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  1. How is 3D created from a 2D source? Any vids explain the process anywhere?
  2. I've always felt the writers are one step ahead of the viewers - knowing what they expect to happen - and carefully avoiding foreshadowing. I've not yet made an accurate predication - and had quite a few "oh shit" moments. Anyway, good luck with the finalé.
  3. Yep (although I finished it a couple of weeks back). If you've not seen the final episode probably worth treading carefully around the Internet,
  4. I was reasonably sure I had the next big twist about the show figured out, but it doesn't really stand up to scrutiny unless key story points were not accurately presented. Anyway... Like I said, I don't think that can be true given the whole reason Fsociety was started was as payback for the environmental issues that killed Elliot's Dad, and he is best friends with blondie because their parents were both affected.
  5. Luckily I today discovered I hadn't actually seen the 'final' episode (for this year), so I got to see the final battle. I give the producers a pass on the artistic licence they took, as it's the little details they get so right. Great show - can't quite understand the kicking it's had from the press.
  6. So, I sat down excitedly tonight to watch the battle between the Fantastic Four plus one and The Notorious 3... only to discover I'd actually finished the season until 2017! Twats! LOVED the show. Wonderful stuff. It just got better and better. Red Pumas are going to be sold out across the globe. This show will be like an earthquake under contemporary mainstream hip hop.
  7. Get on the hype train: "In 2015, DJ Kamron stated on his private Facebook page that he may eventually release the 3rd unreleased YBT album that was recorded back in 1994. He had stated that he still has, and owns, all the master DATs from the unreleased 3rd album."
  8. How obscure. He's the type of dude you'd expect to find out is a real estate agent on Wikipedia. Gonna track down the others. Such an odd band, YBT. Still love 'Tap the bottle' though.
  9. Yeah, the first episode was very "Baz" with all the annoying kookiness that entails. But it looks and sounds fantastic. Great sets and some good attention to detail. Enjoyed it, despite it seemingly forcing you to dislike it at times.
  10. Jesus, late to the party - but I've just 'discovered' this years after everyone else. Just 3 episodes in season 2 - but it's proper amazing. Does it get even better then, or die a lingering death soon? I've heard season 4 isn't great (head guy leaving), but do I have many more seasons up to the quality of the first?
  11. Loved it. Also, "Password - Joshua" was one of the few nerdy references I got (along with 'marble cake').
  12. Oooo - was it sampling '101' - or something more nuanced? I always enjoyed the PBS documentary on sampling. Interview with Clyde Stubblefield and others, looking at both sides of the argument...
  13. Green Day! God, that was bugging me trying to recall what it was. Hopefully saved you from the pain. But yeah, best episode of the season so far. The pause between seeing the mask and the logo sting at the start was absolutely joyous (for some unfathomable reason).
  14. Hey - at least I was right about what a nacelle was.
  15. Ah, completely missed those for some reason. It may be the 'balance' of them that's throwing me off. I think I'd prefer them to be set further back - not pointing back into the ship area, if that makes sense. Also, it looks like the entire ship consists of hammered copper sheeting all wielded together. Hopefully it'll get sexed up a little.
  16. Ah i might hand in my trek badge - i thought nacelles were the long thin tubes above/to the side of ships, and which created the warp field.
  17. I actually think its got a real fighting chance to run and run - it's going to be shown by Netflix in 188 countries - 24 hours after each episode appears on CBS. I think they are doing all the right things (not syndicating it, not using it to prop up a new network). I reckon its going to be pretty big all told - I believe they understand how television works these days and they are embracing that model. On Netflix good shows always find their audience.
  18. I think its a testament to how swept up in the whole thing I was at the time, that there's some plot points I didn't understand have crept in on reflection this morning. For example: …. I mean, I may have missed the dialogue, but I think it was all rushed through with a bit of "Star Trek things" hand waving. As I said before, I thinking Krell's story and motivation could have done with quite a bit more exposition.
  19. My only slight criticism is that I don't think they conveyed Krell's motivation very well - just Idris mumbling a couple of barely audible lines. Same with the weapon - never explained very well. For my money they should have given him a big angry speech. I know it's a cliche but it would have helped hammer the message of the movie home a lot better.
  20. Bryan Fuller has done some fantastic television series (Hannibal being a high point for me) - so I'm not overly concerned - in fact, I think it might be something special. BUT I do like my Trek ships to have Nacelles. I think my favourite ship design was Voyager, so was perhaps expecting something along those lines.
  21. I absolutely adored it - wonderful fun and draw dropping at times. The Yorktown was hands down the most visually stunning thing I've ever seen in Trek. Brilliant. And a 'Spaced' reference to boot. Obviously I'm a bit biased but... ... It's almost like they made the film for me. Cannot understand what was not to enjoy, I get the feeling the usual miserablists would have turn their nose up at anything save for a film where Federation officers discuss the nuances of the Prime Directive for two hours. These films have ensured continued interest in the Trek verse (in fact, probably saved it) - hence a new series. Should be grateful really. These Trek movies are perfect for the cinema - visually stunning, fun and packed full of adventure. The TV series can pick up all the politics and spatial anomaly stuff (which I love) - Trek can be all things to all men this way. I wouldn't have it any other way.
  22. HATE the ship. But I have faith in Mr Fuller. I guess I'm one of those Trekkers who wants to see adventures taking place in a post TNG/DS9 universe. The problem with the prime universe before these events is that they are somewhat constrained with what can happen.
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