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  1. Not quite any. Stereo Mega Drive model 1 RGB cables have an audio jack which needs plugging into the headphone socket, so for a SMS you definitely don't want one of those.
  2. It was pretty joyless, a trial and error series of actions. But I played the hell out of every cart I had.
  3. I used to own Alf and had no idea it was an American exclusive at the time. It's probably the worst game I ever completed.
  4. @Alexlotl I played through about two thirds of the V2 Phantasy Star translation. It's very impressive. I only paused because it still has a couple of tiny bugs they're getting around to addressing and I was getting through it way too quickly.
  5. @Dudley I'm curious as to whether you've considered getting an FM board installed in one of your SMSs. For the few games which have awesome FM (like Kenseiden, Wonder Boy in Monsterland, R-Type etc) I'm starting to really want it as an option, personally.
  6. I might need a refresher but I can't actually think of any SMS games which break due to obscene sprite flicker - and only think of a few shooters where it could be bit annoying, especially for first time players. Double Dragon can get a bit flickery of course but at no point during the 2-player run were there any, say, surprise invisible projectiles thrown or characters looking as if they were in the process of being beamed in from a teleporter.
  7. I don't get to see my brother too much but he did pop over the other day and insisted I crack out Double Dragon for a quick two-player run, as we often did about three decades ago. He'd evidently been feeling nostalgic. I thought I was going to 1CC it (or at least make the final showdown battle to 'win' the girl) but ended up dropping into the bottomless pit zone on stage Four on my last life. I should have remembered to Continue on purpose on Stage 3, thereby maximising my lives in light of being unable to continue on the last one..but it was a fun time. A ridiculously
  8. Interesting game selection you have there. For me, Thunder Blade joins Galaxy Force as one of those games that no home console of the era had any business running but somehow turned out better on SMS than on the Mega Drive. The Game Gear version of GP Rider is pretty great. It's entirely redrawn and plays really nicely, nice enough for it to pass for a legit 8-bit Super Hang On port.There's a Game Gear to Master System conversion of it I've been enjoying on the Mega Drive. Well worth checking out: https://www.smspower.org/Hacks/GPRider-GG-GG2SMS
  9. To be fair, I think if you own a massive collection there might be something pretty attractive about being able to condense much of it into one neat, plug n' play device.
  10. Thanks.. Though I remember being able to 1CC Gradius II when I first got it back in the day. This time around it was fairly smooth sailing (with a bunch of mostly silly lives being lost) but that final section..I died and spent countless lives trying to crack it 'naked' (as it were), to no avail. Maddening difficult bullet hell. It's always been my favourite Gradius after Gaiden, totally agree about it being in the sweet spot (despite failing to complete it recently).
  11. The incoming* OSSC Pro might drive prices of 'legit' OSSCs down to this level. It *might* be worth holding off for now. *still technically expected this year..
  12. I've only noticed one evangelist myself, Damien McFerran from Nintendo Life, Proudly dumping huge chunks of his physical collections into a machine.
  13. I think the original resolution is 256 wide which fits into the Saturn's 320 with vertical bars on either side of the display, and this looks skinny compared to how an arcade board would look. However there's an option in this compilation for a 'wide' mode which fills out the display. Technically it might not be accurate but I personally I think it looks glorious. For the original Gradius I think the 'unnatural' effect might be a bit more pronounced, with the extra screen space making it feel easier overall too (from what I recall - I've only come back to Gradius II recently, and a
  14. ^^^ I never knew any of this stuff and feel pretty fortunate to own a PAL version. Not often those words come out of my mouth.
  15. I never had much access to them myself but I'd been hearing about the excellence of Turrican on C64 and Amiga since they were a thing. They were legendary and definitely used as ammo during the great computer-console wars preceding the Nintendo-Sega ones. I have since given Mega Turrican and modern spiritual successor Gunlord a fair crack and struggled to get too involved with either. I think the 'Euro' design sensibility embodied by the need to memorise large exploratory yet claustrophobic maps seemingly filled to the brim with enemies, tonnes of power ups and metriod-esque secret
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