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  1. If you’ve got inks a wee bit of an ink mixed in with the paint makes it flow so much smoother for stuff like that. God I want this so much, I’m just going to end up trying to paint a facsimile of it but it’s so perfect. https://nocturnamodels.com/en/xiii-figures-90mm/101-farewell.html
  2. It sucks to post after Joe, but here goes. Calling my Lion finished, first primarch I’ve painted.
  3. More work on the Lion, some bits to tidy but time to attach to the base. I use magnifying glasses with interchangeable strengths, similar to these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07MQD37RC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_Y6YNFb9QN8VQE
  4. Russell’s car getting taken over by the AI there
  5. He’s totally Bottased it.
  6. I did not know that, thanks.
  7. he’s done a line of clothing with West Coast Choppers who use the iron cross as their logo.
  8. Maybe glaze some red over it to desaturate it?
  9. Black Sun do some great stuff, they give the scale on the website with the model. For example the Guardian I painted was 75mm scale.
  10. What size is that? With no reference because it looks like a statue my brain says it must be big.
  11. Can we all stop sucking Max’s dick for a second and stop letting him off with hitting everything.
  12. true, but it was a really a reply to Wev looking for more to read about what really happened and I’d just read her article & found it interesting.
  13. Using fluorescent pigments to pick out the details & edges on the sword, waiting for yellow to turn up to complete the effect. Surprisingly hard to take photos of. Working on the Lion today, not completely going to plan but progress is happening. The change in scale is messing with me a bit.
  14. Oh great, 30 mins of filler from Crofty.
  15. This is a good piece on it https://www.counterpunch.org/2020/10/22/i-was-in-the-room-where-it-happened-one-womans-perspective-on-the-trial-of-the-chicago-7/
  16. The TV movie I linked above is well worth watching, and I’m assuming a more accurate portrayal of the trail. It’s interesting to see the bits Sorkin changed or skipped over.
  17. I agree, I enjoyed it while watching it but it’s very forgettable. I’ve seen a few people say it’s a modern take on a 70s conspiracy thriller and I hate that take, it’s such a surface level read of those films and that era. It’s like those people who call The Winter Solider as 70s style political conspiracy thriller, have you seen any of these films, Robert Redford and a conspiracy isn’t enough at that point it’s just a pastiche. They’re very establishment takes on an antiestablishment genre, it’s the type of film made by people who thought the ending of the French Connection could be impro
  18. I really enjoyed that, and not something I knew much about. I’ve got this queued up on YouTube after seeing it linked on twitter, a dramatisation of the trial with interviews with those involved:
  19. Online only I think. I don’t have kids but I can’t think of anything objectionable in there.
  20. Fable 2 iirc it defaulted to on but in the options you could turn it off & trigger it with a press. It’s interesting seeing all the praise Ghost of Tsushima gets for the wind when it’s basically just a more graphically advanced version of what we did over a decade ago. Secret of Mana for one.
  21. God I wish Crofty would stop with the bullshit historical crap - he started sixth last time we we here, he started sixth today. So what, so fucking what?!
  22. It all looks great but I can’t get over how realistic the tyres look.
  23. They’re fantastic, Joe. Night Lord brains on the Lion’s base, love that they sculpted these.
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