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  1. Tate (tayte) Mode is fine. So is animated Gif (hard G). "Zee Ex" Spectrum is fine too. Fight the pedantry within.
  2. They're back on sale in a month apparently, and a version for NTSC-U systems will follow at some point. On another timeline I'd already have a Famicom & N8 Pro waiting for this thing to join the party, and the dual-outputting of RGB and composite to separate displays would be done day one.
  3. I loved SNES Prince of Persia so much. A whole new PoP game with 7-8 more stages, expanded combat and gorgeous music. It's the best but I got my fill in the early 2000s when I cheerfully worked my way to the final stage with loads of time left..to find an incomprehensible level I gave up trying to understand, let alone finish. Keeping on the SNES front, that new 'Twin Stick' mod for Pocky and Rocky is a lot of fun, especially with a Saturn controller instead of a SNES one.
  4. The PSX has a huge library of exclusive, evergreen classics. Off the top of my head, Einhander, R-Type Delta and Gradius Gaiden are games of unrivalled quality, anywhere, even today in 2022, and that's just the cream of the horizontal shooters, if that subgenre isn't a turn-off. As for racing games, Racing Lagoon received fan translation a little while back, which might be worth investigating for its impeccable period aesthetics alone.
  5. I use a cheap adaptor for PSX controllers and also a SNAC, but honestly that fast USB polling does kinda make the SNAC adaptor less of a necessity (unless you need Light Gun / esoteric peripheral support a cheap adaptor won't cover). Having to use a PSX multitap to be able to use real memory cards does make me wish the MiSTerfpga.co.uk PSX SNAC wasn't quite so stripped back though. I'd have preferred a couple of PSX MC slots on the adaptor, which would've been a more elegant solution (if a touch pricier and more complex to produce).
  6. An original PSX controller (pre-thumb sticks, all digital) hooked up through a generic PS2 controller to USB adaptor is a fine option. I do really love using that original controller though. The ones I have perform as well they did 25 years ago, as well as feel correct.
  7. "We want your Romsets to be complete and up to date" is a beautiful thing to tell someone.
  8. New Zealand Story is incoming, apparently. I had a bash at running the X68000 port a while back, but it really wasn't playable. It'll be a dream come true for me that an FPGA core for at least one of NZS board variants is a thing. Can't wait.
  9. Videogame which feature real life weapons have had the US war machine involved in their production, and should really be considered CIA propaganda in addition to anything else. As a developer, if you want realistic guns on your game you have to also ensure that you're doing your bit to spread American imperial values.
  10. Expectations might need reigning in as the team behind this new release of EAR are known to me because their previous Saturn-based emulation-ports (for the Switch at least) perform pretty badly. Double digit added frames of lag badly.
  11. It is expensive. But as someone who was in the market for a PC Engine and Famicom plus SD solutions / applicable mods, it was pretty easy for me to rationalise it as a bargain. The DE10 Nano board was about £130 shipped from Digikey only a year ago though, with a 4-6 week lead time. Mouser currently sell them for 'only' £208.44, but with a much longer potential wait.
  12. A few months before I got around to using a working MiSTer setup, I got back into using a real PSOne. I dug out, cleaned up and picked up a few choice controllers & peripherals (including a RGC SCART cable). Retrieved, tackled and beat a few loved-but-never-conquered games from back in the day, burned a decent stack of new-to-me games, hacks and translations to CD-R and basically lamented how long I'd been missing out on PSX gaming in recent years. Most crucially, I had accepted that the PlayStation One had come home after a mysterious exile to benevolently rule over the other machines. Anyway, I never thought I'd use the MiSTer for systems I already currently use, but I'm really enjoying checking out new PSX stuff via SD card - rather than faffing with CD-Rs & wallets - and don't feel I need to invest in an X-Station ODE (plus professional modwork / equipment) for an old original PlayStation anymore.
  13. You need a six-button controller to be able to fully control your movements (simultaneously controlling two separate components). It's an unusual/ tricky mechanic that might ask a lot of an unsuspecting player. I don't think so. If starting from scratch, a fully modded multiregion Mega Drive with flawless video and enhanced audio output, bundled with a high quality scaler and a high-end flashcart will probably have a comparable cost to a MiSTer setup (rising component prices nonwithstanding).
  14. Justified response IMO. I don't produce YouTube videos but if I made stuff a tenth as original / insightful / amusing as what Bransfield and Dudley do - and had to deal with insinuations of 'ebegging' because I had a patreon or virtual tip jar - it'd probably piss me right off.
  15. George's latest video reminded me of when Slopes Game Room was passionately defending THGM's brazen theft of multiple smaller YouTubers videos in comment sections ("I would have been HONOURED to have him lift my stuff"), which was also around the time that his then anonymous wife made her debut as a guest presenter on his channel. It's not a clique. It's just a few slightly dim content creators.
  16. Totally understand getting a decent scaler and foregoing hunting down a second-hand CRT, but this thread encouraged me to finally acquire a dedicated CRT for vertically oriented games.
  17. It's a dream core. Looking forward to testing analogue controllers with it, particularly the PSX NeGcon.
  18. I didn't try that! I take it that this is a common workaround? I'm keen to see more levels and hear more music so will definitely return to it.
  19. I checked out Amiga Ghouls n Ghosts last night mainly to hear the original Follin music. The one button-ness breaks the game in half because you can't fire upwards without jumping first. No way to dress this up as anything but basic contempt for the end user.
  20. Ultimate Qix / Volfied is a favourite of mine because you can play for survival and / or points, and the balance of risk-reward in the basic gameplay is exquisite. I watched a Sega Lord video the other night about the quality and merits of the smallest-sized Mega Drive games, mostly early or originally downloadable 256K Sega Net titles. Volfied stuck out like a sore thumb, punching way above its class.
  21. Mercenary Force / Tenjin Kaisen is a beast of a game: a unique technical shooter with immaculate aesthetics.
  22. Only with worse performance on Switch. Ports of ports of ports should really offer something better in gameplay than the original source.
  23. Predictably, two days into using the MiSTer, and it's the best gaming purchase I've ever made. I totally see why that wealth of incredible classic arcade games running at their original timings with zero lag on a CRT is enough for some. For me it is revolutionary.
  24. I think the issue with those Irem M72 games and overscan is related to those boards running at 55hz and just using more of the area normally not used by regular console games. In other words, the original monitors used in the cabinets would have displayed more than what regular consumer CRTs do, so that's why some HUD info is cut off. They also run at nonstandard, higher resolutions than other games of their era.
  25. Yeah, Thus is what I tried, but no detection of either real pads via the daemonbite box or the 8bitdo PCE pad. Just the ibuffalo. I have only spent about 30 minutes with it though, so it's probably me being a donut. Thanks for this, however I got myself a few of these last year. I'll test them out once I get the more basic stuff ironed out. Looking forward to a PSX one with a composite video input for light guns, eventually. I'll also go back and read this thread a bit, as I'm sure issues I'll face will have been addressed already.
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