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  1. Skykid


    I get loose leaf Yorkshire tea and brew it in an Aeropress (inverted method with a metal filter). That's easy enough and is good for my taste but I'm no tea afficionado.
  2. With salad in a wrap as a burrito. On top of chip shop chips. With tinned tomatoes, water, and a herb stock to make something more soupy?
  3. Six month exposure from a Solarcan, June - December 2021, Newcastle.
  4. Pleased they dialled Tony back. Jimmy O. Yang seems to have major writing credits this series, so it might not be a massive coincidence that he's more prominent and has the love interest
  5. There are people above who enjoyed S1 more than I did, and I didn't think it was terrible, so I wouldn't swerve it too hard. On the other hand, I don't think there's anything you'll miss out on by just jumping to S2. Perhaps some context for Lisa Kudrow's character? There are small plot spoilers for the finale of S1 in S2, so that might matter a tiny bit if you were to go backwards. But no biggie IMO. That's fair. As an ensemble, I think it went through to about S4 before dipping hard for me. I'd still consider S1 to be peak-April, and she was my favourite character... but a bunch of the rest bloomed later - Tom and Andy especially. The Good Place might also have been a better S2 to S1. Maybe Pushing Daisies? Possibly The Office (U.S.) too. It's been a while since I binged!
  6. No sign of a jailbreak yet? Is that taking people by surprise? I'd expected one by now.
  7. I thought the first series was a bit weak, but very pleasantly surprised by series 2 (which I'm 5/7 through). I can't think of many comedy shows that went uphill. New director and writers, I believe.
  8. I did this over the weekend. The instructions on the 3DS Hacks website are brilliantly comprehensive - though I didn't understand the why for most of it, even being pretty technical. It's great to get reaquainted with the 3DS XL. I'd forgotten how it gives me painful clawhand, but I'm sure I'll get used to that. It does take 10-15 seconds to go from hitting the power button to showing the main menu screen. Is this normal? Was this how it was before I hacked it? I can't remember. It doesn't seem very Nintendo. I've got SNES9x, which is excellent, and got one of my 3DS games running from card. Same with a regular DS game, though I don't think I've managed to pull my save state across. Hoping to get GBA Advance Wars on it too WHICH I OWN, of course. Any other suggestions for things to load? Anything from the Homebrew scene? I might try to get Lemmings on there too. And there appears to be a Lynx emulator..?
  9. I saw this thread bumped and remembered I had a 3DSXL. I just switched it on - I'm pretty sure the first time since Jan 2017 - and it still had enough charge to play around on for ten minutes. What?! Anyway. Inspired to load CFW on once I've found the charger. Thanks for this thread!
  10. Some insanely fast times on the scoreboard. Is it possible Mash found a way to force the level seed? Even if so, my hat is doffed!
  11. I binged it through. 7/10 for me - worth watching. Thoughts (not too spoilery): A bit let down by (much more spoilery):
  12. This landed on All 4 so I watched the first episode, and the above checks out. I guess this is how Beats', Grindah's and Steves' dads met in the Kurupt cinematic universe. But it's well shot and there are some standout actors, so I'm looking forward to seeing it through.
  13. I'm a big fan of People Just Do Nothing, Tom Davis, and Michael Smiley, so the advert for this piqued my interest: Remains to be seen whether the PJDN guys can cleanly define some new characters. Hugo Chegwin looks like he's done it, but not so sure about Allan Mustafa and Steve Stamp IMDB
  14. I've only played around with small PICO-8 projects so I've not smashed up against the token limit. Seems to be one per string, but I can't find a limit on string length. Looks like Wordle has 2,500 'guessable' words out of 12,000,so you should be able to get a very decent chunk of those into the 65536 character limit. And if not, you can add decompression to that task list
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