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  1. How could I forget Master System Spy Vs Spy: To many it's nothing more than an endless, annoying cacaphony. To me, it's musical genius lies in the way the staccato skank shifts into bouncy futurist funk and then right back before you know it. I've formulated an arrangement of it that will someday be played by a worthy group of musicians. I find it a fascinating example of pure aural videogame sex.
  2. Wonderboy 3 - The Dragons Trap Phantasy Star Strider Ghouls n Ghosts Shinobi Super Shinobi Super Mario Kart Super Castlevania Gradius 2/5 Nights Radiant Silvergun Ikaruga Sin and Punishment
  3. On the PS2? Yeah. But I might've used a whole bunch of credits. I'm sure I found a couple of the later levels harder. G3 is definitely the sickest, rockbollockhardest Gradius. The Snes version's much more fun.
  4. Also interesting. As well as being simpler your method probably also has a better success rate.
  5. How I do it is like this: - Type 1 ('freeze'), 2 speed ups, Standard bullets - no laser or double, and at least 3 multiples. - As you approach the massive clump position an hold(R1) your multiples vertically with your ship nearer the bottom of the screen. Move your ship to the back (left) of the screen and only press fire at the last moment, simultaneously edging your ship forward through the newly created temporary pathway. Being on the bottom half of the screen you'll get a breather soon in the form of a goo-less space. Now, for the second, much longer stretch, arrange your multiples vertically once again and start firing at the last moment and edge forward. Your multiples and slight edging should take care of some of the beasties, and when you've almost reached the end of the screen relax your hold over the multiples momuntarily. This should result in a multiple held resting just behind your ship where it can spank a few bits of newly regenerated goo that otherwise might've spanked you right at the end.
  6. I used to think she was the most beautiful thing on the telly. Now she grates on all levels.
  7. I'll continue to take an interest in BB but no more viewing the main show. What with Anthony being the only person in there I don't strongly dislike BB will now inevitably be unwatchable bollocks. Science was the best housemate in memory.
  8. You're damn right: http://s10.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=12QRXZD...YI0QWOK6633ZB3L
  9. He wont be going anywhere soon. He'll probably be in the last 3.
  10. Another vote for SOLAR JETMAN!!! Get Balloon Fight as well.
  11. Craig is hellbent on taking unlikability to new levels. I mean, I think Derek's a cunt but at least he's funny ("Let me take you under my right wing"). Science needs to win out of principle.
  12. Cheers for the heads up. Jon Stewart's hilariously good.
  13. Yep, PimpMyRideUK is car crash telly but Westwood is clearly the best thing about it. He's funny and he knows it. I don't understand people who have a problem with Westwood or so-called 'wiggas' - unresolved issues perhaps?
  14. Southern Harmony & Amorica by the Black Crowes.
  15. Antony or M.I.A should win. Kaisers will probably get it though. Their fans are multiplying as I type.
  16. The Easy Dub All Stars' reggae version of Dark Side of the Moon is also a great listen..
  17. I always found something workmanlike and flat about this LP. It just sounds a bit horrible to my ears. The songs and the production just don't do anything positive for me. Maybe you can put it down to me being more of a lover of Barret-era floyd - I'd listen to 'Bike' over 'Comfortably Numb' any day. What I remember of the film was a little disturbing though.
  18. If you were only allowed to do one of the following, which would you choose? 1. Watch TV 2. Listen to Music 3. Read Books Which of the following best represents your attitude to music? 1. I am passionate about music and it is one of the most important things in my life 2. I like music a lot but could live without it 3. I am not particularly bothered about music and could live without it 4. I activly dislike listening to music How often do you go to see live music? 1. Once a month (well, nearer 2-3 times a month) 2. Once every 2-3 months 3. 2-3 times a year 4. Once a year 5. Less Often In total, how many albums do you own on all formats? 1. None 2. <10 3. Between 10 and 49 4. Between 50 and 99 5. Between 100 and 199 6. Between 200 and 299 7. Between 300 and 499 8. Between 500 and 1000 9. Between 1000 and 5000 10. More than 5000 When was the last time you bought music? 1. Within the last week 2. Within the last fortnight 3. Within the last month 4. Within the last 6 months 5. Within the last Year 6. Longer ago
  19. My Favs: Parliament: Osmium, Chocolate City, Up For The Downstroke, Clones of Dr Funkenstein, Funkentelechy... Funkadelic: S/T, Maggot Brain, Free Your Mind..., America Eats It's Young, Live at Meadowbrook 1971, Standing on the Verge..., Hardcore Jollies Bootsy's Rubber Band: Stretchin' Out, Ah...The Name's Bootsy, Baby, Player of the Year, Live in Oklahoma 1976, Live in Louisville 1978 Ruth Copeland: I Am What I Am, Self Portrait Eddie (motherfuckin') Hazel (y'all): Game, Dames and Guitar Thangs Personally I prefer the earlier stuff as the original vocal group mostly left the crew in 1976-77 and the sheer creativity seemed to wane overall (although there's still some killer late stuff as already pointed out - especially Parliament's 'Motor Booty Affair). A world of goodness awaits.
  20. Yeah, SA needs to be expansion-packed. New areas would be great but I'd happily take another set of missions.
  21. Honest Jons have compiled quite a few fantastic compilations of neglected Soul legends now. I understand they're ALL as fine as the Candi CD. My only gripe is that there's no original-LP-specific info, but as you say, it is a top notch purchase.
  22. spanky debrest

    Mojo Magazine

    Yeah, they cant really go wrong. Hopefully the disc includes some of the harder to find Rotary Connection cuts, some (electric) Muddy Waters and loads of Charles Stepney goodness. Though I never seem to buy Mojo it is definitely a great mag - it complements The Wire perfectly.
  23. Gunstar Heroes - A landmark action title busting with character, humour, speed, innovation, special effects and just all round brilliance. Also fantastic (perhaps more so) in 2-player co-op mode. Dynamite Headdy - An excellent action title/theatre production overflowing with clever set pieces, levels and bosses. The UK/US version was considerably altered and made much more difficult. Alien Soldier - Perhaps the 16-bit Treasure title that polarises opinion the most. Basically just an intense Boss Rush, it's notorious for it's uncompromising nature and for pushing the humble Megadrive as far as it could go (technically speaking). Personally I feel it's one of the greatest games ever made, easily in my top ten - but it's certainly not for everyone.
  24. Sounds like you need a helping hand getting started. It's really not tough at all, it just throws you in without a tutorial. Feel free to give me a pm - I'm confident that with only a few ickle bits of info your whole relationship with this game can be turned around.
  25. Black Meaning Good is one of my all time greats. I listed it as one of my absolutest toppest 50 LPs when a local record shop, who were looking for part time staff, asked for such a list to accompany a CV. No, they didn't get back to me. Anyway my shout out goes to the original intergalactic genius - Sun Ra. Outer Space, Out of Space (Yeah yeah yeah..).
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