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  1. For sure. I haven't been to Arcade Club in Bury or the gargantuan arcade paradise of Galloping Ghost in the States but the flat fee model seems to be very successful for them and they're considered the gold standard, from what I gather. I'd guess the harder bit might be maintaining permanent skilled arcade & CRT technicians and space where they can keep everything ticking over nicely.
  2. Yeah, I found this out the hard way by installing games on my NTSC console I used to run on my old PAL Dreamcast via composite, never testing them for years and only recently discovering that they don't work. GigaWing was one example where I had to switch out the USA image for a PAL one, something I'd never have intuitively done. I can however confirm that "SSFIIX For Matching Service" - both the English translated and 'Remix Champion Edition v2' versions available from DC-T - do definitely support RGB, for what it's worth.
  3. The top review for the emio pad & dongle echoes your assessment nicely
  4. Long post incoming, I'll try and keep the waffle down. A while back there was a bit of activity in here inspired by ODE users finding out that some games weren't working as intended (myself included). Since then, almost all of the newly discovered niggles I was personally having with my Japanese Dreamcast hooked up via RGB SCART are solved. One key thing I didn't quite realise was that if there's a European release of a game, that'll be the one *guaranteed* to support RGB video. One game I cared about running which wasn't having it was Street Fighter Alpha III, and lo and behold the Euro version saved the day. And on that note I've yet to play a Euro title that doesn't support 60hz too, often via a toggle in the option menu if the game boots with obviously incorrect video sync (mandatory for running on an NTSC unit, as I've found). As far as USA light gun games having support for official Sega light guns patched out, the obvious workaround for this is to use EURO or JPN versions. However, megavolt85 over at Dreamcast-Talk patched Sega gun compatibility back in for the US games, in case, for example, playing Death Crimson in English via the Sci-Fi laser gun is something you want to do. Those modded GDIs (and other games with unique protections and other quirks such as huge amounts of padding not easily removable with automated tools) are available there. There's only one title left for me that I couldn't run properly via RGB: Vampire Chronicle For Matching Service. But a kind soul over at the aforementioned DC-T made an RGB-enabling patch for that too that I'll eventually test out. And here's a tip for GDEMU users who want to play D2, an awkward one for the ODE as it's a 4-disc game that can have you loading discs in various orders throughout play: Put the four disc images on their own dedicated SD card, allowing you to quickly cycle to the required disc via the physical disc change button. It's *not* an incompatible game, it just helps a lot to treat the four discs as discs 2 to 5, as shown here: 01 - GDMENU (blank) 02 - D2 (disc 1) 03 - D2 (disc 2) 04 - D2 (disc 3) 05 - D2 (disc 4) So, if you're on disc 4 and need to load disc 3, this is done by quickly tapping the physical disc change button 4 times, TapTapTapTap: done. If you've got the four D2 disc images sat in between hundreds of other games.. it's as good as unplayable because you're probably not going to hit that button repeatedly and land on the desired disc without error, not when you need to keep perfect count of many dozens of button taps at a constantly high speed. I think that's all for now. Oh - not quite. I'd somehow never played single player Virtua Tennis before. That World Series mode where you're jetting around the globe at will, training, competing, playing mini-game-esque challenges, earning and spending winnings on unlockables and leveling up and progressing. It's great, I didn't know it existed for all of this time. Such a brilliant game.
  5. This demo was pretty cool because it introduced me to the very nice work of SilverRIFF - who kindly shares links to vgm files of his Mega Drive cover versions in his YouTube videos. His MD version of Bloodlines from Rondo of Blood sounds absolutely incredible from real hardware, with amazing use of both audio chips.
  6. Indeed, I had thought about this a bit in regards to using M30s and Saturn pads: M30s may have 'fake' shoulders (unremapple Z & C buttons) but also have an extra 3 low profile buttons that could clearly be handy for quick menu access, credit feeding etc (the 'star', 'minus' and 'sort of heart-shape made out of eight squares'). The built in auto-fire mode in the M30s (with set up being initialised by holding down the Star button) also adds to the niceness so I think maybe daemonbite adaptors for both Mega Drive and Saturn is the best option for me, if they're not too awkward to buy or build. And also one for PSX too, judging how quickly that core seems to be shaping up.
  7. Daemonbite. Cool, noted, thank you. M30s have L and R shoulder buttons whereas real 6-button MD pads do not. Those extra shoulder buttons are in reality extra Z and C buttons. I don't think 'double mapped' is a real term, it just sounded appropriate to try and describe the set-up.
  8. My M30s are are the original Mega Drive ones with DB9 receivers - not USB - because they were bought for use on real hardware. Being able to reuse these controllers for the MiSTer via an adaptor would be great. I understand that a SNAC adaptor could do the job but the caveats with those are only being able to have one controller connected at once (instead of the desired two) and it only being an option for use with Mega Drive & Mega CD cores owning to the nature of how the SNAC interface works. I'm just trying to avoid purchasing more controllers because I have way too many originals that see no use, particularly my favourite Saturn ones (with their own type of connector and legit shoulder buttons rather than the double-mapped shoulders of the M30s). I have an old iBuffalo USB SNES controller but I'd only want to use that for SNES. Everything else, ideally, would use OG Saturn controllers and Mega Drive ones as a fallback.
