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  1. There are loads of print and play solo card games on pnp arcade. A couple of dollars per game, a few bob to get it printed (I use doxdirect). Lots of them are essentially logic puzzles.
  2. I’m hoping for new Labo.
  3. How silly is silly? You can get it from Tabletop Gaming magazine issue 54 for £6 plus £7 shipping: https://www.tabletopgaming.co.uk/Store/Back-Issues/tabletop-gaming/tabletop-gaming-issue-54
  4. Max width is about 20mm. Height is about 33mm, maybe 34mm.
  5. The starlight video with the headless translucent dancers is a nice touch.
  6. I’ve got tickets for Liverpool. So pleased I will get to see AP in the flesh. Maybe Sue Cook will make an appearance.
  7. And don’t forget there’s a pack of track decorations available in exchange for platinum points. I bought the mario pack last week for £70 and have now got a Luigi drifting its way here from Amazon. We’re lucky to have short carpet as we can transfer between rooms to have longer tracks.
  8. It was part of their most recent Kickstarter for Escape the Dark Sector expansions. This is the second or third one they’ve done with an option to get drawn into the game. I don’t think you can order it from them outside of Kickstarter.
  9. Yes it is. They’ve only sent a sample image so far. I get two cards when their latest Kickstarter is finished. You can get one done for the Castle or the Sector, and as any character. I was tempted by the robot from Sector, but that would be very creepy.
  10. My missus paid for me to get a personalised Escape the Dark Castle player card. I’m really pleased with it.
  11. bobin

    Nintendo Switch

    Needs Labo integration.
  12. bobin

    Nintendo Switch

    I want more Labo. I don’t know what is left to replicate with cardboard but I’m willing to buy it. Maybe more VR stuff with a strap on helmet and twin joy sticks and a new version of Star Fox.
  13. Have a look at Rhino Hero or Ice Cool. My kids love those, and so do I. Slide Quest interested them for a few days.
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