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  1. On 18/09/2020 at 23:29, IcEBuRN said:

    Just dropping into the thread to say. I just finished watching the clone wars, courtesy of a fourmite providing this link of Must see episodes to catch you up to series 7. I tried a few times to get into before, but never did. However, this curated list of episodes helped me really enjoy it, without the filler.


    In Summary? I dunno what to say...the last series, and specifically the last 5 episodes, was the best Star Wars I've ever seen, ever. It's got me thinking about it even now.


    So for anyone that hasn't seen Clone Wars? DO IT!

    Those last few episodes of the Clone Wars are some of the best Star Wars moments imo.  As I said before in the thread the music change & sequence in the run up to


    order 66

     is just perfection.


    I’m watching Rebels now and would recommend it too.  There’s probably a watch list for it too, but I’m enjoying the sillier episodes too.  It’s got a lot more of the daily oppression of living under the empire.

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  2. @Hexx They are finite, but there’s no shortage of them.  I had almost 40 of the at the end of the game having bought everything I could, used all the altars, unlocked all the fast travel points, and fast travelled a bunch.


    I always found things I needed a single blood crystal for (unlocking fast travel, drinks machines) usually had one fairly close by.


    There is an information broker character who’ll sell you secrets, she contacts you after a while.

  3. For those that are finished:



    Who did you convict?

    I’ve been chatting to them and it’s absolutely possible to convict the wrong people depending on the evidence you have and the case you build. 

    Edit - I guess not the wrong people because it’s about you finding your truth and proving it.  But not the people actually responsible.


    I convicted

    for plot 1:

    The architect

    Her son




    for plot 2:

    The Witness

    The Daybreaks

    and after the trial I executed Crimson for her part


  4. RIP


    When she was married to Archie Stirling they lived in the village I’m from (or one of the places they lived anyway).  As a young child in the early ‘80s I made a run for it in M&S in town and was scooped up by Diana Rigg - my dad was very quick to assure my mum he can go retrieve me :lol:

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  5. 41 minutes ago, minstrels said:

    Anyone else concerned at the number of times wheels are flying off this season? 

    my thoughts exactly, the tethers seem to be failing way more often.

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