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  1. 7 hours ago, Benny said:

    I think I'm going to go into Mandalorian this week with a newfound respect for what Filoni etc are clearly trying to achieve by tying so many threads together. It's ambitious, but if they pull it off it could work wonders for essentially rescuing the Star Wars saga.

    I’m watching it atm, one episode to go in season one and tbh I’m kind of baffled why everyone lost their shit over it.  It’s okay, but it’s yet to reach the heights of Clone Wars or Rebels.  I’ll keep watching, I’m want to see what season 2 does with the characters twitter spoiled for me.

  2. 8 hours ago, feltmonkey said:

    I painted this marine a while ago, as an exercise in painting a very clean, precise, Eavy Metal style, and in proving I could paint the dreaded colour of yellow.  The chapter symbols are freehand.










    As this was being entered into the Dakkadakka halloween challenge, my wife knocked up a horror movie poster to explain why it fit the theme :D - 







    I finally finished my giant Abaddon, GW so I thought I’d show him off in here too




    Not a great photo I know, but was taken just after I finished him.  Those chains almost ended me, each one too 30-40 mins to cut and position.


    I took some better photos of the lovely details on the sculpt at the weekend, Instagram links as to not flood the thread with photos






  3. On 29/11/2020 at 04:17, Jammy said:

    My overriding memory of Bullseye was that the star prize was often useless to the winners, like it was a caravan or car if the contestants couldn’t drive, a load of garden furniture if they lived in a flat, or a speedboat if they lived nowhere near any decent bodies of water.

    At least you could sell it and split the money though, and prizes in the UK are tax free. In the US, if you win more than $600, you’re hit with federal and state tax on the value of prizes you win, getting near 50% depending on what State you live in. Easier if it’s a cash prize, but if you win a car or a holiday of a lifetime you have to pay based on fair monetary value which seems pretty unfair.





    Like the Opera car “giveaway” where if you wanted to keep the car you were owing $7000 in tax.



  4. On 25/11/2020 at 18:45, Benny said:

    Okay the end of Clone Wars season 5 is actually amazing.


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    Particularly galling for Ahsoka was Rear Windu saying something like "er, actually I guess this was your trial. Yes that's it! This was your great trial! Definitely not our fault at all, will of the force or some shit. Yeah". Or words to that effect, and they really did amazingly well to show how painful the platitude was for her.


    Yeah, when I went back to Clone Wars earlier in the year I rewatched that story line to get going again.


    On 26/11/2020 at 20:51, Benny said:

    There's a bit in season 7 episode 11:


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    Where the music is absolutely incredible, like something out of Blade Runner. It adds so so much gravitas to what you already know is about to happen, but it creates an incredible sense of dread better than anything the prequels managed. Superb.



    As I’ve mentioned a few times in this thread that’s one of my favourite moments in all of Star Wars.

  5. 30 minutes ago, footle said:

    Dag was set up in Norway as an antagonist in cutscenes / in the story, pretty much when he was first introduced. A peer of Elinor’s that thinks he should have been left in charge and that Elinor has been getting too big for her boots.


    Interesting, I read the stuff in Norway more as some friendly back & forth - "another fine mess you've gotten us into" scooby doo style shit.

  6. 22 hours ago, Ry said:

    There was a very off putting tone in this game (shit writing) in regards to the main story earlier on in this. Before Sigurd left with Basim for a while everything was great, we were all pals and chummy and brothers and Avoir was fine with this as they were going off to build bonds. I see them again and Avior is now acting like a bit of cunt as soon as he sees them towards them for no reason whatsoever and nothing has happened in the games story for his view to drastically change. 



    I’m still really early in the game but noticed something similar when Sigurd leaves your settlement to find the brothers and leaves you in charge, telling Dag to follow your orders.  Dag makes a comment that he’d rather do something I can’t remember than follow your orders.  Where’d that come from?!  All he’s done all game until now is follow your orders, we just raided our first church and he was happy following orders then.

  7. Bit more work on The Mourning, I’m fiddling with details rather than anything important like skin.  When I first saw it I thought the thing in his hands would be perfect for OSL, but everyone’s doing that so I’ve attempted to free hand an impression of a tiny portrait/religious icon (it was a portrait until I added the yellow lines radiating from her).  Actually attempted to highlight her hair cause I hate myself :lol:






  8. 11 minutes ago, The Bag said:

    I mean that’s just cheating.  If you’re not having to repaint them half a dozen times just to get them to point the same point & be roughly the same shape, not to mention repainting the face around the eye when you really screw up can you even call yourself a painter?





    *point in the same direction even.  Man, I can’t event be accurate sarcastically today.

  9. 5 minutes ago, JoeK said:


    A Micron .005 pen is the best way to do it! So much better than even the pointiest brush.

    I mean that’s just cheating.  If you’re not having to repaint them half a dozen times just to get them to point the same point & be roughly the same shape, not to mention repainting the face around the eye when you really screw up can you even call yourself a painter?





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