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  1. Yeah, mines an NTSC unit so I know it does. If playing on an HDTV was a goal I wouldn't think twice about installing the RGB board or harnessing the S-video signal for a better quality source for the chain. Truthfully though, had I been aware of how excellent N64 S-video was I might have regarded an RGB mod as overkill and never contemplated it at all. But that's just me.
  2. @Keyboard Koala I think it's a good shout but I personally wouldn't pin it on a - or that - specific record. It's not the same song to my ears but it's a reasonable throw in the general direction, IMO. Didn't the 3DS Mii Plaza song suite have about seven completely different variations that unlocked over time? I remember going through collections of audio rips on khinsider to find the one I loved which only stayed accessible for a short time on the console (in order to use it a home screen theme). Nintendo's thing for the kitschy easy 60s Latin organ-driven lounge sound all over the Wii / 3DS era is a thing but there are thousands of period pieces with that sound as it was a legitimate pop music craze for a minute there. I don't think you'll find the 'original' - rather, countless tunes that sound similar. If anyone needs some joy stamped out of them you know where to find me.
  3. @Fallows I may have an unused Tim Worthington RGB kit (flashed with a firmware that allows for extra controller / deblur functions) laying around that you can have for cost. It was fancy when I bought it, but there are definitely fancier options now if you want the best of the best. Reason I didn't install it is because - for N64 - I'm actually 100% happy with composite video & toggling anti-AA patches now and then for official titles. Since I only game on a CRT and have no desire to capture / stream / use a scaler etc it's probably going to remain unused.
  4. Elsewhere in this sub forum I rattled off a quick list of Mega Drive favourites for someone new to the system, and included a game I was high off playing for the first time: Ys III: Wanderers From Ys. I mention this because tonight I finished it and it's left me feeling..a bit empty and unsatisfied, despite having a great time with it overall and being fully aware of its origins as an early Falcom PC game. I really enjoyed its linearity and super simple approach to progression (no peeking at a guide required). The music is fantastic and made a lot of sections come alive. The speed of combat is ridiculously fast as autofire is baked in and you can crazed upwards-slash like a special kind of psychopath. But it also had more than its fair share of mild jank if I'm honest - tiny things that over the course of the game have potential to grate. For example, when you die there's a bit of a pause before the continue options display, and the menu action here - just here - is not instant. You can speed it up by pressing a button but the menu frustratingly defaults to 'start from beginning' rather than a save file - so you need to be patient and restrained to avoid annoyance. Of course, I lost track of how many times I accidentally restarted the game due to a double button press, and chose to hard reset to get back to my game quicker. It just kept happening, and I kept groaning 'motherfucker' in an evermore incredulous tone. The combo of that specific menu lag and the game itching to have you restart to watch the unskippable introduction scene is brutal. The increase in your stats per level gained was also something that didn't sit right. For example, I spent a good while getting destroyed by one of the last bosses. I kept coming back, trying new tactics, all my items & magic, over and over.. and it was just a bit too much. A little bit unreasonable. Eventually I accepted that I was underpowered and needed to level up (I was already level 11 out of a maximum of 12). So I spent a few minutes grinding nearby and went back into the boss room....to utterly fuck him up within seconds. No strategy required, just a few scrappy jumping downward slashes and it was all over. It was as if the last gained level of experience tripled my defense and attack stats, instantly transforming this monster into a pathetic joke. I get that the game needs you to be maxed out for the final stretch but the stats curve throughout is really steep, rather than the difficulty itself being high (it's not). There are some seriously beautiful visual touches left for the end and the end sequence itself though, with some unexpectedly brilliant portraits of the main characters. The double edged nature of this though is that it hammers home how little I got to know them, and how functional the plotting was. It made me think of the end sequence of Musha Aleste which features a portrait of the main protagonist recovering in a hospital ward. The contrast is stark because it's so much more than being rewarded by pretty pictures. It feels like closure, and relatable after the gameplay itself. Anyway, Ys III is a charming little game with excellent music and more to like that was over far too quickly. My advice for a newbie is just bear in mind that this is a mega short, super simple adventure by RPG standards. However as a vintage action platformer in which you'll be doing a lot of jumping and maniacal sword slashing - which stretches out it's length by incorporating a couple of RPG mechanics - it's pretty cool.
  5. I highly doubt the new (likely limited run) Switch N64-styled controllers will be compatible with 2.4G dongles, and suspect the port used for controller peripherals (such as the memory module / Controller Pak) won't be there. It'll be redundant as part of a Switch controller. I'd like to have a some faith in Nintendo 2021 being able to throw a bone to the retro enthusiast contingent but honestly I think they fucking despise us.
  6. Using PAL ROMs that haven't been fixed to run properly at 60hz in this day and age is disgusting.
  7. ^^^ Definitely. Parappa (and sequel Un Jammer Lammy), in my experience, completely fall apart if you're not playing real hardware on a CRT. These two have the tightest timings I've ever encountered and are easily destroyed by a little LCD latency, let alone with emulation and controller lag on top. I only popped in here to find out what on earth the fourth game in this collection of the GBA trilogy was.
