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  1. Mr. Pickle

    Mario Kart 8

    Nintendo games are the best games. I have to say, this looks stunning. The Wii U, whilst being the underdog console that everyone kicks currently has a suite of games that knocks spots off the Bone and PS4. Yeah, that situation will change as the big boys roll out their AAA titles, but if Nintendo continue to churn out quality titles like this I - and I imagine a great many others - will be happy as a lark.
  2. Probably deserving of its own thread, but Sega Lindbergh has been reamed, steamed and dry-cleaned by some clever clogs. Downside? Like the lindbergh, it's linux only. Here's a link to the emulator source-code. https://github.com/JayFoxRox/Lindbergh-Emulator
  3. Indeed. I'm a Wii-U owner myself (no Bone or PS4) and a staunch defender of the machine. But it's not going to outsell either machine by the end of this generation, sadly. PM me for the odds if you want a wager.
  4. This thread has descended into a slanging match, which is unfortunate really, because the premise behind angel's point is fair. If you bought a machine last week, you would be demonstrably worse off to the tune of £30 straight off the bat. Some people would have then bought Titanfall, who are even more worse off, to the tune of anywhere between £45-£60. To suggest everyone who has purchased a machine is now suddenly £90 poorer is stretching it a little; but it's going to leave a sour taste in the mouths of a great many people. Of course, for Microsoft, they probably don't care. The amount of people who it has annoyed will dwarf the amount of people for whom the price cut will ultimately benefit. Microsoft will no doubt have considered that and saw it as a price worth paying. This is best demonstrated by the lack of an ambassador programme for the early adopters. A price cut after a machine has launched to gain some traction is hardly a revolutionary idea - and sure, some people are going to have their noses shoved out of joint by it's severity this time; but ultimately, if you're an early adopter that is the risk you run when investing your money on one particular side of a two-horse race.
  5. Presumably, some clever-clogs would be able to create a LAN multiplayer over the net functionality instead? A bit like xtunnel for the original Xbox
  6. Sunday Sim Steam Serials: Ship Simulator ExtremesLunar FlightDogfight 1942Airport Simulator 2014 Skyscraper SimulatorAgricultural Simulator: Historical FarmingWoodcutter Simulator 2013 Gold Edition PM for the code.
  7. Actually, thinking about it, Mentazm may want to explore MESS as a possible option.
  8. Unlikely you'll find what you're looking for as emulators have different licences around distribution. The closest thing you can get to what you want is Hyperspin; though you'll have to configure it yourself. More information can be found here: http://hyperspin-fe.com/ This is it in action:
  9. I'll have Binding of Isacc please? I think you're already my friend (no homo).
  10. 1. Super Mario Land: Has there ever been a game that demonstrated so starkly that pretty graphics are always secondary to playability? 2. Link's Awakening. IT WAS ALL A DREAM! Yeah, but it didn't matter because the dream was awesome and given the limitations of the hardware, it was amazing how much depth they crammed in to something so primitive. 3. Escape From Camp Deadly: Speech in a game was my wtf moment. Had immense fun with it, in spite of shonky hit detection on occasion. 4. Dr. Franken. Lush graphics combined with a moody soundtrack and a rock-hard castle to explore. Brill. 5. Krusty's Fun House: A pocket version of the awesome puzzler. Loved it from start to finish, back to the start and back to the finish again.
  11. Street Fighter 2 Turbo? I have never met anyone who didn't like that game. And I hope I never meet them either.
  12. This is the one I use http://www.amazon.co.uk/Belkin-Mini-Bluetooth-Adapter-Network/dp/B001E96JBK Although things might have changed with recent iterations of Dolphin (between v3 and 4), pairing a wiimote using Microsoft's Bluetooth stack was always a right royal pain in the ass. For that reason I have always used bluesoleil and it's worked perfectly
  13. Why? The Wii supports SDHC from version 4. I softmodded my Wii with a 4GB SDHC card no problem.
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