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  1. Thanks. I really enjoyed the first game, but the second isn’t doing it for me as much. All the interactions outside of the puzzles are so much more clunky it’s putting me off playing. I also miss the variety of shapes in the puzzles.
  2. Anyone interested in the book I mentioned above it’s in the current story bundle https://storybundle.com/games
  3. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-08-19/apple-fortnite-judge-backed-iphone-maker-in-a-similar-2013-case To quote someone else
  4. As someone who does make their living off of these stores atm I’d be very happy for it to be a small fixed fee for every transaction.
  5. You mean like Netflix? As you say much of that comes down to how they encouraged behaviour on the store. They’d still get their $99 from Epic, and if that’s not enough then maybe they have to revisit this model. I expect Epic do some advertising on the App Store bringing them in more money - seriously if you search for an app & see the the ad at the top & the non-ad one further down clicking on the advert costs us money for your install. Apple & Google don’t do nothing. They host the base app, the provide payment processing, take care of a bunch o
  6. According to what I was reading yesterday that was removed months ago.
  7. The interview with her in the book Honoring The Code is good, in a strange bit of coincidence she friended me on fb a day after I read it. It’s a book of interviews with hame designers, it’s worth a read if you’re into that sort of thing. I expect most people on here would get more out of it than this show.
  8. Microsoft have somewhere in the region of 500 lawyers and a legal dept with over 1000 people in it, yeah I’m sure Phil doesn’t know where they stand… It mean Epic cannot update the engine anymore to cope with any changes Apple makes to rules (or guidelines as they call them) or to support any new features coming in with new versions of iOS or hardware. Which in turn means neither can any of their licensees. Earlier in the year Apple changed some rules so you have to support them, if you don’t you don’t get passed. If UE cannot be updated to meet Apple’s rule
  9. First two episodes down and it’s okay, it all seems a bit unfocused and surface level but that’s probably because I’m immersed in this industry and it’s history. It seems odd to skip over Computer Space, Pong & the founding of Atari - it’s kinda hard to know who this is aimed at. Sometimes it’s like it assumes no knowledge, other times it’s like everyone knows the story of Atari. Why the focus on competitions? Is it to try and give games some sort of legitimacy? Do they bring Rebecca back later to talk about what she’s done in games or is she just there for that
  10. that was fascinating, thanks
  11. If you haven't read Spears of the Emperor add it to the list, also written by ADB.
  12. The Bag


    So this turned up in my FB memories from 7 years ago My comment at the time was: "In a statement released earlier today Ubisoft said 'we cannot explain the sudden jump in sexual harassment lawsuits'"
  13. I always struggle with contrast, thinking I’ve gone too far and others saying it’s not far enough. Today was a mistake though, it’d pretty much gone to almost ivory, then I was trying to tint it but obviously didn’t thin things enough.
  14. Finally going back to this huge lump of resin to try out my new airbrush setup. It’s going to take a bit to learn to work with a real compressor with some power rather than the wee thing I had before. I redid the coat as I wasn’t happy with the green direction. S75 black leather, violet ink to shade, black leather + white + yellow to highlight. The a filter layer of black leather to pull it back from the extremes, and now it’s probably too subtle
  15. It’s looking good. I guess for me it’s done when I stop working on it. That sounds counterintuitive but there’s always something you can do, and if you’re anything like me you’re never completely happy so even with bits I’m pretty happy with I’ll just try tweak this, fuck now it’s ruined & I've gotta redo it. Suddenly I’ve suck multiple hours into something that was probably good enough a long time ago. There’s definitely diminishing returns. Vince’s video talks about that sort of thing, and how what aiming at different levels mean. I’m not painting to play with
  16. Hulk to be adopted by daddy Stroll.
  17. I know Rhi through her time in the games industry, what she said about this one on FB was the deal was done a long time ago, when her father was still alive, I think she mentions 2012. Her & Rob are not involved, and don’t get sign off on things. IP holders rarely get sign off in how the work is adapted, that all comes down to the deal to produce it. I think deals like that announced this year are responses the deals like this one, where they will have more control/input into the adaptation. https://www.thebookseller.com/news/narrativia-strikes-deal-bring-pratchet
  18. It’s cause it’s by West Coast Choppers and they use the iron cross as their logo, not a good look though. https://www.westcoastchoppers.com
  19. Ooh go all in with chromatic blacks rather than true black.
  20. Ferrari are going to be taking more letters from Sb if he continues like this.
  21. Myles (Lil Legend Studio) is who I take lessons from, he’s a good guys & constantly working. He regrets calling himself that, but he’s stuck with it now. It won’t be cheap, but he’d probably be glad to have something that isn’t GW turn up in his inbox.
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