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  1. I mean it'd be cool, but not necessary I don't think.  I'll be doing it but I don't use minis for gaming so doing strange shit to them isn't an issue for me.  Could maybe try one of those diorama bases where there's a gap to put a base in & you just stand the mini in it for display and remove for other purposes.  But that's just an option, I don't want to limit anyone or put anyone off from having a go so whatever you're good with I think. 

  2. I really don’t know, since we want this to be open to as many people as possible I feel we’re limited to paint/colour challenges rather than something like paint a vehicle/monster or something so specific.


    So my current thought is a limited palette like monochrome, doesn’t have to be greyscale, could be red-scale.  Or primaries + black & white.  Or the Zorn palette, here’s folder favourite Marco working with it:


    Or down the technique path of NMM or OSL or something.  Both things I’ve hardly used and would like to give a go or.


    Or something like Golden Demon’s duel category, a couple of minis in conflict (however you interpret that).  Or a wee diorama, say at least 1 & max 5 minis.



  3. I've use W&N series 7, Rosemary & co s33 (and various flat & dagger ones I liked the look of), Raphael 8404, and Broken Toad.  They all behave slightly differently, like the W&N generally has stiffer bristles with more spring back than the others - but the little long guide hair annoys me.  I just pick up different types whenever I need a new brush, I don't think I favour any of them and just move between them.  My Feb challenge swooping hawk has been painted entirely with an 8404 size 1 so far.  I've got some Masters brush soap but don't use is very often tbh. 

  4. On 10/02/2021 at 11:17, thesnwmn said:

    So when I'm presented with Unity or any other game engine environment it oddly feels like cheating. Like this is the paint by numbers version of game development. It's not. I know it's not. But somehow I expect to build most things from scratch. Like to start by writing a game loop.

    I completely get this, despite using Unity almost exclusively for the last 9 years I’m right there with you.  Some part of it to me feels like a toy, I think it’s because it’s so black boxed with no access to the engine code unless you pay for it.  If you go back to 2012 you’ll find me tweeting about “how do you set up a game loop in unity”.  Coming from the world of console & pc dev it takes a bit of getting used to.


    We mainly use it for its multi platform capabilities and for dealing with shit we don’t really want to like IAP & ads.  Then write hundreds of thousands of lines of C# to make a game underneath.


    So much of unity dev is finding the workarounds to the shit they haven’t fixed, or ways to optimise for their shit.  Especially on mobile where memory is an issue.  My kingdom for manual memory management.

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