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  1. That sounds like a good idea. Can I just say thanks to people who have voted for my way, I didn’t expect it
  2. I think this painting challenge has been one of the hardest things I’ve done painting-wise. Violet and myself are no longer on speaking terms . And who thought it was a good idea to paint metal, it chips as soon as you look at it… First Eldar I’ve painted since ‘95/‘96, great mini but spindly little detail.
  3. Definitely not my best work, but I’m reasonably happy with him But mistakes were make and I’m starting the wings again…
  4. It really did, so much happier with where I can go now. Who’d have thought violet would be the colour I have the most issues with. And thanks for your suggestions the other day.
  5. The pastel violet wasn’t leaving me much for manoeuvre before it just desaturates too far. So I’ve gone back to just a violet and work up from there. Just blocking in highlights.
  6. I do that so often it hurts. That’s looking pretty good. What if it just do this Ruined.
  7. Quick coat of paint on the base now, what else can I do to avoid making decisions about the rest of it.
  8. Because of indecision I built a base for him using my spare fire prism.
  9. Thoughts, continue down the highlight route (right) or do something different. I firmed up all my stripes, black lined in, highlighted the strips found it didn’t read so trying a strong white glaze highlight. So undecided about it.
  10. I got some of the original artis opus set from their kickstarter and they split almost instantly. Maybe just user error on my part but I've been wary since. I've been wanting to try da Vincis as people say good things about them.
  11. Hoping to find some time this weekend, and adopting Davros's plan.
  12. I've use W&N series 7, Rosemary & co s33 (and various flat & dagger ones I liked the look of), Raphael 8404, and Broken Toad. They all behave slightly differently, like the W&N generally has stiffer bristles with more spring back than the others - but the little long guide hair annoys me. I just pick up different types whenever I need a new brush, I don't think I favour any of them and just move between them. My Feb challenge swooping hawk has been painted entirely with an 8404 size 1 so far. I've got some Masters brush soap but don't use is very often tbh.
  13. I completely get this, despite using Unity almost exclusively for the last 9 years I’m right there with you. Some part of it to me feels like a toy, I think it’s because it’s so black boxed with no access to the engine code unless you pay for it. If you go back to 2012 you’ll find me tweeting about “how do you set up a game loop in unity”. Coming from the world of console & pc dev it takes a bit of getting used to. We mainly use it for its multi platform capabilities and for dealing with shit we don’t really want to like IAP & ads. Then write hundreds of thousands of li
  14. Getting into the weeds and starting to sketch out a pattern for the wings
  15. Things not exactly going to plan atm. Can’t decide how to highlight the armour plate things, maybe I should just edge highlight them GW style as starting with such a light colour doesn’t give me much room to manoeuvre. Or I could introduce a darker shade, I really don’t know. Wings I’m just getting some colour and definition into, might have to black line rather than the (messy) violet ink I’ve used. Planning to make them patterned. and threw some metallic on there at the end cause I couldn’t make any other decisions at that point
  16. Been working out a basic colour scheme.
  17. fuck me, we didn’t make that easy for ourselves… my silly throwaway bet paid off Edit: by which I mean we should have been more that a score ahead so many times. We played so well, but is the classic Scotland thing of too little reward for such good play.
  18. We're not 100% limited to those colours are we? It's just that the main colours come from that palette?
  19. He really seems to go with those colours, hopefully I can work out a decent scheme with them.
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