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  1. This is on Starz and, like everything else on Starz, is OK and not terrible. It's weird a mixture of silly Michael Caine cockney gangster bullshit and a kitchen sink drama. It isn't boring but I'm not sure that it's good. I haven't seen loads in the way of foreshadowing, rather it's just a bunch of ex-SAS men doing jobs after they leave the Army.
  2. I've only just noticed that Blue Ruin has made it onto Netflix should you want a realistic take on a revenge film.
  3. We have the TV series which is perfectly serviceable for nostalgia purposes. The only reason for this to exist is because some consortium needs to off-shore a few million for tax evasion purposes.
  4. The Devils Blood - "The Thousandfold Epicentre" Folky in a Satanic Hammer Horror kind of way.
  5. There are a load of decent music documentaries on Prime if you like 80s/90s metal or grunge. Some of the bands I've added over the weekend: Mudhoney Rammstein Overkill Tad Death The Desert metal scene (covers QOTSA/Kyuss etc) Also, there's 3 seasons of Bananaman.
  6. I thought it was about the same as Hyperdrive but with Neelix.
  7. "Anti-Nowhere League - We Are the League" is now on Prime. Not as good as the story of Anvil but if you want a story about obnoxious dickheads in the early 80s, this has you covered.
  8. I think maybe one of the reasons he chose us was that he's now playing alongside Maty Ryan and I understand they were childhood friends back in Sydney. It may not be the only reason but I suspect when you're thousands of miles from home, having a link is possibly quite important. Even if it was £10m it's not a dreadful price given his creativity. Now all we need is someone capable of scoring off the chances he, Gross and Trossard create.
  9. We made the Mooy loan deal permanent for £5m. Not a bad bit of business but I imagine he'll have the same strop with us as he did with Huddersfield if/when we go down.
  10. Locadia genuinely didn't play that much be cause he was more focussed on his Soundcloud rapper career. Izquierdo got injured playing for Colombia in the last world cup and still hasn't recovered. Bernardo, Bissouma and Trossard have all had fairly lengthy injury spells but are back and playing. Everyone is subject to Guardiola-style rotation without the benefit of being as talented as that squad. But soon we'll have Mooy for £5m and our very own Scottish Argentinian in Alexis MacAllister. Plus getting Ben White back from Leeds will be a bonus. I also recognise that outside of Palace fans, no one really has an opinion on Brighton other than we're playing more attractive football than last year but still not winning.
  11. We can't be 10th. That's ridiculous. There must be a mathematical error somewhere. The most we've spent on a player is £20m. But I guess we've bought a lot maybe. I'm not even sure how we're ahead of Wolves and where the likes of Villa and Fulham are. It certainly doesn't feel like we've spent that much given we've just lost to Bournemouth.
  12. Dan Akroyd did this in Trading Places (and blacked up). But he wasn't possessed by an entity.
  13. The rampant racism in Trading Places. Arguably it's there to show that the Dukes are uncaring monsters but it's still jarring.
  14. I did warn you! The house they were investigating is on Winchester Street (they briefly show the car park there) and the place where they hide the phone is the Forest Recreation Ground.
  15. I like Black Lagoon. But it's more of an action anime set in the present rather than sci-fi or fantasy.
  16. Possibly. I don't watch nearly as many as I used to. But in the 70s even the voiceover would tell you what was going to happen. I think it was particularly prevalent in Bond films of the era.
  17. I'm amazed anyone bothered going to the cinema in the 70s. In general, it seems that the trailers produced for the big international films didn't really care that they laid out the entire plot of the film. Perhaps it was a reflection of the time. People didn't want surprises because the 70s was such a cruel and bleak decade (soon to be repeated - Bit of politics. Mrs Thatch etc. You won't believe what happens in Moonraker when Jaws gets a girlfriend!
  18. Not keen on playing a team right after a humiliation. We've just had to play Everton following their loss to the Liverpool kids and next up are Villa after their thrashing at the hands of City. I just hope Eddie Howe can hold onto his job for 2 weeks so we can continue to benefit from Bournemouth's decline.
  19. Things that are in my Prime watchlist ICYMI: Midnight Special (never seen it but will remedy that today). The Void (Not great but I love cosmic horror and space pyramids). Dragged Across Concrete (Hoping for something with a little more substance than Brawl in Cellblock 99). Hard Candy (I remember every character in this being unsympathetic for various reasons but it might be worth re-evaluating) The Killing of a Sacred Deer (Actually Satanic}. The Investigation: A Haunting in Sherwood (No good but it was shot 2 or 3 streets away from where I live). Amazon don't seem to push their stuff as much as Netflix but their library has got significantly better over the last 18 months for Prime members.
  20. The Athletic reckons he'd rather stay at Chelsea at this point in the season. There are also some unsubstantiated rumours about Daniel Sturridge I got from a Villa fan at work today. That wouldn't be a bad shout, maybe?
  21. I've only just got around to watching episode 1. I don't really get what it is. There were some intense scenes which were well done such as where they were trying to help Jonathan remember what happened to him. But then Dracula comes in and delivers a line in a manner which would make Austin Powers blush. Also in his oldest form when we're first introduced to him, he looked very much like old Biff from Back to the Future. However, it does make me wonder if Steven Moffat could pull off a remake of the Persuaders.
  22. Derby have a pretty decent track record with extracting performances out of older players (Paul McGrath springs to mind) so with someone like Rooney, I would expect a fairly decent return. The downside is that everyone will want to kick lumps out of him at every opportunity.
  23. I still think Burnley and Dyche have enough about them to get the job done and stay up. Bournemouth are currently having a nightmare and Norwich don't look like they have quite enough about them. And I'm not so sure how sustainable the resurgence at Watford is. Plus Newcastle have a lot of injuries and a tough 3 or 4 fixtures coming up. That said, there are only 10 points between Arsenal and Bournemouth so there's a fair bit of scope for change in the next few weeks.
  24. I'd take True Romance out of the list. He has repeatedly said it is Tony Scott's film not his. Personally I hate the stuff about German pre-war cinema in Inglorious Basterds. It feels so niche and self-congratulatory for the sake of it.
  25. I also like a lot of the obvious Japanese/90s HK films which many on this forum have mentioned over the years, but here are a few others I've enjoyed. I'm not saying they're good but they've entertained me over the years: Tesis - Fairly standard serial killer fare but in Spanish. The arrival of Wang - Aliens make first contact with the Italians. The detail I liked was that they speak mandarin because it is the most widely spoken language on the planet, which makes sense away from the hollywood-centric sci-fi blockbusters. Juan of the Dead - Just stupid but entertaining.
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