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  1. It might be a -12 as they’re not keen on starting League 1 on a further deferred -3. Up until the pandemic, I used to park at Pride Park for work. I’ll be sad to see the Rammie van go.
  2. So Wolves are starting their own record label to promote Midlands artists? Nice idea in theory from a community outreach perspective.
  3. It'll only be for an hour or two (unless Spurs manage to pull off something incredible), but third in the league! Acknowledging 2 disallowed goals it's the first time we've managed to beat this very good Leicester side.
  4. It's outrageous that the big six face no repercussions for trying to ruin football for everyone and in fact can spend hundreds of millions on players because points deductions would upset their global fanbase in Jakarta or whatever. But Championship clubs and below and their fans are fair game for the most stringent sanctions. I wasn't clear on the reporting. I know they were looking at -9 this season for the ongoing financial reporting shenanigans but is this an additional -12 9n top of that? How is anyone supposed to deal with that?
  5. I really like the ending although I realise a lot of people don't but I also really like witch / coven based folk horror fare.
  6. Just come off the back of watching 10 films over 5 days through Frightfest Digital 2021. In short ... The Show - More of a quirky British detective / fantasy thing than a horror. Written by and sort of starring Alan Moore. Had a touch of Dirk Gently about it. I think I'll revisit this in future. Broadcast Signal Intrusion - I'm a sucker for the Max Headroom and Vrillon intrusion stories from back in the 80s so this was right up my street. It's more of a story of obsession reminiscent of Zodiac. The end can be left up to interpretation which might not be popular with everyone. Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes - German with heavy 60s occult overtones. This takes two big swerves during it's 70 minute run time and was reminiscent of unloved badly acted 90s basket case, Razorblade Smile. Bad Candy - An anthology which gets better right at the end but is nowhere near as good as Trick r Treat or The Mortuary Collection. Evie - A story about a Sylkie supposedly but may aswell just be a story about a life of regrets suppressed through drugs and booze with 5 minutes of fantasy bunged on the end. As in Heaven So On Earth - An ambitious mixture of medieval puppetry linking in with a missing person's case in the present day. I liked the vision and may revisit this one. GAIA - South African jungle fest featuring plant based monsters. It was fine but not much more than that. Ultrasound - Really interesting but not horror. Really heavy Fringe inflections particularly with the technology in use. The film's description is accurate but maybe only covers the first 10 minutes. It takes some BIG detours from there. Night Drive - Like Ultrasound, not really a horror IMO. Rather the answer to the question "What if Shane Black and Quentin Tarantino directed Collateral"? Red Snow - Vampires in the sno ... wait, haven't we been here before? Has Bennett from Commando in it for a bit so you should watch it. i think my lasting feeling of the 10 films I watched last year were that a lot of them had good ideas but didn't tie them together properly or felt a bit amateurish. The production was significantly better across my selection this year and although maybe Bad Candy, Gaia, Evie and Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes might fall into the "good idea - needs to tighten up the script", I don't really feel I saw anything really duff this time around with the exception of Evie which worked as a kitchen sink drama without the last 5 minutes but not as anything supernatural. Out of that lot, I would strongly recommend Night Drive, Ultrasound and Broadcast Signal Intrusion.
  7. Almost a year after I pre-ordered it, my anniversary edition of Anthrax's Among the Living came through today. It ships with a hardcover oversized comic illustrating each song as a story and they have put a LOT of work into it surprisingly rather than just some afterthought book with large format pictures and not much else. Would recommend as Z2 comics still have it for sale on their site.
  8. Annoyingly Palace have made a lot of progress on their squad rebuild whilst Brighton have effectively signed 2 usable players and loaned or sold close to 30. I suspect the goal was to reduce the squad in this window which is hard to sell to the fans. Just hope there’s a plan.
  9. Cucrella (assuming Favrizio Romano is correct) and Mwepu are our only signings. We signed two others who probably won’t get work permits immediately and need to be loaned out and a third choice goal keeper. So no one really to score goals which is what we need. Plus we sold/loaned 2 goal scoring prospects and kept the injury prone one and the problematic one. Transfer window? A great success!
  10. I'd heard they still hadn't handed over the accounts required by the last ruling. If they'd maybe done it on time the penalty may not have been as severe (possibly). I still think that there's a chance Rooney can pull off a miracle and keep them up because of the odds so massively stacked against them every game is a free hit and as log as they play to the best of their capabilities, no one will be calling for his head. Not sure which way the derby will go today. Hughton appears to be more the manager under pressure at the moment.
  11. I put it in the same bracket of ambitious sci-fi flops as Valerian, John Carter of Mars and Jupiter Ascending although all three of those clearly cost a lot more than this. Also the robots in it are a straight rip off of little remembered 70s Kirk Douglas sci-fi vehicle, Saturn 3.
  12. In a similar mould to Farscape, I've discovered that Space Truckers is on Prime. Because it has Vernon Wells in it as a space pirate, everyone on Rllmuk is duty-bound to watch it. Also it has Charles Dance with a robot penis which has to be started like a petrol lawnmower.
  13. I was a little worried about Watford yesterday after their opening day showing. They got better in the second half but like last week at Burnley, we got the job done. Also pleased for Shane Duffy rehabilitating himself after a dreadful season at Celtic. Dunno how long he'll keep his place but he's what we need right now. Talking of Burnley, Sean Dyche's interview on BT Sport was fairly enlightening for me as an outsider. Saying that the American owners are working out how to re-brand the club could work out amazingly but I can't help but feel it might result in Dyche leaving. He knows how to keep Burnley up (in the same way as Chris Hughton did for us) but it also feels like the owners are going to do to him what Tony Bloom did to Chris Hughton right after the 2019 season closer.
  14. Supposedly we were absolute bollocks in the first half but decent subs changed everything. Moder is underrated I think. He should get more starts.
  15. Yeah that's fair enough. IMO, the £50m Arsenal paid is for the potential, the resale value and the fact that he had 4 years on his contract with us. I agree that it's an absurd amount of money that no one is really worth and it also surprises me that we were able to negotiate those terms but here we are. Hopefully Arsenal will continue the development work of Brighton, Newport County, Peterborough and 1996 Coca Cola League Cup finalists, Leeds United.
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