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  1. Even with the region dupes and the odd classic that didn't receive localisation (Snatcher) It's got to be the best software lineup of a mini console yet. The MD mini has got about 10 duds on it for my liking. This line up has fewer than those, and the cream of the CD and Supergrafx library too. Once M2 get confirmed as being behind the emulation it might be tough not to put down for one.
  2. Probably the greatest forum bulk purchase of all time? I remember umming and ahhing about whether to buy into it. Of course it's a regret not doing so.
  3. It was utilised a lot more than many realise though. Aside from the games that were N3DS exclusive (the most notable one for me being Binding of Isaac) there were a load of games that ran better (smoother, at 60fps rather than 30fps) on N3DS upon detecting the hardware. Granted, many of these 'dual performance' titles are digital-only and their N3DS enhancement support was rarely advertised but I think it's a common misconception that barely any games utilised the N3DS spec bump.
  4. For me it wont be portable enough to replace other handheld options - and overpriced - but the inclusion of the D-Pad and the screen's increased PPI makes it the Switch I'd opt for.
  5. 3DS was £219.99 on release.
  6. A lucky bargain I can think of stumbling across was a pictureless, poorly advertised / worded ebay auction for an unused copy of Rakugaki Showtime. My lowball bid of £20 ended up winning it. I think that's about it.
  7. I'm right there with you..and determined to see the credits of Sexy some time this week..
  8. I borrowed my brothers PSP once specifically to enjoy his copies of the Gradius & Parodius collections but really couldn't get on with the screen quality and image scaling options. It probably didn't help that it was a pre-launch console as I understand later revisions have significantly nicer panels. I've got the Saturn up and running now and think I might have my first bash on Sexy later after maybe 5 or 6 years. I never did see the later levels on it and hope it doesn't completely kick my arse..
  9. There's no shame in turning the power-up roulette off to make things less chaotic if you're considering tackling a later one like Jikkyou Oshaberi or Sexy Parodius. I'd definitely do this expecially if you're somewhat new.
  10. R-Type will always have a place in my top 10 most loved games of all time. I originally played it concurrently on my Master System and in the arcades, and it never got old. The few textbooks of mine that I have from school days are caked in biro and pencil drawn R-9 ships and imaginary variants. I still like to draw them if I'm honest. It was definitely a game of two halves though, with most of the fun and iconic sections being in the early part of the game and requirements to memorise-or-die being mandatory from stage 5 onwards. I remember it taking weeks of regular play to crack the hardest section of the game - the second half of stage 7 - and the elation I felt when it was finally done. Stage 8 was a cakewalk by comparison and I can still visualise the enemy formations and streams of bullets of that section. The moody music of that level worked so brilliantly too, basically being a giant depressed shrug (in the best possible way). The really special thing about the Master System port was how intact it was. Sure, there's a load of flicker at times and the sprites are proportionally tiny but somehow the game itself isn't too compromised. It's all there, like the original arcade game but at an easier difficulty level. Superb stuff. When I got hold of the R-Types collection on PS1 I sat down with R-Type II and couldn't believe what a cruel, vicious (and charmless) bastard it was. I never clicked with it (unlike with Delta which I agree is probably the finest all-round R-Type). Speaking of which the music for the Battleship level in Delta - 'The Great Attack' - has never left my head with its 9:13 (or something) time signature, wordless choir, demented yet focused synth stabs and huge rusted metal clunkery. PS1 era sound orchestration / recording was something else. A few years back when I decided to explore the PC Engine CD library via emulation one of the first games I wanted to experience was R-Type CD. I'd heard the music was my mostly awful but, it was still a legit R-Type and therefore a game to try and conquer. After battling with it for an afternoon I finally thought I'd cracked stage 6..only to discover that there was now inexplicably an extra new exclusive boss. Needless to say I didn't reach stage 7 and I've never gone back to that version of the game since. Probably my favourite reference to R-Type anywhere is the level in Bangai-O Spirits (DS) which is a fully operational recreation of the original legendary Stage 3 battleship, complete with self-healing gun placements around the back. What a way to make an old man's heart melt. I think the stage might have been named 'P-Type' and it definitely inspired the creation of the best level I personally ever made for that game. The only shooter that felt to me like a worthy follow up was Irem's own X-Multiply from a year or two later, a similarly biomechanical fever dream filled with freakish monsters and an amazing, oppressive and dark electro-horror score.
  11. I have an old mate who throughout our 30+ years of friendship never once dropped the playground Sega Vs Nintendo schtick. It's not why I eventually asked him never to contact or speak to me again but it didn't help matters.
  12. I love the original despite the MSX not being able to smoothly scroll. It's so damn charming. But I'm not sure which to pick. I have them all for the Saturn but think I'd prefer to crack out a version that others might have easier access to for a comparable experience.
  13. I used to dislike Jim Sterling for various reasons despite fundamentally agreeing with the gist of his arguments but I can't think of any other video games commentator whos critiques are so gloriously anti-capitalist in nature. Strip away the persona and bombast and what you're usually left with is solid journalism. Gotta respect that.
  14. I understand the cynicism but there's really no equivalence between what ATGames and Terraonion do (or what John Hancock and MVG do either IMO). Products like the Mega SD (and other high quality FPGA devices) only ever improve over time as their cores become more accurate and firmwares more feature laden, dependent on demand from enthusiasts. ATGames are all about the quickest easiest route to profit and treat their demographic accordingly.
  15. Well M2 did an amazing job with their port of Sega Rally on the PS2 so I'd imagine that with the knowhow they've been obtaining with these Switch titles porting this one wouldn't necessarily be too taxing a job. Sadly however the entire Sega Ages Switch line has underperformed in Japan so it's probably best to assume that this lot is all we're gonna get for the meanwhile.
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