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  1. I distinctly remember the first time I played this game, a surprise 'grey' import back in the day. It was a interesting afternoon, fumbling with the controls, working out what all the symbols meant, marvelling at the amazing music but not really deciding it whether it was a great game owing to how crushingly dull the early levels were. It was My First Castlevania. Thankfully near the end of the session we'd managed to get quite a few levels in enough to be impressed with some of the Mode 7 theatrics and levels which finally started to feel fun, and over the course of the following weeks I wanted to get back to my mates house ASAP to see how much better the game got. I think I only managed a few more goes before it was traded for something else. I did go back to it some time near the end of the decade / millennium to finally properly compete it.. and remember feeling hugely underwhelmed by it as a whole and saved mainly because of its atmosphere. I've had no real urge to revisit it but maybe it deserves another shot seeing as it's been something like two decades since my last serious playthrough and in all likelihood have forgotten about its best bits. I thought I was completely done with Super Castlevania IV and yet here I am typing about it in here.
  2. They're the best in class by far and the only sane option considering their performance - but probably not the best option as three separate solutions for your consoles (at that point you might as well get an OSSC or wait for an RGB Retrotink2X). If you're happy with RF on a 4K telly (?!) none of these scaling cables or scalers are for you though. Save the money.
  3. Yeah, I've been taking my time absorbing the discs of new stuff I'm the 1999 boxset. Other music acquisitions have had to take back seat for the time being as this particular Prince era was his peak to me. Purple Music changed everything when I first heard it. Imagine being a youngster with a gnawing, growing taste for funk and hearing it pulse through the air. The Feel U Up / Irresistible demos getting a lick of paint and finding their way onto here seems a bit strange though. I thought they dated from early 1980 and makes me wonder about other more period relevant material that they opted to withhold instead.
  4. I'm fascinated by Xenon II because it's possibly the worst commercial multiplatform shoot 'em up of all time and yet it persists in our collective consciousness. It WAS all the rage though. Every computer owner had a copy. Pretty sure the theme tune was a legit Top 40 smash. Alongside Shadow of the Beast it was often used by the small indie computer shops to show off Amiga hardware in action and to tempt people to come inside.
  5. Nostalgia is THE primary driver in our enjoyment of media.
  6. I checked it out, running through it in one mostly enjoyable go; my thoughts: - It's got some lovely visuals for SNES homebrew or otherwise - There's been great care with level rebuilding (a lot of the layouts are really close to those of the original game) - It's weird having levels designed for single direction scrolling be recreated for a two-way direction environment; some choices / puzzles fall apart because of this (for example, why bother risking death to check for an invisible secret platform when you can travel backwards from the end of said area and treat yourself to the loot anyway) - DKC-esque rendered 3D animated models are one (impressive) thing..but extensive audio samples from Mario 64 (I think) accompanying every player action are another. Wall jumping adds nothing but breaking various sections of the levels (not that they were ever tough to begin with).. but it's authentic to NSMB rules so can see why this was likely implemented - The music renditions are interesting and accurate - but pale in sound, instrument and arrangement quality to many fan-made SNES files of SML music tracks available to download and use at the Super Mario World Central SPC / Music database; it'd probably sound nicer if the author didn't feel the need to reinvent the wheel here IMO - Overall It's a great idea pulled off well and an audacious tech demo.. but I'd imagine had it instead have been a hack of Super Mario World with modified physics aping the handling of SML it might be more fun to play (I personally have no interest in playing through this again despite the play statistics the game gives you upon completion). The time, effort and skill required to create new original pixel art ready for use in a SMW hack isn't trivial however; it's probably easier in 2019 to go the Silicon Graphics-esque render route than to create fully animated pixel art sprites - The talented dev who made this should consider teaming up with other individuals who can code SNES assembly language / produce excellent SNES audio with aim to making some quality homebrew on a system which doesn't seem to have too much. The kind of SNES dev skill on display here seem thin on the ground - It's a 2MB ROM. Imagine what could have been squeezed in, say a 4MB ROM if space constraints of those NP carts this was originally distributed on weren't a thing
  7. So they're keeping the amazing MD port of Darius locked to the Mega Drive Mini. I remember reading that the reason why it didn't make the original Cosmic Collection was because audio and Q/A wasn't completed and Taito weren't yet convinced to give it official approval. Hopefully it'll be a hidden bonus.
