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  1. This is a cool thread because some good man mentioned Fishbone. Hell muthafucking yes. As for the Chilis, I'm with those who say they turned abysmally shite after BSSM. And Navarro became dull after Ritual De La Habitual. Monster Magnet became a cheesy imitation of themselves after SuperJudge. Megadeth became lame after Rust In Peace. Black Crowes lost their verve after Amorica. White Zombie went down the toilet after La Sexorcisto. That's all right now.
  2. YES. Marc Ribot is a guitar god.
  3. Yes. I've got to say it's a steal, this pack. They've gone way beyond the call of duty with the presentation and the choice of games available. It's also the reason why I'm posting this at 0512. And sitting innocuously amongst the many fine games lies a perfect (well, there is a little slowdown sometimes) version of NZS for the home. Bliss.
  4. Damn you double flood control post arse.
  5. I went to a Barry's Bootlegs xmas party a few years ago where Cassette Boy stole the show by handing out hundreds of toy Uzis, rifles and other assorted plastic automatic weaponry for everyone to dance with. It was one of the funniest nights in memory. The xmas-themed CD that was given out was pretty funny as well - I'm not sure whether that was ever properly released. But yeah, great stuff.
  6. You need some prime Tito Puente - get his 'El Rey' and 'Pa'lante' LPs. Any Willie Bobo from the 60's would be a good to get aswell. On the jazzier end of things some of the earlier LPs by Airto Moreira (such as 'Free' and 'Fingers') and Gato Barbieri (such as Bolivia) are well worth hearing. Finally 'Jambo Caribe' by Dizzy Gillespie is a truly remarkable album that, although having tunes that owe more to late '50s Trinidad and Hiati than Cuba is a must for your collection. Just get it.
  7. This is the most exciting fucking looking game. I'm CREAMING myself with anticipation after watching Sega's official trailer. This is a kind of game which reminds me why I love playing.
  8. I imagine that he's a particularly complex and intelligent individual, and that his kids must be very happy to have him as their dad. A truly magnificent man indeed.
  9. Rumours of a Cube-bound sequel were around since before the 'Cube was even around. I doubt it will happen though since it was the poorest selling Nintendo-published title of modern times. It bombed.
  10. Yeah, the whole thing stank. However, I look forward to the new, revitalised and reinvogorated INXS setting the world alight.
  11. Dylan is one of those towering geniuses that I never really got my teeth into in an absorbing albums kind of way. Although I love a lot of his work (Nashville Skyline was the last one I heard properly, about a couple of years ago) I have only a couple of LPs. I fully intend on getting that new compilation eventually. As an aside, one of the many things I would love to have hoped from Jimi Hendrix had he not passed away was a full on Dylan reinterpretations LP. He'd already played and mostly recorded about 5 Dylan tracks just out of plain love.
  12. But seriously: New INXS frontman named Wednesday Sep 21 16:30 AEST After a global search, INXS has chosen Canadian singer JD Fortune to front the iconic Australian rock outfit. The 32-year-old was named the group's new frontman, replacing Michael Hutchence, who took his own life at a Sydney hotel in 1997. "Michael's light will always be a part of this band and I think there are talented artists here that just haven't finished their dream and I am just happy to be along for a part of that," Fortune told Australian journalists from Los Angeles. INXS original members Kirk Pengilly, Tim Farriss, Jon Farriss, Andrew Farriss and Garry Beers earlier this year embarked on an international search to replace Hutchence, joining forces with reality TV guru Mark Burnett. Together they created the reality TV show Rock Star: INXS, with thousands of budding singers auditioning around the world with the ultimate goal of fronting the band. Fortune, who grew up in Nova Scotia and whose name is Jason, was up against Australian contestant Mig Ayesa and Marty Casey, from the United States, in the final vote of the TV series, screened in Australia on pay TV. His rendition of INXS hit What You Need secured him the gig. While a fan of INXS growing up, Fortune never saw the group live with Michael Hutchence up front. "I was living in a really small town ... I never got a chance to see any concerts when I was younger," he said. "(But) a huge chunk of who I am as a singer, songwriter and performer, comes from the influences of INXS and to be able to say that we are INXS at this point is more than a dream." INXS formed in 1977 and went on to sell more than 35 million albums worldwide with hits such as New Sensation, Devil Inside, Disappear and Need You Tonight. "Tonight was one of the most significant moments of this band's entire career," Tim Farriss said of the show's climax. "The last time this band made a significant anything was at our dear and beloved brother Michael Hutchence's funeral ... thunder and rain happened and it happened again this morning. "I don't know if it has got anything to do with anything in the world but it is pretty kind of weird and out there." Farriss said INXS was not looking for a clone of Michael Hutchence. "Jason ... is not trying to fill his (Hutchence's) shoes. We never expected him to," Farriss said. "Here we are with a brand new person that completes our band and we are just so grateful." INXS has attempted to find a replacement lead singer several times since 1997. At one stage Terence Trent D'Arby fronted the band before Jon Stevens took over. But neither relationship worked out. INXS will release a single on Thursday through Sony BMG, titled Pretty Vegas. A new INXS album, the first in eight years, will be released in November and will be followed by a world tour starting in January. The final episode of Rock Star: INXS was to air on Fox8 at 8.30pm (AEST) on Wednesday night. ©AAP 2005
  13. http://www.usswisconsin.org/Pictures/1950%...uise%201957.JPG A funney picshure! I LOLLED! Men being hung is very safe for teh work!!!1 - Alan
  14. spanky debrest

