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  1. Added some crackle paint, took a knife to my crappy sculpting, re-airbrushed it, and am blacking the rocks in black. Not going to be black, more a moon rock grey I think.
  2. Falling Down is my favourite of his, although I haven’t seen it in a long time. I went to a press screening of 8mm and I despised it, I thought it completely failed to live up to its premise and wasn’t nearly as dark as it needed to be. That’s the only time I’ve seen it, so maybe it’s another that needs a rewatch. I like some of the things Minnie Driver’s been tweeting about him.
  3. I love the original Harlequins, these are the very first minis I painted back in ‘94: Which you can tell by the chipping I painted over bare metal
  4. What did you watch it on? Reading this makes me wonder if I should give it another shot. I love the first two, and saw the third at the cinema at release. I hated it so much I’ve never watched any of the other Terminator films.
  5. I finished The Clone Wars the other day, I’d watched the first 5 seasons years ago so I started with the last few episodes of season 5 to get back into it & remind me how certain things played out. While I’m not a fan of the prequels I liked that the last two seasons started to tie more elements into them, season 7 runs alongside Ep3. Season 7 has definitely benefited from a leap in tech, some of the camera moves & compositions they use are quite something. The final two episodes are just great, some of their best. The music is fantastic, there’s a 5 minute seq
  6. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford A film almost as long as its title. Only 13 years late to this one. Thumbs up from me. Love Deakins’s work, and Nick Cave’s soundtrack is a thing of beauty. 4/5
  7. @Cocky do you put a general filter over everything or do you do specific transitions - like take the highlight colour & do the transition between midtone & highlight?
  8. This astronaut project is meant to be quick & fun. So I tried an airbrushed lava base - the idea is they’ve picked a really bad landing spot and are sinking. So quick & fun… got it to a place where I was happy with it. Then I improved it and had to do it again. And one more time. I’ve come to the conclusion my sculpted ripples are shit - couldn’t find any sculpting tools on Saturday so was using a tooth pick & brush. It got to the point I’d convinced myself I don’t have any, I don’t really sculpt just gap fill & it’s been
  9. @Cocky I know you've done tutorials in the past (I think it was you anyway), do you have one for the Hulk? That green is just
  10. Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. Kevin Smith’s an odd one. I loved Clerks, Mallrats, and Chasing Amy back in the 90s but I haven’t watched any of them since the mid 2000s and I don’t feel the need to either.
  11. Also running stuff can be expensive depending on what you’re doing, what instances & resources you need. Eg a small mobile game I worked on that had a heavy sever load was costing up tens of thousands a month in server running costs. It’s nothing Sony couldn’t absorb I’m sure, but there’s going to come a tipping point where they don’t feel it’s worth the cost any more. For dev we did have a fully local version for testing, which meant if it came to it we could update & pull the plug on the servers. The thing we’re running into on my current game, which also is
  12. I thought they worked really well, I don’t think it should be a thing in every film but it worked here for me. I read it as being their memories rather than an actual flashback, if that makes sense. I liked it but also think it could be improved by cutting it down. There are some fantastic performances, but I also wish they’d delved more into their relationships. Some of the plot points were entirely too predictable.
  13. The Bag

    Perfect Albums

    To me there's no other album that sounds like Rumours, it's like you're there not listening to a recording. In addition to the already current suggestions I add: Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against the Machine Pink Floyd - Animals
  14. The pacing is pretty awful, long first section followed by progressively shorter sections each with a title that made it really stand out. Just as I thought it was really gearing up to go somewhere you get hyper funnelled towards the conclusion, and I don’t know if I missed a lot or if it wasn’t there. Although reading around a bit, it wasn’t there. Overall I’m still on the I enjoyed it side of things, but it’s got issues. Also
  15. @Nicky it might be Viking gold… why can’t I remember which gold it is. This is bad, cause I tidied my desk the other day, rather than having the 3 paints I used just sitting out all the time Decayed metal has to be one of my favourite colours. Haven’t tried the Vallejo metal colours yet, but have a friend who swears by jet exhaust.
  16. nothing custom, he’s a statue Forge World produced about 20 years ago. He stands about 8” tall with all his spikes & everything, so I’m cheating & not doing this at 28/32mm scale (whatever GW is at these days. Here’s an old photo of him vs a little primaris diorama thing I stuck together one weekend: The skulls are all a dark olive green the stippled with progressively lighter layers. Nice textured effect. The metal is based in scale 75 Decayed Metal mixed with few drops of violet ink (S75 Inktensity violet in this case) to corrupt the colour a b
  17. Did some painting! Cleaned up the glow from the collar ring, lot tidier now but I need to knock it back - it’s now the highest value bit of the model & takes away the focus from the face. Started on a crackle design on the talon. The inspiration for this is a memory both myself & my teacher have a memory of an Abaddon in a 90s White Dwarf with that.
  18. Tangle Tower - I played through it in two sittings and enjoyed it right up until the end where I think it falls apart a bit. I think it would benefit from being a bit longer and fleshing out some more of the story - you’re left to draw your own conclusions about too much. And it had the draw back of these sort of games where it doesn’t always cope with you knowing certain information - for example there’s a character in a photo who you have to prove is the person but even after this all the other character still profess not to know, and you can’t say “I know”. Good, but flawed.
  19. Do you use like the ready mixed panel liners & stuff like that from AK interactive & the like? I’m wary of enamels due to shit experiences with them as a kid with airfix models, but I also see people getting great effects with them. There’s also the solvent side of things - for some reason I’ve got it in my head it’s more complex with enamels than oils. My oils set up is oil paint, cheap well palette, and some low odour solvent.
  20. That’s awesome, loving the wear & weathering. Acrylics or oils? Or both?
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