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  1. I thought this was the third best after 1 & 2 although it feels like it is asking the question "What if Adam Sandler was a Terminator who went to Mexico?" and I don't think anyone outside of Adam Sandler has ever asked that question.
  2. Another anti-recommendation - Occupation. Has elements of Independence Day, Falling Skies and Battle Los Angeles but isn't really as good as any other them. It is Australian I suppose so that puts a different lens on it and Jango Fett is in it. Not awful, but the very definition of the term "content" in that it fills 2 hours but nothing more than that. Not even worthy of a hate watch.
  3. Amazon Prime has a 2012 version of this film available now. No idea if it’s any good.
  4. Tempting as it might be to watch "Replicas", try to avoid wasting your time with it.
  5. I don't think you can apply any logic to this season (see GW9's team of the week for example). The only thing I can suggest is that you may aswell have Trent and Robbo as your only expensive defenders and sign a load of 4.5s so you can spend the money further forward.
  6. Belgium up 6-0 at half time. And I thought Australia Nepal was going to be the big score of the day.
  7. Blimey we needed a win but did not expect to get it against Spurs. So pleased Potter is finally playing some attacking football and giving the development teams a proper opportunity.
  8. There is a supercut of Rambo films at the end of this (inexplicably including Last Blood which you've just seen), but it's a stark reminder that at least 2 of the preceding 4 were just better than Last Blood and the other 2 were more entertaining. If you're looking for a more grimly violent/rapey version of Home Alone or Taken, then Last Blood is the film for you. At least Last Blood doesn't take anything away from the original being one of the greatest anti-war films ever made.
  9. I'd heard that he was doing well although I never saw much of him due to Hughton not giving the U23s much first team time. Looks like that might be changing though but I'm please that both Ben White and Matt Clarke are getting Championship game time as it'll hopefully make them better for us when they return.
  10. I can't believe we didn't beat Newcastle. Apparently Watford had more possession than Newcastle and they conceded 8. I like Potter's new style of play but we REALLY need to work on our finishing. At least losing 4-0 at the Ethihad the other week doesn't seem so bad now, so cheers for that, Watford. I don't know whose head is on the chopping block next - Bruce, Silva or Solskjaer.
  11. I assume Sam Esmail had to say that nu-BSG was perfection given he tagged Ron Moore, but does anyone really believe that after the first season? I'm not sure why they're doing this although I think we're at the point where the overriding edict from TV and streaming services is that content must be produced and I suppose it will unarguably be content. I wonder what the Mormons who first came up with BSG think of all this?
  12. It's maybe because it has been on Amazon Prime for a while although I don't really know how much of a differentiator it is when comparing the 2 services if you're a prospective customer.
  13. There is a fair bit of parlour chat in this which isn't generally to my taste. But I thought that dedicating episode 3 to back story was a reasonably good idea rather than drip feeding it throughout the series as is tradition.
  14. I'm kinda surprised there hasn't been one quoting Rick and Morty. That show seemed to be the archetype for attracting intense extremely online types although I appreciate that probably wasn't the creator's intention.
  15. Most of Supernatural, the X Files, Dollhouse, Burn Notice and A Town Called Eureka are all on there too. I've found Prime to be a great place to catch up on old shows I couldn't be bothered with at the time. Surprised Veronica Mars isn't on Prime.
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