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  1. dunno if this is eBay, but I saw this photo earlier
  2. Day 11 - Something From The Year You Were Born The Human League - Don't You Want Me
  3. Day 15: Boss Battle Dark Souls - Gwyn, Lord of Cinder What a game, what a beautiful, mournful piece of music. I thought about picking the firelink shrine music for relaxing but the music's not, the feeling of getting there is... until it isn't.
  4. The Bag


    I’ve touched on it a bit in the me too thread, but yeah Ubi is a complete shitshow. And it’s not just France it’s Canada too, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was everywhere they seem to have a deep cultural problem. But it’s not just Ubisoft it’s fucking everywhere, Meg’s thread collecting tweets about it is a good place to start Last time this stuff was brought to light nothing much changed, it was sickening to see how many male devs just went down the route of “but false allegations”. We need to do better as an industry. Every woman I know has experienced
  5. Day 14: Music With Vocals Mass Effect - M4 Part II Maybe cheating again, but I love Mass Effect and this song. Like the song in the softball episode of The Simpsons it has the ability to make you feel nostalgic for what you just finished.
  6. Day 10 - Classic Pop Track OMD - Messages
  7. Day 13: A Game You Didn't Like Final Fantasy XIII - Prelude Did not get on with this at all, but I do like this piece, especially the underlying bit to it all - what you hear for the first 40 seconds.
  8. Day 09 - Classic Soul/Funk Track Gil Scott-Heron - Lady Day And John Coltrane
  9. Mistakes were made. It proves the idea, but about everything that could go wrong when airbrushing did, attempts were made to rescue it with a brush. Thinking I might strip the capsule and paint it again. This was meant to be quick, silly fun… I did this to myself
  10. Day 12: Music That Makes You Sad To The Moon - Everything's Alright An easy one this, no game has ever destroyed me as much as To The Moon. Laura Shigihara & Kan Gao's soundtrack is amazing. Play it if you haven't.
  11. I forgot to add Day 1 last night so I've gone with Alice In Chains - Would? Day 08 - Classic Hip Hop Track Ice-T - Escape From The Killing Fields Ice-T's OG album was my real introduction to hip hop, and is an album I still listen to today. My favourite track on the album is probably Midnight, but I went with this as it seemed more appropriate in the current climate. There'll never be any good Schools in the hood There'll never be any cops That are any good The hospital is a great place To go to die Real estate's cheap Let me tell ya why? The ma
  12. honestly I’ve no idea. I’m not a huge dance music person, I listen to a lot of ambient & electronica stuff but not sure it counts. My first pick was actually The Prodigy but I changed that when there were already 2 tracks from the same album picked. Fuck it, I’m going to change it back.
  13. Lyrics were inspired/copied by guys working in an electronics store Knopfler visited, stuff about it in the wikipedia article https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Money_for_Nothing_(song) wait, what?!
  14. What are the rules/guidelines around repeating an artist? Is it like the VGM one & no repeats?
  15. catching up… So hard to pick things, too many options… Day 01 - Track you never tire of Alice In Chains - Would? Day 02 - Album you never tire of Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral There are a few albums over the years that have reshaped my idea of what music can be and this was one of them. Day 03 - The newest track you love Jinjer - Perennial I’ve really been getting into Jinjer during lockdown. Great musicians and Tatiana can switch flawlessly between growling & singing with no pause.
  16. Hope no one minds me joining in late, I started doing this on Twitter the other day for some distraction from how depressing it is. Day 1: Title Screen Music Persona 4 - Corridor of Memories I love the Persona series & this was my entry to it. I played it & 3 back to back, my flatmate didn’t get near the tv for 6 weeks. Day 2: Opening Level Music Doom - E1L1 Need I say more? Day 3: 8 Bit Music Ocean Loader 4 Perhaps a strange choice & certainly one that’s not going to fit into any other category. T
  17. so that entire film was a lie?!
  18. So don’t get it for handheld only? I’ve been playing Automachef, it's really managed to get its hooks in despite making no concessions to running on the switch in handheld mode & having terrible tutorials. It's like inifinifactory or the like but it's a kitchen with meal prep, it's got that optimisation hook with targets on meals delivered, electricity used, ingredients used. It's rough around the edges, e.g. it has an efficiency score but it only gives vague indication over what goes into it - so there's nothing for this layout scored badly because X. For examp
  19. @erhgiez god no, you can get them here. A pack of three 15mm astronauts. https://www.mrleesminis.com/product-page/astronaut-set-beyond-the-stars Roman Lappat has been doing a series of them: https://www.instagram.com/romanlappat.miniatureart/
  20. I’m almost ashamed to post after those! I’ve been painting my tiny astronaut, hard to get a good photo of it. Plan is to stick on spacecraft the use the airbrush to add lighting from the lava & shadows.
  21. ADB & Abnett are my favourite black library authors by a long way. To be fair I haven’t read much outside the Horus Heresy series. Watson’s Space Marine way back when, the Eisenhorn trilogy, and recently having run out of Heresy & siege of terra books I wanted to read I read the Black Legion books, cause ADB. I should really check out the Night Lords ones.
  22. Speaking of Black Library stuff I got about a third of the way into Dark Imperium and fuck me I don’t care. I like the stuff with Guilliman’s thoughts on how the Imperium has changed (eg the meeting with the priest) but I can’t be doing with all the stuff about how wonderful he is. Everything the Horus Heresy did to final make me like the ultramarines and not thing of them as some boring, teachers pet type pricks is getting swiftly undone. I’ve given up on it. Is it worth persevering in with, does it improve? I moved on to Spears of the Emperor, such a better book.
  23. I think this video on Jojo Rabbit and The Book Thief (book, not the film) touches on maybe the thing many film critics are hitting when they criticise it for not doing the holocaust properly, and that’s the distinction between stories about/involving Jewish people durning the holocaust and stories where the Jews are an object in the story but not people in it. The author (person who created the video) explains it much better and it comes quite near the start:
  24. Cool, can’t wait to see it. Mine’s still in a box in my very long backlog.
  25. yeah, we can all learn from that. I don’t adjust any settings, getting things in focus causes enough issues at times one change I did make this year which helps photos & painting is using some baking paper to diffuse the light. Just held onto this famous Ikea lamps with magnets.
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