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  1. In more glamorous news, 31 year old Dale Stephens probably going from Brighton to Burnley about 4 years after he originally wanted to. TBF he's a Lancashire lad and will maybe get more game time than he is with us at the moment. I don't know what Burnley's defensive midfield is looking like at the moment.
  2. Bissouma accident aside, I was pleased with a comprehensive 3-0 over Newcastle away. Two well taken goals and finally Maupay gets his penalty scoring mojo back. TBH I thought Newcastle had made some really shrewd signings over the summer but was really surprised that they offered little attacking threat. Not sure what's going one there at all.
  3. Last night for the first time in a while, I felt like I was supporting a Premiership team. We had £51m of full internationals on the bench and Potter didn't decide to play the team of school children as we did when we lost to Villa in a similar cup tie last season. Although admittedly there were a lot of fringe and development players. I'm not saying that it was any sort of spectacular victory beating a team two divisions lower and with a fraction of our spending power, but not being the underdogs expected to lose is a rare position to be in if you're a Brighton fan.
  4. I assume that most Prem teams below the likes of a top six side are probably going to field teams of children and fringe players.
  5. Well that was annoying. A good performance wiped out by a mistake, a worldie and a deflection. And we lost Lallana but at least got 40 minutes out of him.
  6. I meant to ask what you thought of Jayson Molumby last season. I realise that he wasn't your player of the season or anything but I'd heard he put in a few blood and thunder performances which I think is the sort of thing we need now he's back with us.
  7. I'm astounded that Mitrovic started from the bench. Maybe it was a fitness thing? Also if Leeds are going to win the Premier League and Liverpool are going to be challenging for second or third spot then they both need to tighten up those defences.
  8. Is Vinagre off to Porto or is it simply rumour?
  9. They work out sometimes! Maupay did OK for us last season. Not stellar but not Joelinton either.
  10. Now that HHH has weighed in on the Declan Rice speculation, I don't know what to believe anymore. Is the WWE storyline bleeding into football? Is football sports entertainment? Have we all unwillingly bought into the kayfabe for the last few decades?
  11. Shane Duffy to Celtic and Glenn Murray to Watford. Sad to see them both go but I get that they both wanted more first team minutes. Bit weird that Watford didn't try for someone like Rhian Brewster though.
  12. Eze signing for Palace is a decent piece of business. Now at least it doesn't all fall on Ayew to keep them going.
  13. Well these three had significantly higher production vlues than some of the other stuff I saw over the weekend. Enhanced - Not really horror. More straight to Syfy fare - sort of X Men super lite. There were at least 5 dudes in combat gear with the same beard and hairstyle who all looked the same. Blinders - Was actually really good. It felt like Nightcrawler to an extent. The Swerve - Kitchen sink drama rather than horror about a woman under appreciated by her family slowly cracking under the pressure. Decent and had an important message but I don't know how much I'd rev
  14. Still eking this out. Onto S3 now. Recent things I've liked: - The last episode of S2 where they go out in Saint Marks. Everything going on in the background is absolutely fascinating - The episode where they're chasing the perfect party. - S3E1 - The pre-title sequence where they're on their toilets is genius. Reminded me of the Aerosmith Run DMC "Walk this way" video. - The Hilary Clinton episode was really conflicting for me. The pencils in the hair gag was great and the subtly savage attack on the over 30s believing they're still young was amazing. Props to Hilar
  15. That short was pretty good the first time although it was a bit annoying to have to watch it twice in the same day. Yesterday was pretty quiet for me. I saw Hall which I thought was decent if a little short and hinted at the social commentary of something like Society although it never seemed to go there and maybe I was just inferring something which wasn't there. I then watched Aquaslash in the hope it would be funny. It wasn't and in fact it was a bog standard teen dickheads film until the last 10 minutes. Not worth it. I can't remember why we only picked
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