  8. The Kirby game was my highlight because I couldn't stop staring at those dilapidated environments. Actraiser HD deserves better art direction than the generic-shiny aesthetic it's been given but nice surprise there. I noticed Yuzo Koshiro contributed new music for the new content so that should be interesting. Those N64 / MD game selections are excellent but charging extra for access & gouging members for controllers is sadly on-brand for today's Nintendo - even if the games are now all online multiplayer enhanced. As for F-Zero X - the high peak of the series for me - they're literally going to bring it out on Switch as part of the 'Expansion Pack' but without the actual F-Zero Expansion Pack that 64DD and flashcart owners get to enjoy.
  9. Some personal favourites: - Battle Mania Daiginjou - Hellfire - Ghouls n Ghosts - Rolling Thunder 2 - Atomic Runner Chelnov - Lord Monarch - Cyber Police ESWAT - Gauntlet IV - Ys III - Musha Aleste - Madou Monogatari / Sorcery Saga - Cave Story (homebrew port) Other favourites that a newcomer should probably experience: - Alien Soldier - Super Shinobi I & II - Castlevania Bloodlines - Gunstar Heroes - Bare Knuckle III - Phantasy Star IV - Contra Hard Corps - Dynamite Headdy I guess the lists can go on for quite a bit as the library is pretty broad and diverse, especially once you factor in aftermarket releases and mods. It was Gunstar Heroes and the strong shooter library that had me itching to own Mega Drive once again, but in recent years I've found a lot of joy exploring games I once ignored or are only now accessible in English (such as Lord Monarch).
  10. Had an urge to go back to the original Master System Fantasy Zone 2 and relearning it has been a joy. There's a lot about this game which makes it an 8-bit masterwork but not rewarding you for blitzing through its stages as fast as possible is unique amongst all Fantasy Zone games. Enemy bases don't give you a pittance upon destruction if you decide to spend a moment or two grinding for cash or hunting for secrets first - activities which take on extra significance in this game. It's so much more than just arguably the prettiest game on the system.
  11. I guess so. But I'm not sure how I feel about analogies with music. To me they're not particularly comparable; I value my tapes, vinyl and CDs much more than video games and don't believe that, say, listening to a digital rip of a record or tape yields the same experience as listening to the analogue original (I mean the actual listening experience - not the ceremony and ritual leading up and surrounding it). Even if it's lossless. The formats themselves have distinct qualities that cannot be replicated by eachother - not totally unlike different console formats. I'm aware this is not a popular view and also I think I might have shitted this thread up, so, err sorry about that.
  12. The ceremony and procedure, the atmosphere. Picking the game case out. Perhaps refamiliarising yourself with its hand drawn, hand painted box & manual art. Reading the blurb. Gently micro-wiggling the cart out of its cozy confines and optionally giving its edge connector a soft yet firm rub with an alcohol-drenched cotton bud, before finally massaging the package into place & flicking the power switch on. Different journey to the same destination.
  13. It's my impression that eBay's corporate partners do most of their business with Buy-It-Now sales. It's just another storefront to them and as solid a revenue stream for eBay as any. As for the annoyance of being priced out of the retro market.. surely this is why flashcarts / ODEs / etc are essential tools for today's enthusiast? I certainly couldn't go back to vanilla setups and pretend my favourite experiences in recent years weren't dependent on these devices.
  14. This reminds me of when I last used eBay to sell anything. Someone who bought a desirable DS game for a very fair price complained about a tiny price sticker on the back (of an otherwise near mint package), accused me of trying to scam her (despite an album of pictures that clearly showed the sign of extra authenticity), left a neutral rating and shitty message, somehow damaged the case when trying to remove the sticker (?) and then promptly put the item back up to sell for £25 more than she paid for it. More fool me for not using the trading forum here.
  15. I never clocked that intro sequence in Souky did that! Been playing the game for 20 years as well (probably all time favourite 32-bit shooter, hands down my favourite shooter soundtrack). I guess the classic / major case of a Saturn game using RTC is Christmas Nights. No idea about GC or DC games that pull and display that kind of data though. I associate RTC use overwhelmingly with Nintendo, things like Animal Crossing and Pokémon..games I've never touched but somehow know too much about.
