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  1. Some points: Meth's Tical 2000. Even if this LP had the funniest skits in the world (as opposed to the worst ones you could ever imagine) it would still be a complete piece of shit. In the top ten of the shitest Wu-related LPs this is easily a top 3 contender. Handsome Boy Modeling School? Yeah, the first was cool. The second stinks for the most part - especially the skits which were so bad I had to convince myself they were the handiwork of another uncredited producer. Oh, and Stevie Wonder was the inventor of the skit - according to Prince Paul ("New York City...Just how I pictured it...").
  2. Well I heard the last 45 secs or so on MTV earlier today and it made me smile. I'm looking forward to hearing it again. Bugsy Malone I think.
  3. Sin and Punishment holds up pretty damn well. Busy as hell and loads of detail, no significant slowdown. But I suppose the fact that it's still peerless gameplaywise helps it immeasurably.
  4. I remember listening to thiswhile playing this and thiswhile playing
  5. I've never heard a soul dis Black On Both Sides. His second LP, however, has definitely been savaged by the critics and a significant contingent of fans alike. Sure, it's lyrically and thematically weaker and a hodgepodge of stuff from unrelating sessions - the aborted rock experiment by the name of Black Jack Johnson and various collabs but I love it more. ...Even though it's plainly not the kind of assured classic Black On Both Sides is.
  6. Nice work. There must a whole generation unaware of the fact that one of the best hiphop releases of the '90s is only widely available WITHOUT one of its best cuts. Hope it hit the spot Mr. Heath. It always hits mine.
  7. Niggamortis was the original name of the LP. 6 Feet Deep unfortunately loses one of the finest tracks, Pass The Shovel, for some reason. Perhaps an uncleared sample.
  8. Yeah, the first one is much better (as is Deltron). I can only listen to about half of it, but the good half is great. There's far too many completely shite tracks and skits on this for it to be worth buying.
  9. spanky debrest


    The thing with Siamese Dream is that it was caned to death over 10 years ago. It's the definition of the overlistened, overheard LP. Surely even the younger people here are sick to death of it.
  10. I only loathe a very select few pop acts. Anustacia, the Bedingfields and Mis-Teeq. Utterly, utterly, atrocious.
  11. spanky debrest


    Brad - Shame Great LP. Lumped in to the 'grunge' thang because of Stone Gossard. I wonder if it's still in print, or whether it still sounds magnificent.
  12. I agree - it's a fine LP - but do you prefer it to the new Quasimoto? I'd say Count Bass D's 'Begborrowsteel' is up there with the best of the best as well...
  13. Fantasy Zone 2 Balloon Fight Alien Soldier These games will always be around. They're just too good.
  14. Some of these have been mentioned, some haven't - they're all 10/10 killer soul/funk LPs that deserve picking up: Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band: Anthology (any original LPs are essential but very, very hard to find) Sly & the Family Stone: Whole New Thing, Life, Stand, 'Riot, Fresh P-Funk: Funkadelic: S/T, Maggot Brain, Free Your Mind, Live at Meadowbrook, Standing on the Verge, Let's Take it to the Stage P-Funk: Parliament: Osmium, Up For The Downstroke, Chocolate City, Mothership Connection P-Funk: Bootsy's Rubber Band: Stretchin Out, Ahh...the Name's Bootsy baby, Player of the Year, Live in Oklahoma (1976), Live in Louisville (1978)* James Brown: In the Jungle Groove (get the superior 2003 reissue with the 7-minute 'Blind Man Can See' - killer), Motherlode, Payback, Love Power Peace, Say It Live & Loud Minnie Riperton: Come To My Garden, Perfect Angel, Adventures in Paradise (these last two have just seen CD reissue on one budget-priced disc, i.e. Buy Now) Syreeta: Syreeta, Stevie Wonder Presents...Syreeta *The fattest, meanest, most ridiculously insane live recording of a 'funk' band I've ever heard. It's just so damn sick. Nothing will prepare you for this.
  15. Curtis, Jimi, Miles, P-Funk, Vanilla Ice.
  16. It's about time we had a decent thread in this fucking shitpit. Thank you Mr Disciple.
  17. In addition to Stroker Ace's post, I have to point out the crappy diagonal-less digital pad. Sure I live with it but it's still shite.
  18. spanky debrest


    I still well fancy Shirley Manson, despite the loss of weight.
  19. It turned into Divorce Rock. Not cool.
  20. spanky debrest


    Download the Leon Thomas track 'One' Or do yourself a favour and buy his 'Spirits Known and Unknown' LP.
  21. You're being far too harsh. Granted, there are some levels that (even when you know how to do them well) are a chore to play but...it's aimed more for veterans (i.e. experts) of the original. I think a much better reason for dissing SMB2 are the crapper multiplayer games (bar the improved boxing). Later on in the game there's some great fun to be had...And it's still one of the top 5 GC games...
  22. I think it's fucking great. Pretentious? maybe. Brilliant? mos def.
  23. I well fancy Ana Matronic. She's gorgeous.
  24. spanky debrest


    Bitches is richer and denser. But Jack Johnson rocks like no other electric Miles. Unless you love the LP like me you probably won't bother with the 2003 boxset of largely the original unfuckedwith sessions, but they comprise, to me, the finest amplified sessions Miles ever laid down. Worth every last penny.
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