  9. ^^^ This was the moment I cracked. DE10 Nano ordered, hopefully to arrive some time in January (!!!!!) Been telling myself for months (years) that I don't need a MiSTer, that I'm 100% happy with my near optimal retro setup (even if I lack key bits like PC Engine and Famicom hardware) but those DE10 prices are only going rise. Initial thoughts regarding hardware: The RMC Multi System board seems a fine way to get an IO board / USB hub / SDRAM module / SCART socket together in a cost effective manner & consolised form, but I'm not sure about the aesthetics of that case and like the idea of sticking the board in an alternative one. I guess I should probably focus more on ordering a USB keyboard (I've somehow got through life without owning one of these - mine are all the PS/2 & Dreamcast variety) and a WiFi dongle (direct LAN access to the router isn't ideal in my place) so I can at least set it up straight away Being able to use two original Saturn pads as default 1p / 2p controller inputs would be my dream but I assume this would require multiple raphnet converters or something similarly inelegant? I remember those Bliss adaptor cables being a thing a while back and Saturn options existing but I understand they're not officially supported / recommended by the community at large? I guess the 2.4G 8bitdo M30s for Mega Drive I have - as wired USB controllers - would suffice in the meanwhile without extra hardware being required.. I'd just rather not put undue strain on those controller's micro USB ports that have thus far only been used for power charging once in a while. And on that note, is there such thing as a dual DB9 / MD port USB adaptor, to allow the use of those controller's wireless controller dongles simultaneously? I'm probably getting ahead of myself planning for something I might not get to mess with for a couple of months..but I'm kinda excited. I'll research this stuff myself in the coming weeks but any feedback is very welcome.
  10. Curious video popped up on my YouTube feed (from the Evercade affiliate who reverse engineered the cartridge format) which shows off a patched Namco Museum running on the VS console: And in the description he links what seems to be Evercade's official site while saying the cartridge patch will be available to download from them directly. Popping over there, the latest news story states: "News from: 01.12.2021 Evercade VS has been hacked! It is already possible to play unlicensed games on Evercade. Retro Rulez uploaded a post on Facebook today showing the Evercade VS with the game Sonic The Hedgehog." https://evercade.net/home/newsticker/ As I understand it, Evercade's licensing agreement with Namco doesn't include home usage, hence that cartridge being blocked for use on the Vs console...a block which Evercade seem to be happy to be bypassed "unofficially", according to the dev.
  11. Like others of a certain age I remember this computer at school too - but I only ever played Granny's Garden on it; something I'm happy never to experience again.
  12. I just don't see people who bought into the evercade - a system about the appreciation and collecting of retro games on physical media - wanting to run pirated retail cartridge dumps. If evercade cart dumps are indeed a thing (I don't know if they are but suspect they're not) that's pretty fucked. EDit - being curious I had a look at some of the threads on GBAtemp about the flashcart. Bit of a rabbit hole. Turns out Blaze have no problem with homebrew projects which involve reverse engineering cartridges / adding ROMs to them etc provided there's no profit / distribution involved (the EverSD as a commercial product obviously doesn't qualify, hence it being blocked on official FW). EverSD does seem to be reliant on retroarch cores. It's been out for over a year and now has a companion USB hub (sold separately) that allows for multiplayer to work where applicable. I couldn't find any reference there to cartridge images / ROM dumps derived from retail carts - only the illegality of sharing modified official firmware on the website. If there was a piracy scene facilitated by the EverSD.. there'd probably be a warning or two about not promoting it. There seems to be genuine respect for Blaze and what the console stands for over there. No, really. They collect the carts but want more from the console. One guy - a Blaze affiliate no less - showed off his custom NES cart running with ROMs he'd dumped from his NES Classic - no EverSD was involved in the making of that cartridge. As someone who enjoys customising and theming, building a homemade compilation cart that'd never exist as a real product (entirely possible using a sacrificial cart and few cheap components it seems) is a project I'd could see throwing myself into. Of course I totally get that a flashcart for an active console - from a small company doing a great job to boot - is major bad vibes but this isn't that from what I've seen.
  13. Note that the Shining games are turn based story led strategy games and SITD is a dungeon crawler. Beyond Oasis is kind of a Zelda-lite made by the Streets of Rage devs. They all have passionate fans but I've struggled to get into them. Lord Monarch gets left off lists like like probably because an English translation for it is still quite a new thing, but it's a real-time castle-based strategy game that has no peer. Literally the most sustained engaging fun I've ever had on the system. An easy 10/10.
  14. I wouldn't say it's necessarily screwing over the evercade to have a way to side load retroarch onto it. It's just a bit weird and something I'd imagine the core userbase have no interest in doing.
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