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  1. This is cute! https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2021/06/game-boy-advance-game-gets-split-screen-multiplayer-through-new-fpga-core/
  2. That must be some kind of record, but all the sweeter for the wait. Congratulations and welcome to the...
  3. Looks nice, but why not the DX (colour) version of Link's Awakening?
  4. I'm only half-sold on having new characters, but I'm definitely going to get this DLC for some more amazing music and the survival mode... I expect the latter is going to be like a continuous dojo level that gets harder and harder in each room?
  5. It's a big difference between this and Pac-Man 99. As soon as Pac-Man finishes, I'm hitting the 'play again' button. As soon as I'm dead in Bomberman then I'm powering off the Switch. I do like the game, but those loading times absolutely kill the replay. On the positive, it feels a bit faster to load today than yesterday...?
  6. I've played a few rounds and mostly enjoyed them. Never made first, but I've hit the top four a couple of times. I think having a couple of life hearts is a good concession. I'm not keen on the different character abilities - I joined a game today that had a Pyramid Head in and he walloped me. I watched him for the rest of the game and he'd start each round chasing someone to stand on top of them and belt them straight away. I think he'd get some slow movement for a couple of seconds after his action, but it all felt very imbalanced and favourable to those who paid for the DLC.
  7. Had a quick play on Switch but I got knocked out pretty quickly. I hope the loading is faster for subsequent games - it's a big buzzkill! EDIT: Nope. About three minutes to wait while it loads up a new round
  8. Yes! Whoops.... that should have been an Italian flag
  9. There are a few grunty handhelds which are shaped like fat Switches, like the GPD Win 3. Not cheap, mind!
  10. I did so very much want this to be Dynamite Dan (Dynamite Down) (wi-fi)
  11. Skykid


    Maybe something like this? https://ravecoffee.co.uk/products/hario-cold-brew-coffee-pot-1 Caveat: I rate Rave, and have some of this cold brew, but haven't tried it myself yet - so I don't know if it makes a good milky coffee.
  12. Skykid


    I did a spurt of dehydrating in my air fryer when I first got it. Chewy banana chunks were great. I think the recipe I used suggested a little salt, which makes them a little sweeter. Also did some apple slices. The trick for those is to briefly soak in lemony water and dry them, to stop them oxidising. I've been tempted to buy a rack for more dehydration space.
  13. Astonishing feat! Well done. How about Act 4? Is it impossible to get through with one card?
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