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  1. I honestly can't believe this has happened again. Well actually I can as I bear witness to it every week. I don't even think we lack a striker, I just think we need better offensive coaches. I swear if we signed Kylian MBappe he'd be on one goal a season for us.
  2. I'm using gorilla cases. I have a small 50 record case downstairs near the record player and will get a bigger one for upstairs (not the union flag one) and rotate between the two. You forget how heavy vinyl is once you get past about 15 albums.
  3. Just watched The Alchemist Cookbook on Prime. If nothing else, I urge you to watch the trailer as it is pretty funny. The film is not as funny and is quite similar to A Dark Song but without the female protagonist to make sense of if for the audience. It is only 85 minutes long and has a possum with a glorious name.
  4. So if it helps, the VAT from overseas purchase gets added at 20% if the purchase price not including shipping fee is over £135 I think plus a standard £12 admin fee. If it's under that then our awful government assume that the vendor or marketplace has taken care of it (I can't remember the exact wording). But yeah since January 1st this whole importing business is much more expensive.
  5. I really do believe that buying records is more than just buying the music. You have to invest time in listening to them and handling them and even the way they are packaged is an art in itself. But I also think that the time when records were truly a bargain was when they were losing the format wars to cassette and CD in the late 80s and early 90s. But I also appreciate I may not always be looking in the right places. I should imagine that there are decent record shops like Crash in Leeds waiting for people to come back in and rifle through their stuff. Would love an
  6. I think this is the thing I've been finding with vinyl that I want (mostly 70s, 80s and 90s metal/rock/punk with a sprinkling of other bits). If I didn't buy it at the time and it hasn't been re-released, it is horrifically expensive. I guess that's a maxim which applies to most vinyl though. But this was the least painful way to get what I wanted rather than paying £70 - £100 per record for the 5 or 6 I was after. I should imagine they'll all get re-releases and I'll be kicking myself when they're all £20 in 2 years. Fortunately the majority of things left on my list are pretty va
  7. TBF it is a collection! There are 11 records in there
  8. Horrifyingly, £480 which was comparatively cheap although I was then whacked for £120 import duty on top of that that I didn't factor in. At the time of purchase there were two other second hand options - one in Italy for £620 (presumably with the import fee) and another in a UK store for £850-ish. This one at least was new and sealed. I did some research on the prices of the 6 records I really wanted in there and they seemed to be coming out at more than £480 so I consider it to be an OK price of sorts additional forgotten VAT aside. Am sticking to the £15 - £30 bracke
  9. Another noob question I'm afraid! Do you keep the stylus cover on when not in use particularly if you use a dust cover? I have been doing that but pulling it off and putting it back on has caused the green stylus cartridge to come off the headshell. Obviously it's easy to snap back on but I appreciate that I run the risk of damaging the stylus if it keeps falling off.
  10. This is the most I’ll ever spend on a release. At least I’ve made a list of the other records I want so there’s an end to my spending lunacy and at least they’re mostly £15 -£30 each.
  11. FWIW we may have only conceded one goal in our last 6 games but we haven't scored that many. We had 26 shots against Villa yesterday and failed to score (although that was partly due to Martinez having a worldie). I envisage us battering you with shots but our finishing letting us down. Realistically, think it's going to end up either 0-0 or 1-1 because whilst we create chances, Maupay, Trossard and Mac Allister and ... uh ... Dan Burn aren't quite ruthless enough to put them away. What I hope is that Potter is wearing his lucky old lady scarf which has served us well r
  12. As a Brighton fan I'm honestly not sure it's that cut and dried. It's a local derby so the rules seem to be that the in form team (which I think over the last 6 games has probably been us) somehow lose catastrophically. I kind of get Palace's current form. They always finish above us but also around mid-table. I don't think there's any danger of them going down given we're in another weird COVID season coupled with the performance of the bottom 3, so there might be a sense that the team has done enough, which I appreciate for fans isn't good enough. It's probably just
  13. Frustrating game. Villa are usually a good side but we mostly neutered them tonight. Just a shame our finishing wasn't a little better and that Martinez had world class night. Liverpool should probably try to sign him.
  14. Don't worry! You're playing us next and I can pretty much guarantee that no matter how good our possession based football is, we'll fail to score and concede to a Benteke goal in the 89th minute. TBF Burnley look like they're on a bit of an uptick now so I'm glad we managed 1-1 at Turf Moor the other week. They were really decent in the second half.
  15. Rammstein’s latest (from 2 years ago). This is what I bought a turntable for. Whilst it’s not my favourite album ever, I love the effort which has gone in to producing this record. I think it’s a beautiful piece of commercial art (a bit like the Cowboy Bebop OST) and I’m pleased to own it.
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