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  1. I'm fairly sure my contract prohibits it too - and it signs me out of the working time directive. The games industry, gotta love it.
  2. I don't see anyone joining this tbh.
  3. I'd love to be involved in this some how, but since I develop games professionally I don't actually have that much time outside work to do that much.
  4. Street Fighter 2 works well across the network (well on the dev net anyway), but having not played it since the SNES days I keep getting beat. Pac-man's good and Galaga is a very good version too (I'm currently in the top 40).
  5. yeah, I wasn't impressed by Codies when I interviewed there, especially with shit like 'come up with a way of doing crowds for Club Football' I gave 3 ways but all were wrong cause they weren't what the guy interviewing me had thought of. I got two interviews there (because I scored so highly on their logic test was the reason I was given) and the bastards didn't stump up for any travel expenses. we're on flexi-time here with Sky plumbed into one of the offices so people can watch every match.
  6. yes, join us. Where are you working & what are you doing.
  7. or you could learn C++ since a great many place still use it.
  8. great demo, really didn't expect it to be as much fun as it was. Definitely looking out for this one now.
  9. for work, I did 10am to 5am, so 19hrs - I did that 3 days in a row. for uni, I did midday Sunday to 4pm Thursday without sleep and working pretty much solidly. Then I slept for 20 hours solid and spent the next week ill in bed. Ah those were the days.
  10. good episode this week, much better than last week's.
  11. http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3149830 what a complete waste of fucking time this week.
  12. technical artist, definitely. I would suggest applying but say in your covering letter that you are aiming to be a tech artist (good ones are hard to come buy). An ideal situation would be for a company to take you on and stick you with an existing tech artist to learn the trade as it were. A good tech artist can make a lot of difference, they can also experiment with the 3D coders on new techniques. Most of our tech artist style work, on my last project, ended up falling to myself & other coders who were proficient in the art packages we were using. I can write tools/plugins/etc and use
  13. Chris Taylor - Supreme Commander, not out yet coming soon apparently.
  14. yeah, the Loco Robo bit was the best. Another game to add to my collection.
  15. there was a video of the full presentation on Gamasutra, probably still there.
  16. true. But I've suddenly got a lot more interested in the PSP megaman after seeing this week's show.
  17. Yeah the style & some of their ideas are very Fable like.
  18. I'll be trying that - it's a final project thing for some of the Guildhall students, should be pretty good.
  19. My copy arrived yesterday & I'm loving it so far.
  20. I thought I was going mad for a moment there, but you did post the exact same thing on the Edge forum.
  21. We've got the contacts stuff in BW2 as well, it uses your msn contacts list - it's gotta be an external data miner though, since there's all the privacy issues. Is your research just generation from something supplied by the user?
  22. I working on some small puzzle game ideas outside of work - mainly to see if I can be arsed programming after I've spent a day doing it.
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