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  1. What’s wrong with his acting?
  2. Yup. Tells a better story in the first three episodes than any of the other live action series have managed in their entire runs. Imo anyway.
  3. I loved Drop7 back in the day but to me there’s something off about the feel of it ever since one of the early updates after Zynga bought it. I think they just tweaked the speed slightly but enough that it broke the spell that game had over me.
  4. Last Games Day & Golden Demon I went to was ‘97 so I’m surprised by people saying they didn’t need tickets to enter GD in the past, I’ve always assumed it was a ticketed event. As @JoeK says there’s a lot of pretty entitled whine going on just now in some painting groups. Yeah I can totally understand the frustration of not getting a ticket when there’s not been an event since 2019, but the attitude of I deserve to be there & gw is screwing me is a bit much.
  5. Thought I should try and finish this before I really start anything else, so been doing more work on the turtle/tortoise and the gourd.
  6. That looks great, not 100% accurate but who cares it definitely more than reads as a shiny glass/gem/translucent ball. Loving these lizardmen you're doing.
  7. The Bag


    This came you in my YouTube recommendations earlier, it’s a really well put together wee documentary
  8. going to have to try this, looking at the video it really is Archero but with different characters all the backgrounds look like they're directly out of it.
  9. Another Sorted viewer? Glad to hear it works, it's on my list of things to try out at some point.
  10. That doesn’t look better to me, it looks a lot more fake & plastic. It looks like they’ve just run a smoothing pass over it so it looks unnatural. Don’t get me wrong I think the original could be much better, he looks too old, mainly around the jaw.
  11. how are you meaning jaded, I understand what you're saying but to me jaded is not the term for it. And as for breaking the main character take it up with George Lucas, he's not exactly left in a good place to go out having jedi adventures at the end of episode 3. If you want jedi shit in this time period check out Rebels.
  12. Even just the background change makes everything pop a bit more. I’m always wary about changing levels in an app, probably cause I suck at it. A few wee bits I really need to fix on there where it hasn’t recognised the background but magic.
  13. It's like magic, I just keep putting old photos into it just to see the results
  14. I’m hoping you can turn it off
  15. looking really cool though @Davros sock drawer and I'm sure I've asked this before but what app do you use to remove the background?
  16. Exactly, I image this comes from some sort of show don’t tell essentialism what would that have added, except an extra scene? What’s important in that scene is the conflict between the two inquisitors. We saw her speak to Vader, and we’ve seen his reaction to her bypassing the chain of command, now we see him reasserting it. Also Reva is our focus character in the inquisition, we learn about things when she does, we see what she does. We saw her go speak to Vader and in her eyes make her the lead on this mission. She expects to go report this to Vader, it comes as a shock to her that the other dude has asserted himself and done it already - since she’s our character we are similarly out of the loop as the audience. Doing the scene with the dramatic irony that we know he’s spoken to Vader when she doesn’t doesn’t add anything to it imo.
  17. @Loik V credern why didn’t you believe Goose’s death? There’s lots of stuff in Top Gun that’s for the film - like how close they get to each other in the dog fights, or the inverted bit at the start which would have almost certainly led to the destruction of both planes. But his death is based on a real incident iirc, the ejection procedure blows the canopy then ejects the RIO, then the pilot with a fraction of a second between each. When flying normally the canopy will be safely behind the aircraft almost immediately, but in a spin that’s not the case. In that situation the procedure is to blow the canopy, wait a few seconds and then eject. They also eject the two crew members at slightly different angles so they go to opposite sides of the aircraft, which I guess is why only one of them hit the canopy.
  18. I’m very much looking forward to this, will be interesting to see what they do with it. There’s some stuff in their videos which looks like it takes inspiration from the MM games but everything’s a remix, it’s not like we’re working in a vacuum with no inspirations either. The Will Hume in the latest video worked as a designer for us on the last four MM games before he went to Frontier. He’s a good guy & a great designer, fanatical motorsports fan too, really knows his shit.
  19. I also like the look of this and I totally caved and ordered the Horus Heresy box from element games, despite the last GW game I purchased being Mordheim or Battlefleet Gothic. I’m a sucker for the old armour marks*, don’t know if I’ll actually try & play this (would have to find a club or go to my local GW store) or just paint them, do all the legions, or make dioramas or something. *when I did my chaos marine army in the ‘90s I used the old armour mark marines ordered from mail order as much as possible. I alway preferred my marine to be traitor marines than the sometimes pretty comical chaos models.
  20. They’ve confirmed it’s James Earl Jones doing the voice: https://deadline.com/2022/06/obi-wan-kenobi-james-earl-jones-voice-darth-vader-1235036511/amp/ Although I suspect they’ll have to be doing some processing on it. He’s in his 90s now and his voice has aged and is much thinner than it used to be. I watched the Your Movie Sucks on the Lion King remake and the difference is really obvious, especially when in the film there are lines from the original mixed in, there’s just not that power in his voice any more.
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