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  1. Opus Magnum is probably the easiest of these games (although I've not got that far) mostly because it doesn't seem to have as many restrictions in place. SpaceChem, TIS-100 and Shenzhen are particularly hard because of space and synchronisation limits.
  2. Same for me, even though I haven't completed one since SpaceChem (probably my favourite game ever). One of the interesting things about this game is that you have very few restrictions on space or components so there is much more room for optimisation than in some of the previous games. For some reason I keep optimising for space or cost, not cycles like I usually do. That's when I'm not distracted by the mini-game!
  3. Bretonnia was free. The Old World Edition seem to just be the base game except now you get the benefit of all the free content that has been made available.
  4. I haven't done it yet but seems to be. Remember you don't need to wipe out the AI factions to stop them, and you only have to really start worrying about them once they're onto the fourth ritual really (or fifth if you want to cut it really fine!). Later on you'll probably have enough resources to send out an expeditionary force to slow the factions down or be able to pay for an intervention army. Skaven don't seem to be able to deal with 10k intervention armies at all from what I've seen, on the other hand Mazdamundi seems to crush them instantly so he'll need manual intervention. Even if
  5. Ulthuan is really bad for this. I had 6 Skaven doom stacks spawn on the eastern coast of Ulthuan. All the ritual cities were in the inner circle or on the western coast. Even if I had the armies to deal with that amount of high tier Skaven armies it would still take me at least 3 turns to get them near by which time they would most likely have razed or taken over at least one province (although it's the AI so there is always a chance they're just sit around raiding). My current tactic is to entirely ignore the vortex and just go for a domination victory because the rituals are just far to
  6. I don't particularly mind the lack of ranged on Lizardmen but they also lack speed early on (especially as Kroq'gar, as Mazdamundi you have Net spell and solar engine). I just did the first quest battle as Kroq'gar against Dark Elves. I spent most of the battle chasing Shades. Only Kroq'gar on a mount and my Skink priest on Terradon could catch them and only Kroq'gar could do it safely. Occasionally the Stegadon might sprint and catch up but most of the time it just trundled along. I'd hate to face a Norscan army with them.
  7. I've been surprised how good the Skaven are. You always have number superiority so enveloping the enemy is easy and then summons allow you to hit the enemy in the back or neutralise archers and artillery. At least early games it's often possible to overwhelm the enemy so thoroughly early on that they break before you. Even if your guys do break, it doesn't matter because they tend to rally quickly. Fighting Skaven on the other hand is frustrating as you it seems to take forever to get them to break properly and even when you beat them they tend to have a large number of survivors. I've o
  8. Honestly I'm not a massive fan of the new campaign. I thought that it being more focused would be good but in practice I don't think it's much fun. There are now harsh penalties on higher difficulties for having additional armies (on top of all the other penalties that already existed) but the nature of the rituals means you often really need a bunch of armies to have any hope of fight off the doom stacks and intervention armies that suddenly spawn in your territory. Intervention armies are semi-broken too. I honestly thought I'd like this more than the first game which had it's own proble
  9. No, third book is not out, and not likely to be out any time soon (even though he said they were all written when he released the first book). Completely agree on second book being awful. Rothfuss is too busy with his charity to complete the series I think.
  10. Are the performance issues worse towards the end of the game or just at certain resolutions? My PC is about 5 years old, some kind of i5, 8gb ram, 960GTX. I'm running 1920x1080 windowed, and it looks good and runs and loads fast with no slowdown.
  11. I've not got very far yet but an interesting thing I've found is that I'm finding it really hard to just blindly favour one side or the other. In many similar games I'd end up picking a faction and then sticking with them regardless of how stupid they were. This is making me actually think about choices and trying to choose the best option for my character and ignoring factions. Which is good. Really struggling to stick with a character though. I have started 4 different characters already and think I'm going to start a 5th. Definitely think mages are the most fun so far.
  12. Anyone watched All or Nothing: A Season with the Arizona Cardinals? It's currently on Amazon Prime and is pretty damn good (even if you're not a Cardinals fan). Similar to Hard Knocks but follows the team through the season and playoffs.
  13. I don't think I've had enemy armies come out of nowhere and attack in the same turn. I've definitely been caught by surprise by tunnelling or ships though. I have occasionally had a problem where I'm trying to catch an enemy and they're just as fast or a bit faster than me so I'm forever chasing and if I stop they replenish/raid/sack. That said surprisingly often you can trick them by going into ambush stance and catch them when they run right back over you. I've definitely found this one harder than previous TW games I've played, I barely played Attila though.
  14. It depends on the stance. Encampment, Ambush and I think Raiding allow you to move a certain percentage of your movement before switching to them (see extended tooltips for exact numbers). Ambush/raiding don't take effect until next turn so you can switch in and out without issue. Encampment is the same except if you decide to recruit in which case if you want to switch out you'll need to cancel recruitment. Tunnelling is a bit different and you basically have to do your whole movement in 1 go and you can't switch out until next turn once you've moved. March is the most annoying, as far a
  15. I'm really enjoying this. Not got very far because I keep restarting but I've tried Grimgor (twice), Thorgrim, Manfred and Karl Franz out. My only gripes so far are enemy heroes just repetitively assassinating everything in their path (thankfully there are already loads of mods to stop this) and how quests/grudges generation seems to be designed to be maximally annoying. For example as dwarfs, the orcs are my most pressing concern but every grudge I get is against VC or even worse Empire who I share no borders with and barely any contact with. When I did try to settle those grudges I just
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