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  1. It definitely wont be an issue for most people and well within the realms of acceptability for what it is IMO (not that I have any hands on experience).
  2. It's the best feeling. I plan on tackling Gaiares too after I can beat Whiprush (a mate's copy of which I could easily finish back in the day but have never quite managed since).. and get past Stage 4 of Eliminate Down. I adore the earlier shooters the most and Gaiares is beauty for sure. You really do need to play on real hardware to have a better chance with these games IMO. I don't think it was luck that you did so well straight off on your new flashcart.
  3. I believe My Life in Gaming tested the SNESC's audio lag as being in the range of 2-3 frames. Joe from Game Sack and John from Digital Foundry tested the MD mini's audio lag as being as high as 10-11 frames. EDIT: Though there's some chat about it being 'fixed' for final retail revisions..?
  4. It's great we've got a couple decent experienced modders here. Hope it gets sorted. I never did get around to fixing the self-chipped Saturn model 2 of mine that a nephew accidentally sent somersaulting through the air, preferring instead to pull a back-up console out of storage and start over. I'm currently practicing on Hyper Duel. What an absolutely badass game - pure Saturn brilliance in a nutshell.
  5. R-Type Leo had some kind of semi-mythical status for the longest time because its audio remained encrypted / uncracked and therefore wasn't easily emulated. Two-player mode, amazing vibrant (non-typical) graphics and pixel art, no checkpoints for once, strange music tracks.. what's not to love about the weirdest, possibly least played entry in the series? When I finally had a proper uncompromised go on Leo I certainly enjoyed the eye candy but the game as a whole left me cold. Personally I don't think it's worthy of the name and deserves its status as an outlier, but that's just me.
  6. Yeah, there's only four true kart types. Toad and Koopa are the same.
  7. Mario (and the others) never suited my playstyle. I could always do the best curved powerslides & boosts with Toad & Koopa almost as if the courses were primarily designed for them. I've been happily looking at Toad's back end since about 1998.
  8. Stage 3 is definitely somewhat a baptism of fire but once you've got the basics down the rest of the game falls into place - and dare I say it - reveals itself to be quite the refined, straight-forward game which uses its jetpack mechanic to awesome effect. Later levels are built around clever efficient use of it; there's much satisfaction to be gleaned once the (sole IMO) difficulty spike of Stage 3 has been conquered. You need to get comfortable with using the jet pack to hover (which barely consumes fuel) and also get used to dropping back to the ground to allow your fuel to recharge if need be. There's no time limit in this game; patience and moving methodically is what it's all about. Just press jump again in the air without pressing a direction and you'll stick there; nudge a direction at that point and you'll find that controlling it isn't the wild bull it first comes across as. You just move quickly - which you can get used to. I distinctly remember finding the level 3 boss a bit tough when I was new to the game but it's possible to avoid his attacks and take him out with your standard shot...it's just easier and quicker to kill him with the single-use 'burner' smart weapon (wait until his first attack exposes his face, jump in front of him, use weapon and watch him and explode once you've done your insane fire spin) or my preferred missile attack method which involves hovering a little in front of him and sinking those ground seeking projectiles repeatedly into him while he fails to understand that his repeated attacks aren't connecting with you. The US/Euro version of the game has an option screen with access to difficulty levels. The extra life you're granted on Easy might help if you decide to give this another shot. I think it'd be a shame to stop just when it's about to get interesting.
  9. So is anyone else looking forward to Xeno Crisis? I can't wait for it primarily because I'm in love with the work of Savaged Regime and maintain that nobody has made the Mega Drive audio sing quite like he has. His rearrangements are simply awesome and his own original work is something else too. The game itself obviously looks fantastic but recruiting SR was a masterstroke as far as I'm concerned. This Tiberian Sun track is my jam: Probably my favourite tune from one of the greatest MD OSTs gets supercharged in a way I never thought possible. I love how tightened up the rhythm is and how perfect the lead FM synth is. It's insane to me: This rendition of the Golden Axe classic makes the original and the OG MD version sound practically primitive in comparison. The details with the Master System PSG side kill me: Ok I've got that out of my system. That's my spamming over with for the time being.
  10. That'd be about the same amount of free space a SNESC has before extra stuff is installed - and that console has less of everything an MD Mini seems to have. Even the theme tune on the SNESC (a 44100hz .wav clocking in at about 11MB) is about a third of the length of the MD one so it'll be interesting to see how much free room there actually is. Most of my favourites are missing too and obviously hacks and homebrew like Dha Lau Hoo's suite of masterful Streets of Rage 2 & 3 mods, Andwn's brilliant Cave Story, and Nendo16's incredible Omega Blast will require a hacking tool for installation. Maybe in a few weeks all will become clear..?
  11. Yeah the question's a bit vague. My chosen interpretation of 'in game song' is a known / popular song appearing intact in and being generated by a video game, in which case MarkN's example of Fur Elise in Pheonix seems to be the earliest mentioned so far.
  12. The Nintendo Minis have the same space IIRC - with less available on the SNES due to a larger game sizes etc. The MD Mini with its larger game selection and multiple versions of ROMs probably suggests that yeah, there wont be much writable room left over but I guess it depends on how motivated the hacking community is, whether file compression is natively supported etc. I recall Starfox 2 being dumped and shared before the Snes Classic even hit retail - that game was always a popular repro cart. In contrast it seems that barely anyone is even aware that Darius and Tetris are all new exclusive games - and the wider selection on games may reduce the demand for hackery even further..? I'm just thinking out aloud.
  13. Fair enough - I'd personally put that in its own category though. Still, there's got to be an earlier 'song' in a video game than YMO's Rydeen in 1982, I'd have thought.
  14. Didn't that have separate audio that played alongside rather than 'in' the game?
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