. A few weeks ago (mid August 2022) I managed the apparently herculean feat of transferring a few various console ROMs over to it, just for quick testing, setting up controllers, getting a baseline to work from when tinkering with video settings etc and getting used things.. but I think of all the systems ROMs I've yet to transfer, the virtual PC harddrives, the stuff I've meticulously organised on my flashcarts that needs to come over etc..and it's just so much easier to press a single button on actual hardware, flick a switch or two and start playing. I am still popping in here every so often and grateful that old timers are helping out new users with teething issues I may end up having too, once I commit to playing something on it.
  8. When I decided to fix and set-up a PSX for the first time since the late '90s, I had no idea that it would become the dominant system, or that I'd find so much comfort in those wobbling polygons and that original digital controller. With R-Type Delta thoroughly rinsed and other distractions dealt with, it was time to see if another old favourite had held up; Einhander, the post-FFVII Square-developed shooter directed by an ex-Konami Gradius vet. I'd been putting off playing it again because I remember finding the weapon system pretty stressful. You can equip three subweapons - retrieved from level-specific destroyed enemies - from a choice of many, and cycle between them. They have limited ammo and require replenishing from more downed enemies, and it's easy to replace a huge stock of a favourite weapon with a small stock of a less desirable one, if you're not careful. There's also randomness and unpredictability with how these subweapons get dispensed - and they're easily destroyed..so there's a fair bit more to manage than in a traditional spaceship shooter. Anyway, the first session went well. I'd forgotten how exquisite the visuals and sound design was in this game; a proper sensory feast, and it played so smoothly. I did lose a lot of lives juggling with weapon slots, which I'd expected - but it wasn't frustrating because, well, the deaths were all fair and there's really no need to hoard subweapon ammo, I kept telling myself. The animalistic robot bosses have a lot of attack patterns and there's also randomness with how they're delivered - so I found that taking them out as fast as possible was the way forward, as things seem to get out of hand the longer you let them live. They're great fun. My second session the following night wasn't as successful in terms of levels cleared, but I discovered a couple of alternate routes and seem to have unlocked a super powerful version of my go-to Vulcan machine gun upon restart (the 'Juno') by taking out a large optional mid-boss and grabbing it. I wonder how many other secret weapons I need to find. I consider Einhander up there with R-Type Delta and Gradius Gaiden as part of the cream of that generation's shooters, and unlike RTD and GG, wholly original and singular. It's better than I remembered. One detail: it's the JPN version I've always had in my possession, upgraded from a bootleg CD-R. But this one I'm playing now is the US version which I suspect has been tweaked aside from the language.
  9. Lord Monarch outshines these games pretty effortlessly IMO, and it was on SFC and Mega Drive. 32X version ran at half frame rate and lower resolution than the OG and Saturn port, nice as it was. Also, Space Harrier has no place in this thread. It's wasn't a fad or a weirdly popular game that fizzled out in relevance. If I were a Switch owner I'd absolutely have bought it again on that (despite it being somewhat of a downgrade from the 3DS remaster). I *almost* put a pre-order in for a Mega Drive Mini 2 just to be able to experience the new exclusive versions of Space Harrier and Space Harrier II (which technically run on augmented MD hardware closer to actual System 16 spec), such is my boner for this game. Just sayin.
  10. A lot of this stuff is relative but Flicky was one of Sega's most ported and influential hits. We had a Flicky arcade cabinet in town..but I grew up in Brighton where at one point dozens of arcade centres big and small were a 10-minute stroll away.
  11. No-one I knew gave a shit about the Saturn during its life - including me, a Sega Fan from before the SMS era. I'd historically shared consoles & videogames with a younger brother, and he got caught up in the FFVII hype which resulted in him trading our pretty large SNES collection in for a PSX bundle. Not once did we have a conversation about the Saturn. It just wasn't seen as a credible console. I was back on-board for the Dreamcast though (and began catching up with both Saturn and N64 a few years after that - with Sega Rally and Sin and Punishment being their respective 'killer apps').
  12. The last time I read anything written by Kim Justice was when she was using her briefly held column on the Retronauts website to promote Top Hat's shitty videos.
  13. Thunder strikes, an evasive leap, a couple of throwing stars casually deflected back into the void.
  14. As I understand it (I could be mistaken) PAL PSX games need to have their region marker patched to be identified as NTSC by PlayStation consoles and therefore run at 60hz. So basically without the iso being modded appropriately, PAL Vib Ribbon will run at 50hz regardless of the host console's region. I thought about this when testing some PAL light gun games, lamenting how 50hz really hz them.
  15. I love Hosono's Namco VGM album from 1984 and had no idea about the link with the Guardian Heroes OST. Super cool.
  16. Milking the cow with M2 at the helm seems to lead to multiple brand new accurate arcade ports and other significant games being released for the Mega Drive though. This time there are almost a dozen official new games to be added to the system's library.
  17. Some of the games on the MD Mini 2 console run overclocked to reduce slowdown (such as Viewpoint) but I hope the new ports of Space Harrier and Space Harrier II - which apparently feature smooth scaling - run as intended on actual hardware.
  18. A rendition of Rydeen was officially licensed for the original 1982 arcade game, but this MD port uses a cover version of sorts. I like how YMO member Ryuichi Sakamoto ending up producing the Dreamcast bios / system audio down the line.
  19. I believe Ghostbusters MD was like Whiprush - a project Sega contracted out to Compile. I'm fond of it because it was an early game with cool tunes but I never did get into it. It's also another game that'll likely receive an enhancement patch from some talented Mega Drive devs who have put out a lot of cool stuff recently (it'll feature Winston as a selectable character).
  20. I was in adoration of GG Aleste II for a good while myself - especially the music which is loaded with jams. GG Aleste 3 is absolutely applicable here IMO, as it's 100% a legit Game Gear game despite it being locked to modern platforms.
  21. Yeah they still haven't learned what Fair Use is.
  22. I've been finding George's commentary on this drama super enjoyable and cathartic.
  23. 1990 Konami did a Shinobi in space which I enjoyed, Surprise Attack.
  24. To be fair ROM chips were super expensive and skilled devs made every byte of those tiny memory allocations count. The vast majority of classic MD games were about 8mb / 1MB in size. Many greats were only 4mb / 512K. Super Mario World was only 4mb / 512K and of course could technically have been an unholy mega monster of a game had it had '64 Mega Power' to play around with..but it wasn't crippled. It could never have enjoyed a large ROM size owing to Nintendo needing it to be more commercially viable at the time.
  25. The main dev behind Final Fight Ultimate got the game using the SSF2 mapper, expanding the regular cartridge 32mb limit to 40mb, but it will probably exceed that limit and end up using a custom mapper like the one used on Demons of Asteborg (giving it Neo Geo type Mega Power). Hearing those Final Fight tunes arranged for MD audio hardware is a trip.
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