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  1. Smyths is working for Series S all access if anyone is interested. I’ve ordered one without any troubles.
  2. Been listening to the Oasthouse over the last couple of days. I caught myself singing the theme tune to myself number of times. It’s not grabbed me as quickly as IP:WNTTAA and Nomad, but I’m sure repeated listens will reveal more charms. His ageing voice is brilliant, it’s great to follow a character evolve over so many years.
  3. My kids just got these spinner kits with strobe lights that flash at different frequencies as the spinner is spun. And little card discs with patterns on that you can colour in. Some of them are really trippy. Time to rename the thread?
  4. You rent them for 48 hours from when you first watch them. You can watch Nic Cage again!
  5. Who did “difficult difficult lemon difficult” because that’s a line of all time.
  6. Seeing the first Labo trailer made me laugh out loud with excitement. I love folding paper stuff so this was a combination that was as unexpected as it was satisfying. Bought and built them all without question. Some of the folds and constructions were so ingenious that it instantly became a highlight of gaming. Those moments when something clicks into place and you realise you’ve built a clacking turning thing are always sweet. I’m always secretly hoping for them to appear in a Direct.
  7. Anyone taken the plunge with Phantom: Covert Ops? Won’t have time to play it until the weekend, but would love to hear any impressions. Been waiting for it since I was first made aware of the kayak stealth sniper genre.
  8. Super Chariot is simple enough and allows some degree of taking control in sticky situations. Snipperclips is good too. Or play Doom and pause before you shoot. Discuss if you should shoot, or try and talk.
  9. Sale is on. Nothing unexpected, but some good package deals. Kind of tempted by Pistol Whip, I Expect You To Die, and Eleven Table Tennis for £40.
  10. One of the Azuls might fit the bill. Would suggest Santorini and all the others mentioned too.
  11. For the longest time my work desktop image was the two page spread of the dude getting drilled. One of my favourite books, I’ve bought copies for lots of friends and family. There’s a good book by ADRIAN TCHAIKOVSKY called Dogs Of War which is kind of similar, but with a different menagerie...and lots of other differences too now I think about it. Maybe not that similar, but worth a read.
  12. One Cut of the Dead. It may seem like a strange recommendation, but I’m not wrong.
  13. A lot of the hour was taken up with updates and setup but I boogied with a robot and fired a rocket into the air (and caught it on the way back down!). Played the demo of Beat Saber. Then bought the game straight away. That’s a fun game and no mistake. Surprised and amazed at how good it is for a stand-alone device. I’ll be sending out friend requests - I’m ‘mcbobin’.
  14. The official Oculus site has them for sale. Ordered mine on Thursday and it arrived today. The website said it wouldn’t arrive until 5th June. Delivery by Yodel, if that’s a problem. Today they worked out quite well - delivery requires a signature, so they left it in the shed instead. Only just got got the darn thing out of the box. It’s late...but I think I’m going to switch it on now and emerge blinking and grinning in an hour or so.
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