    Wedding Music

    Whoops just read the opening post. Disregard me post.
  15. spanky debrest

    Wedding Music

    I went to a wedding the other week in which the organisers had 'hymns' prepared (you know, lyric sheets to go along with the music). The songs were something by Captain Sensible (unfamiliar, twee but appropriate neverthless), That 80's pseudo-carib classic with the chorus of "Feelin' Hot Hot Hot" and 'It Must Be Love' by Madness. Later in the evening there were about 8 punk bands (including UKSUBS and Anal Beard) augmented by a bunch of acoustic singer-songwriters who all made full use of the vunue's excellent rig. So anyway, using songs that are personal to you and the bride together with printed Lyric sheets encouraging everyone else to sing along is a really really good idea.
  16. Gradius stopped evolving after Gradius II, became more rounded and accessible with Gradius Gaiden and was bought back to life (minus the Moui heads) with Gradius V . The only possible gripe you could have with Gradius V is that it isn't possible to 1-credit it under 35 mins, which is fair enough if you're after more of a trad, short 'n sharp shooter experience. But 'mundane'? From a shooter fan? I can accept some people's loathing of Ikaruga but surely no shooter in recent times caters so well for both casual and hardcore gamers like Gradius V does.
  17. I know that Newzealand Story is almost here on the PS2 but it would be great to have it on the DS. Putting both perfect arcade renditions in the same cart would have me deliriously happy.
  18. You need some of the heavier mercury-fried Funkadelic records. Try Maggot Brain or America Eats its Young. Do it.
  19. spanky debrest


    Bit of a long shot but what the hey...: Does anyone know any Live show bootlegs which contain the Fuzzy Haskins song 'Cookie Jar'? I understand Prince was once upon a time prone to covering this marvelous song..
  20. I want a Katamari game, a 2D Bomberman, a Sega-published Treasure Box (exactly like the soon to be released comp on PS2) and a firmware crack. I also want it to have a touch screen.
  21. The games that most rocked my world this last gen? 1. Ikaruga (Dreamcast) 2. San Andreas 3. Gradius V 4. Super Monkey Ball
  22. Well, enjoy the original Pointer Sisters track in its whole entire goodness then: http://s21.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2O9MS5S...WV3A015Q0F1NGG4
  23. That angry drunkard man in Rakugaki Showtime who only roughly moves where you want him to and recharges his energy when he goes to sleep in his own toxic vomit. He's ace.
  24. The GBA version had all the levels of the Snes sequel, some lazy approximations of the Megadrive GnG and a few truly awful GBA-specific levels. The armour or not you were wearing at the end of the levels decided what branch you were next taken to. It really wasn't very good IMO. I believe the X68000 version was a great conversion but, like many fans I doubt I'll get a chance to sample it.
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