  8. I'm a big fan of both Metal Black and Hyper Duel too, considering them both wildly underrated. Metal Black feels like a literal trip with every stage being a unique challenge, a musical score tailor made for the action and never feeling unfair despite it being tough. There was a point in the past I came close to beating it but never quite did. I even picked up a Virtua Stick with this game in mind (for the autofire function). Hyper Duel is a monster I was enjoying learning a while back. Thoroughly honed and polished it it really does feel 'next gen' as far as horizontal shooters go. There's very little Thunderforce about it IMO. I've been neglecting my Saturn for the Mega Drive for ages; need to rectify that.
  9. In my case I just cant find the excitement for this reissue. If I didn't have the original or a Dreamcast I might be into the idea but it just seems a bit..redundant? I never managed to make too much progress on it anyway, finding it really exceptionally difficult only a few levels in. On another note entirely I've continued to push my Mega Drive Hellfire obsession and have now 1CC'd it on Hard and 1CC'd the 3rd loop on Easy - feats completely unimaginable to me only a few weeks ago. Time seems to stand still when I play it and the flow of the level designs just really work for me; the thrill level builds and stays consistent throughout even with numerous deaths and the unpopular mechanic of being sent back to an even earlier checkpoint if death occurs quickly after starting again. I'm convinced this is in here to allow more power-ups to be gained rather than just being needlessly cruel for the sake of it. By comparison I still find the supposedly 'beginner' shooter staple Thunderforce III rock hard to the point of being off-putting - I never managed to get my head around that one for some reason. When Game Over pops up all too quickly it really is game over - I'm just not interested in playing anymore.
  10. Great news about incoming Mega CD support but I cant see too many Mega SD owners feeling bad about shelling out for their premium flashcart myself. I mean - this probably isn't the best analogy but I doubt collectors of arcade boards feel compelled to sell on some their stuff due to the existence of perfect MiSTer recreations but it'll be interesting to observe what happens. PC Engine fans might be wondering about CD support though seeing as that should be a fair bit less complicated to implement than what they've pulled off here.
  11. FBX now being able to create OSSC profiles seems like pretty great news too: https://www.patreon.com/posts/awesome-news-for-31626009
  12. I enjoy some Clipping when in the mood but I'd never class it as rap / hip-hop. Like with Death Grips. Years ago when they first blew up there was a load of chat about whether the dude can rap, whether it can be classed as hip-hop. They're a noise punk group to me and therefore obviously divisive in a bustling monthly recommendations thread as this once was. Anyway I recommend Quelle Chris' 'Guns' album. It's always a front to back listen.
  13. Having recently acquired a couple of new Amiga ports for the Mega Drive (Magic Pockets and Switch Blade) it seems a bit out of order to compare them with slick, ultra-stylish, incredible sounding, looking & playing gems such as Xeno Crisis and Tanzer (games I've been fairly obsessed with recently) even though they all fall into the same category of New Unlicensed MD Games. Anyway, I remember quite enjoying this video about the Amiga's history when it first came out and made a mental note to rewatch it some time:
  14. I think high profile stand-alone game releases that could possibly pass for an official product will always be in Nintendo's crosshairs - but romhacks...not so much. This reminds of that amazing MD port of the original Super Mario Bros - the one which was made by machine-converting the disassembled SMB ROM from 6502 assembly format to Mega Drive native 68000 assembly. It literally uses Nintendo's original code so I doubt there's much ambiguity about it's legality.
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