  16. This is much more developed than I thought it would be and legitimately amazing but these exercises in 68000 programming / using SGDK rarely get too far. Having said that though - the Demons of Asteborg devs managed to get a 15MB / 120 MEGA POWER sized ROM working properly by abusing the 5MB Super Street Fighter II mapper - making a game full of countless detailed assets like SOTN seems like a slightly more technically feasible port, on paper anyway. In other news the Arkagis dev just released a demo of the new game he's been cooking which is probably well worth a try: https://www.arkagis.com/escape/
  17. "A predominantly sprite-based game, unoriginal and already inferior by 4th generation console standards, “J.League Dynamite Soccer 64″ is a strong contender for the worst N64 football title. It is, however, easy to play with simple to pick up, arcade-style controls. Now this lousy sports title and its exclusively Japanese clubs are available in English for the first time, to the delight of no one." https://www.romhacking.net/translations/6237/
  18. Forgive the possibly silly question but did you ever try other NTSC consoles over composite? There was always a bunch of off spec stuff going on with PC Engine video, making it impossible to predict TV compatibility and providing headaches galore for accessory makers. I'm glad you got your SSDS3. I think I recall you mentioning being in the market for one a while back. With a bit of luck (if technically possible) they'll be able to back-port the palette loading feature of the new SSDS3 model to the firmware of older models, allowing for the toggling between RGB types for all.
  19. It's interesting to see a kind of reappraisal of how amazing composite video is for this console in recent times, and an acceptance of traditional methods of pulling RGB resulting in a slight loss of colour information and being technically off too (Bonk's skin tone being too red, for example). It's also interesting to me that there are now devices that can pull digital video signals from those rear pins, convert them to an objectively 'correct' RGB (without any missing colour info)..and then convert it all to HDMI for those without a scaler / CRT.. and all with zero added latency. These rare, boutique vintage consoles getting all of this attention and expensive cutting edge tech. I'd never have imagined it.
  20. I didn't mind the PS2 remake of Alien Syndrome but you'll want the 3rd Sega 3D archives collection for the JPN 3DS for a perfect version of the original one. Dipping into Yu Suzuki Game Works on DC is pretty cool as it contains decent - if brutally tough - ports of Space Harrier, Hang On, Afterburner, Out Run and Power Drift (no Shenmues required). Leaving arcade game compilations aside I recall the original Splatterhouse is available on the XBox360 reimagining as an unlockable. Those cheeky one-level versions of Gradius and Xexex hidden in Goemon 1 & 2 on Super Famicom are pretty great.
  21. I was hoping there was maybe an adaptor for an original Saturn controller (I have an excess of them and have too many bad experiences with Retro-Bit products to support them today), but it's good to know the Wingman has a built in VMU. Cheers.
  22. To be honest I'd love one of those Saturn pad adaptors with VMU support. I'm okay with the DC controller (I never have sessions long or intense enough to destroy my hands) but to use a comfier controller with an S-tier d-pad would be excellent. In other news, I'm over trying to yet SF Alpha / Zero 3 running via SD card: same non-boot with the JPN version. I've definitely not come across any mention of it being a problem before today but, well, it is what it is. GDEMU clones are as little as $30-40 these days and not being able to run a few games (literally three, I think) seems fair enough. When the MODE came out it was clear it was the best in terms of features and compatibility but obviously that comes with a premium cost too. It wasn't that long ago that having multiple options for drive replacements was a fantasy. Might try out Blue Stinger later. Too much pissing about and not enough playing.
  23. Off the top of my head, Simon Lock: https://aergan.wordpress.com/contact/ SLR Modshop: https://slrmodshop.co.uk/index.php
  24. @strider does the soft reset button combo (face buttons and Start) not work? Most DC games will soft reset first to the title screen and then once there hard reset again with a second press of the button combo (which should take you the USBGD-ROM front end..?) I'm a GDEMU user but I don't see why these behaviours would be any different on any ODE. Tokyo Highway Battle, Frogger 2 and NBA do sound like RGB over SCART problems. Switching over to composite / VGA should fix those, I'd imagine. I don't see why Le Mans 24 or Sega Rally 2 don't work though (I can't speak on Alpha 3 - however I'm tempted to install it for myself and report back) EDIT: I tried the Alpha 3 (USA) v.1001 GDI (that I'd forgotten I'd already installed years back - and never tested) but it failed to boot. I wasn't expecting that. Quickly grabbed a scene CDi of the same release from CD Romance to test that too and.. nope, same boot failure. I'm at a loss as to why this one *seems* to be unsupported. Once upon a time there were multiple methods of producing apparently accurate dumps from GD-ROM discs - one of which absolutely were not compatible with GDEMU. There was even a tool which converted the ODE-unfriendly Redump dumps so they'd be read and worked as intended. This issue with Alpha 3 is odd because it reads and installs correctly (the SD card tool doesn't allow the odd format Redump GDIs to install) - it just fails to initialise boot once launched. I'm going to have try one of the JPN versions (probably Zero 3 for Matching Service) before I accept defeat on this one.
  25. I wouldn't personally call it very disposable - it does recharge itself, after all - and it's not exactly buried (pop the top off and it's right there on the control port PCB rather than the motherboard which isn't accessible without full disassembly). It is however soldered on. They could have gone the Saturn approach and had a cheaper non-rechargable CR2032 to hold the time and date info.. but that would've required more frequent replacements. It's only really an issue now because a couple of decades have passed.
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