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  1. THIS IS A WISH! I want this version so bad Please make it nintendo!!! (its the same grey as the pokemon edition with recoloured buttons and sticks. omg drooolll (Parodius added for dramatic effect!)
  2. I don't know about a novel, but im REALLY in the mood to watch The Quick and the Dead now! PLUS This game man....
  3. here's my cowman and horse (his names tango and if anyone hurts him, i'll hogtie them and roll them off a mountain)
  4. Philly

    Xbox One X

    My xbox elite bumpers have fallen apart, i'm using the paddles as a replacement for the bumpers until the new elite comes out plus the grips on the back have just melted away and fell off it's not the most quality construction. The rest of the pad is amazing though (lol) roll on version 2 to fix all this.
  5. firstly, if I may, dude, let me say this, I have long thought this, and people out there may not like it, but I feel it has to be said, so stick around guys, because, as a long time self proclaimed lore master, I would like to note, on a purely subjective level, and with much gravitas, I would say this, byf is a bit of a nob.
  6. It's 12 now. 3.4 hours of cabal drop ships. CABAL..... AGAIN? My head!!
  7. i'm putting my non existent reputation on the line here. (I was right with xbox one x a few months before the name reveal) Guess based on this https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/06/18/microsoft_e2_edge_windows_10/
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