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  1. Scale 75 primer is a game changer, much prefer this to the glossier Vallejo primers I’ve been using.
  2. Some freehand? Or the scale model ppl probably know where to get suitable transfers for it. Or I think you can get transfer paper for printers?
  3. Embrace the memes. Attached his sword arm & top knot last night so I can work on him as one complete piece.
  4. Arg, thought it started at 1
  5. I use oils for it, I’ve got a thing about enamels after many bad experiences as a kid with them & airfix kits @Nicky have you tried Lifecolour’s liquid pigments? They claim to do the same as oils/enamels but with acrylics. I got a free set with my new compressor, for some reason, haven’t got around to trying them yet. They come with a pot of stuff to do the job of spirits and remove it.
  6. it's a big investment to get Obsidian a new engine, but I approve.
  7. It takes a bit to get going, but then it starts connecting to the wide picture.
  8. Those last few episodes of the Clone Wars are some of the best Star Wars moments imo. As I said before in the thread the music change & sequence in the run up to is just perfection. I’m watching Rebels now and would recommend it too. There’s probably a watch list for it too, but I’m enjoying the sillier episodes too. It’s got a lot more of the daily oppression of living under the empire.
  9. Not for this one as kind of going for a bit of an unreal skin tone. Still using the colour zones of the face to give a bit of life, although I have added any blue (beyond what’s already there) into the lower part. I’m open to suggestions.
  10. More work on this hunk of resin. Trying to refine the skin a bit. Not happy with the colour of the lips, tried a bunch & not happy with any of them.
  11. Merc or at least whomever is running the social media has his back
  12. I had to turn the sensitivity & dead zones down on the sticks, I found it way too fast to begin with.
  13. Nice to see Williams and Ferrari battling each other for points again, reminds me of the old days.
  14. Started on the skin, blocked in some metallics, and glazed some incubi darkness into the shadows on the jacket to deepen them.
  15. @Hexx They are finite, but there’s no shortage of them. I had almost 40 of the at the end of the game having bought everything I could, used all the altars, unlocked all the fast travel points, and fast travelled a bunch. I always found things I needed a single blood crystal for (unlocking fast travel, drinks machines) usually had one fairly close by. There is an information broker character who’ll sell you secrets, she contacts you after a while.
  16. And finished, I fucking loved it. Finding Bear in there was such a surreal moment, she’s Rachel & Oli’s dog
  17. @mdn2 any hint on finding why Lydia & Sam we’re meeting at the farm? Only thing I need to do outside of finding evidence of a vampire before starting the trials.
  18. Skull is looking great. Maybe for the blue glaze some of your mid tone over it to lessen how white it is, and make it more blue again.
  19. Last night I went back to the jacket and went with an aged leather look built up via layers of texture (black & ivory) and the layers of inks & washes (browns, oranges, greens), repeat. Think it gives a good effect. In tonight’s lesson, eye lenses for on of Abaddon’s trophies.
  20. RIP When she was married to Archie Stirling they lived in the village I’m from (or one of the places they lived anyway). As a young child in the early ‘80s I made a run for it in M&S in town and was scooped up by Diana Rigg - my dad was very quick to assure my mum he can go retrieve me
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