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  1. Day 27: Handheld games Phoenix Wright - Objection! It had to be, didn’t it.
  2. ‪Day 26: music you like from a game you’ve never played‬ ‪Shenmue - Shenmue‬ ‪Had a Dreamcast (purchased a few hours before Sega discontinued it… timing!) but never got around to it. Watched the GDC talks tho. Too late to look for sailors.‬
  3. Day 22 - Music that gets you pumped Machine Head - Davidian First track from their first album, what a way to start with those drums (by which I mean the part that start at ~45s). I've seen this band live more times than any other, they were the first gig I went to in '97 when they were touring their second album and the last gig I went to towards the end of last year for the 25th anniversary of the first. I haven't been a fan of everything they've produced through the years but those first two albums are still some of my favourites. And now a ridiculously 90s mu
  4. Day 21- music that makes you sad Like others I’m finding this hard to pick, I’m quite a down person so l like a lot of so called depressing music. Carole King - So Far Away I live on my own & haven't really seen another person, not on a screen, in 132 days. I’m feeling this one...
  5. Day 24: music you constantly have stuck in your head Ico - Castle in the Mist Day 25: music that gets you pumped Mirror’s Edge - Still Alive Love this game, played it without using guns cause I hate myself. It came in one of those blips where big pubs are willing to try something different.
  6. Day 20 - Music that makes you happy Kermitt Ruffins - Skokiaan
  7. Day 23: Underrated Music Heaven’s Vault - Before the Fall A beautiful piece from my favourite game of last year.
  8. Optimising for a single platform’s behaviour essentially. Plus there’s Sony’s ice team who are there to make sure their internal games make their machine look good so help out with things like optimisation and pushing tech - they’re responsible for things in the Uncharted games like water, sand, snow.
  9. Day 19 - Classic Album 1990-1999 Tool - Ænima Actually finding it really hard to decide which track to pick, so here’s the opener
  10. Day 22: Village Music Fable 2 - Oakfield Picking a game I worked on Lovely music from Russ. I wrote so many unique NPC behaviour for this region the player will never notice. Hard to believe it’s been almost 12 years…
  11. Day 18 - Something From An Artist/Genre You're Not Otherwise Into catchy as hell
  12. The live version from Paris is amazing
  13. The Exorcist was in cinemas in ‘98, I know that because my friends & I went to see it the same weekend as we went to Ozzfest.
  14. ‪Day 21: associate with frustration ‬ ‪Eternal Sonata - Pyroxene of the Heart‬ ‪Cheating/semantic loophole but the frustration here is why couldn’t the game be better? Love the soundtrack, enjoyed the demo, gave up on the game.‬
  15. Day 17 - Something from another country/culture Babymetal - Gimme Chocolate
  16. Trying to relax after a shitty day with a bit of painting. Not in the mood for any of my current projects so threw some paint at this guy in a stippling/pointillism way. The skin tone is a few greens & a red.
  17. ‪Day 20: Racing Game‬ ‪Mario Kart - Donut Plains‬ ‪
  18. Day 16 - Track relating to the weather Guns N’ Roses - November Rain not very inspired but I’m not feeling inspired right now If I can have a second, Lemon Jelly - Nice Weather For Ducks
  19. Day 19: A Cover Version Mass Effect 3 - An End, Once and For All
  20. Day 15 - Track Relating To Love
  21. Looking great. Does it have the demon base with it?
  22. ‪Day 18: Music in a game from the year you were born‬ ‪Donkey Kong‬ ‪Not too many options here.‬ ‪
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