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  1. This is available for rental on Prime at the moment. It is very mad but not quite as insane as Mandy. Has a few memorable Cage moments with Alpacas and a (presumably now patented) solo freakout. The surveyor character might also be the only sane character in it. Even the Mayor is a borderline loon.


    But I think the true creepy thing bout Lovecraft is where characters see the aftermath of a human encounter with the old ones. That 2012 version, whilst rubbish, had a very compelling scene of devastation towards the end and this has the same sort of thing on a smaller scale but with some creepy recordings to go with it.

  2. Another point off Wolves! A good day given most below us lost. It's nearly always a dull goalless affair but it's a point we really need given our situation. 


    MacAllister straight onto free kicks by the looks of it too. 

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  3. Ugh I'm not sure! Norwich and West Ham won and Bournemouth got a point. I'm hoping Liverpool turn over Watford although it sounds like they're putting up a fight.


    I still don't know why our finishing is so shit. We're better to watch at least.

  4. 1 hour ago, skadupuk said:

    Smash N Grab 101


    Brighton fans are going to be pissed off about that one (as we would be if the roles were reversed), but dear god I'm a happy!

    Crushingly disappointing. So many shots on target. Although I can't believe that early Benteke miss and the Zaha open goal fail right at the end. hI think we need someone a bit more collected in front of goal. Hoping McAllister has something of that if we allow him to ever play.


    Palace's defence was mostly pretty solid though.

  5. This is on Starz and, like everything else on Starz, is OK and not terrible. It's weird a mixture of silly Michael Caine cockney gangster bullshit and a kitchen sink drama.


    It isn't boring but I'm not sure that it's good. I haven't seen loads in the way of foreshadowing, rather it's just a bunch of ex-SAS men doing jobs after they leave the Army.

  6. There are a load of decent music documentaries on Prime if you like 80s/90s metal or grunge. Some of the bands I've added over the weekend:







    The Desert metal scene (covers QOTSA/Kyuss etc)


    Also, there's 3 seasons of Bananaman.

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  7. I think maybe one of the reasons he chose us was that he's now playing alongside Maty Ryan and I understand they were childhood friends back in Sydney. It may not be the only reason but I suspect when you're thousands of miles from home, having a link is possibly quite important. Even if it was £10m it's not a dreadful price given his creativity. Now all we need is someone capable of scoring off the chances he, Gross and Trossard create.

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  8. Locadia genuinely didn't play that much be cause he was more focussed on his Soundcloud rapper career. Izquierdo got injured playing for Colombia in the last world cup and still hasn't recovered. Bernardo, Bissouma and Trossard have all had fairly lengthy injury spells but are back and playing. Everyone is subject to Guardiola-style rotation without the benefit of being as talented as that squad.


    But soon we'll have Mooy for £5m and our very own Scottish Argentinian in Alexis MacAllister. Plus getting Ben White back from Leeds will be a bonus.


    I also recognise that outside of Palace fans, no one really has an opinion on Brighton other than we're playing more attractive football than last year but still not winning. 



  9. 1 hour ago, Gotters said:

    Interesting net spend article - some of these clubs have been spectacular in how badly they've spent money and the sheer scale of the mismanagement going on



    We can't be 10th. That's ridiculous. There must be a mathematical error somewhere. The most we've spent on a player is £20m. But I guess we've bought a lot maybe. I'm not even sure how we're ahead of Wolves and where the likes of Villa and Fulham are.


    It certainly doesn't feel like we've spent that much given we've just lost to Bournemouth.

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