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  1. That includes all the hardware sales as well as the software. Games also sell less units than other forms of media. The film industry has multiple revenue streams, the games industry has one. Sure it'd be nice to have cheaper games, but that means either selling more, lowering the cost of making games or finding more revenue streams.
  2. I still prefer Edge to GamesTM - for some reason GamesTM always strikes me as having less hard content than Edge.
  3. or he's doing more of what's hes done since the 80s...
  4. I got contacted by Amiqus after applying for a job advertised on gamesindustry.biz - I found them to be very good, they only used email to confirm things, they were in regular contact with me by phone (evry couple of days giving me updates of what was happening, who they were sending stuff to etc). I also had dealings with Aardvark Swift, who emailed me to find what year I would graduate despite the fact it was made clear in my email, cv, etc that I was graduating in a couple of weeks - so I gave up with them. Datascope sent me 3 emails, 2 to confirm a Sony interview, 1 to follow it up. So
  5. I found Amiqus to be the best
  6. How do I get from Darnaasus to Stormwind?
  7. I WANT!!! hmm... most don't though - as a coder I'm interested in the tech details, about how they did certain things or what lead them to decision X which most of these books tend not to have. Eg the HL2 book has less tech info than the gamespot final hours article.
  8. fair enough - we were told that it wasn't taught. Did you do theory stuff to go with it? me - I'm a 2004 grad as well you can specialise in a normal comp sci course - it really depends where you work. Some places put you in one roll, others look for people to be as flexible as possible - eg I work at Lionhead where we look for games coders to be as flexible as possible. The MSc was an odd combination - the part I think I got most out of was the project, we aquired a copy of Renderware & wrote it using that. Also they don't need to take time to teach us standard comp sci stuff. Really,
  9. Most people I talked to there didn't have a very good opinion of the course. not really no - I did my BSc at Glasogw, you can specialise to an extent, but it's always better to have a broader knowledge base to draw upon, to see how all the pieces fit together. One thing I was really surprised about with the undergrad course is they don't teach a networks course. why? Just out of interest. I did notice a few undergrads at Abertay deciding they didn't need to know things... which did confuse me slightly. Anyway a heads up for anyone that is applying to Sony - they do test your Java skills as
  10. I did the MSc there - I wouldn't touch the 4 year degree from what I've seen & what I've heard from peple that did it. who you working for? exactly - using any course just as it comes is stupid - use the/any opportunity you're given to build yourself a good portfolio. if that's a reference to what me, that's not what I was saying - I was just pointing out that Abertay had links to industry, like the others being touted around here. that's debatable as well, most people who come through standard comp sci courses have a wider knowledge base than those from a games degree - but again this
  11. We do volunteer out of it as part of our contract - and we sign the paper saying we have. We can opt back in if we wish (where I work anyway).
  12. To those who are saying there are laws against this sort of thing, as game devswe sign out of the working time regulations.
  13. Especially as he'd have to learn to code first.
  14. It's like Pepsi and 'new' Coke
  15. The course at Abertay was designed in the same way - some of the lecturers are ex-industry. There's also a load of games companies in the Dundee area so there are guest lectures from these people as well.
  16. And two of us in that photo now work at Lionhead, not including Peter.
  17. id was originally a shortened version of Ideas from the Deep - Tom Hall also pointed out the meaning as in the ego & the id. So it wasn't named for that reason, just a happy coincidance.
  18. The Bag

    The Apology

    How can I provide a counter-argument to his opinion - I disagree with his opinion about Molyneux being a dick. All I can really say is in my experience he's not (I work at Lionhead btw). I agree with Kiigan's views as I've already said in this thread. I'd rather have more people willing to tell people what they're doing/trying to do rather than a wall of corporate silence.
  19. The Bag

    The Apology

    wow, what persuasive argument you have....
  20. The Bag

    The Apology

    He is a decent bloke. you have no idea what you are talking about.
  21. It's actually very funny to here my mother trying to explain to people I work on Black & White.
  22. After doing my comp sci BSc, I did Abertay's Games Tech MSc - it's split into a standard year's taught course & a thesis. I completed the taught part in June & I've been working as a games coder since July.
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