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  1. Zero Gunner 2 on Switch has the 'minus' because the Devs were open and candid about it being inferior to the DC game. They basically wrote the entire thing from scratch because source materials weren't available and they weren't able to squash a load of bugs and get it as close feeling / playing to the OG as they would have hoped. But at least it's now in wide-screen. Ikaruga on Switch was said to have used assets / code deriving from both the mobile and 360 versions - which were themselves both fully rewritten. When I got around to playing both the 360 and Switch HD versions I did notice that many sections throughout the levels now 'transitioned'; the stitching between enemy waves and environmental effects wasn't as smooth or as well masked as they were on the DC.
  2. Super Mario Kart is the greatest piece of software Nintendo have ever released. Yu Suzuki is the world's greatest video game designer in spite of Shenmue. The HD era and electronics conglomerates muscling their way into the industry have stripped the soul out of the hobby.
  3. The recommended way to use the GC Loader is by using Swiss as the menu which will allow all region games to run. I'm pretty sure all region checks are disabled upon installation anyway. I want one too but I'd probably spend more time setting it all up and exploring homebrew than actually using it for playing GC games. I've come to accept that I'm never going to tackle my GC pile of shame and installation of a slick new ODE probably won't change that.
  4. Susperia (the recent one): 1/5 Well that was shit. What a way to break a streak of decent movies being watched.
  5. True, and you probably never will. From where I am though Analogue products make little sense and seem hugely overpriced, especially when you factor in their trademark bullshit extortionate shipping charges plus additional import duties. I've gotta say, the 'wow' factor with the Super NT / Mega SG has pretty much all evaporated. For anyone contemplating a high quality solution other than real OG hardware it's going to have to be a MiSTer all the way at this point. Its SNES core supporting more special chips than an SD2SNES/FXPAK is a nice bonus too.
  6. I'd have to recommend a MiSTer over Analogue products these days. DE10 Nano costs £106 128MB SD Ram board costs about 50-odd quid If you're not afraid of tinkering it's a no-brainer.
  7. Bit pricier than a Pound cable but hugely superior performance can be found with the Nintendo version of the Rad2X from RGC (retrogamingcables.co.uk). The Pound (and other cheap scaling HDMI cables) introduce lag and screen / colour distortion so I'd write them all off to be frank; their innards weren't designed for gaming.
  8. I used to think this too until I got back into using real hardware and a CRT. It's really bought home how even a couple of frames of lag was enough to convince me I'd lost some basic skills.
  9. At the time Shadow Dancer felt like a decent sequel to Shinobi despite it having arguably less character and more brutal gameplay with its larger sprites, claustrophobic levels and very little breathing room in general - exemplified nicely with its bonus levels being literally a gang of dudes jumping down on top of your head from a tall building. I always liked its change of musical pace even though its OST is nowhere near as strong as Shinobi's iconic soundtrack (little is though to be fair). I've never gotten close to beating it and find it really frustrating to play via emulation these days because the input lag situation with my available options for MAME somewhat sucks the fun out. The MD version is a great little game, really tightly designed and like ESWAT does a lot with its 512K ROM size. I never owned it as a kid and only got around to properly sitting down and playing it some time last year. Working out strategies for level progression was great fun but I didn't manage to beat the final boss; his main attack seemed reasonably avoidable but I never quite cracked doing him without taking a hit. The music of the Statue of Liberty / Final level seemed cut from the same cloth as 2-2 of the arcade version and is incredible to my ears, a true stand out Mega Drive classic. The bonus levels were a missed opportunity in this version though with the best option being to ignore them completely. I'll see if I can get back into the MD game and cross it off my list once and for all. As a kid I was pretty disappointed with the SMS port, ending up taking it back to the shop and exchanging it for Cloud Master.
  10. If you genuinely see Super Mario Bros. 3 on the NES in same way as you do Virtua Racing Deluxe on the 32X I think you're probably completely on your own.
  11. Sometimes I think the original game is just straight up magnificence from the game mechanics to character designs to level maps & structure. There's never been game like it before or since and despite the amount of home ports signifying its popularity back in the day it seems to be curiously under-mentioned these days. At least though with NewZealand Story there are three or four different arcade boards / corresponding ROM revisions meaning multiple versions of the original masterpiece playable via emulation (including the one the MD port bases its levels on).
  12. I think trying to logically break down the implications of the question is a fools errand as multiple generations (as defined by more powerful tech) can overlap / coexist together longer than they don't. Those late era Neo Geo classics were produced in the 32-bit generation, the Game Gear's lifespan and prettiest games overlapped with the Saturn era, Galaxy Force's Super Scaler arcade board was released in 1988 and was so powerful it was only replicated faithfully for the home near the end of the PS2 era. Not really sure if I have a succinct point. Good topic.
  13. I meant no offense or underhand sneering. I guess I am a bit passionate about it (added input lag) because my enjoyment of video games in general (I'm pretty much exclusively a 'retrogamer') is hugely dependent on it being as low as possible - and being able to starkly compare experiences of playing the same games in different ways has been revelatory to me.
  14. They're also a fundamental pillar of 'race science' which alone should be reason enough for people to start ignoring everything and everyone associated with them.
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